Timothy was just another marshal, wandering the country and taking care of what needed to be taken care of. Orders from on high come crashing into his life, and he finds himself sucked into the life of Ponyville. Or rather, sucked into the edge of Ponyville, as he squats in the ruins of The Castle of the Two Sisters. Hunting in his spare time, he ponders life as he slowly makes the ruins livable, and the Everfree a little safer.

Just a little.

Based off of When the Man Comes Around by GentlemanJ, borrowing heavily from this trope and the like.

Please remember that I am not the writer GentlemanJ is. This is not the best fic in the world. No, this is just a tribute.

EDIT: Slated for rewrite 7/22/15
EDIT SQUARED: Rewrite commenced, 9-6-2019

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