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Anonymous is relaxing at home when he gets a visit from Fluttershy and his satyr daughter whom he had no idea existed. Fluttershy leaves him, Rainbow Dash, and Twilight with the task of watching his daughter until she returns.

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Not sure how I feel about this one...I don't like Anon at the beginning because he was such a jerk to Vivian, but at the same time, I like it because it's...well...it's good, to be perfectly honest- not good that he acted that way towards his daughter, but good because he learned to love her. I look forward to more if you decide to extend it :pinkiesmile:

that first line made me spit out my drink.:rainbowlaugh:

Obviously "Daddy" lost a few IQ points down there in the bear pit.

Anon is the best daddy!!! :rainbowlaugh:

I would have thrown twilight out of my house.

Yes, seven boobs. No more, no less, has to be seven

I'm relieved Anon managed to view his daughter not as a monster or a thing anymore. But, the other things...

If Twilight and Rainbow Dash knew about Vivian, there's the hypothesis that all the mane 6 knew about her. And they may had a semi-regular relationship with Anon. Thus, they don't realize how deep in shit they would be if Anon, I don't know, reported to the Princess and destroyed them on the court.

Twilight was begging to be punched and thrown away from Anon's house. RD wasn't deserving something different.

Now Fluttershy was the worst. The only time she would allow Anon to see his daughter is when the mother is too busy to keep an eye on her? And, after literally getting way with the "it's not my problem" attitude, one of the first things that comes out of Vivian's mouth is "child support"?
Let me get this straigh: Fluttershy doesn't inform Anon about Vivian - on a period of YEARS - but has no qualms about consider child support? Really?

Good job Swift. Good writing, and now I would like to punch the mane 6 until there's no more tooth on their mouths.

mixed feelings about this one

4555591 THIS! I like the Mane Six, but their portrayal in this fic is way off!

Stumbled upon this story while reading some of your other fics and I'm glad I did. It was very funny throughout the story and didn't give my sides a break throughout.

Twilight turns to you angrily, "She could have died!"
"I know. That's why I did it. The world is a shitty place Twilight. Think about it, what if she wants to go to college?"
Rainbow nods, “Look at him, he can't afford college.”
“Exactly. I can't afford anything nice for this adorable little shit.”
Rainbow picks up a large rock and holds it above Vivian's head.
"Anon is right. Vivian, I'm so sorry."
Twilight stops the rock from crushing Vivian's skull with her magic.
She yells at you, "Nopony is going to college!"

This was made 10 times more hilarious for me because of this:

Don't know if this was an intentional reference or a coincidence but made me double over nonetheless.
Great job Swift!:rainbowlaugh:


...You know, it's been a long time since I visited 4chan. /b/ more specifically.

Reading this made me feel as if I never left.

That's bad and you should feel bad.

This was dIsgustilariously dark. Bravo. I rate it 4/5 bashed baby brainpans.

not gonna lie i would have blown up at rainbow twilight and fluttershy

I do not know what to think on its funny but on another hand it put down people with a disability.


Let me get this straigh: Fluttershy doesn't inform Anon about Vivian - on a period of YEARS - but has no qualms about consider child support? Really?

Shit like that happens, unfortunately.

What's really fucked up, is when a grown woman rapes a minor, doesn't tell him she got pregnant until he's an adult, and then sues him for ten years of unpaid child support.

...and gets it.

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