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Rariry fic... yes
an INGRESS rarity fic... fuck yes
An ingress rarity fic with latex paint clothing... holy shit fuck the hell yes I need this shit peganon you are a living god

4549869 I'm pleased you approve :twilightsmile:

Hawt... though would have been hotter with a creampie and rarity having to contain it with those panties.on her way home.

Also, is the Diamond Tiara fic gonna be anytime soon?

4549918 Soon? No. Eventually? Yes! I have to be in the mood to write that kinda thing, and not even foalcon. There's gonna be a decent amount of build-up to get to the clop. Naughty teasy buildup!

But those firm filly flanks will be molested soon enough! :pinkiecrazy:

poor spike:fluttercry:


Hot damn.

Superglue, huh, never thought of that nitche market that would sell like gangbusters in Equestria... I always figured it was something like pencils or fountain pens; a non-magical quill with it's own ink well that cannot spill? Brilliant! Twilight would be a big supporter of those and industrial-scale supplies of perfectly produced paper. And since we're importing stuff from Earth, this fellow better get some condoms if he'll be getting more, er, perks, out of Rarity. Heh.

4550112 Superglue was originally discovered during the search for a clear plastic/resin to be used for firearm scopes. :twilightsmile: Hence why Equestria never discovered it. No long-range weapons - no research that leads to superglue :pinkiecrazy:

Suggestions! Take em or leave em!

barely breath

This should be "barely breathe".

Huh, guess I should've called that "Suggestion!" Whew that was hot. I've said it before and I'll say it again, you are damn skilled at this. Delightfully well done and an absolute pleasure to read. The interactions between Rarity and Ethan flow beautifully throughout, and the story as a whole runs smooth as Rarity's pu silk!

Please keep writing, I'll keep reading!

4550250 SMOOTH! FUCK!

I wanted a counterpoint to the word 'soft' to describe Rarity's pussy. :flutterrage:

'Smooth' would have worked well!

4 out of 10

My friend, I truly do not understand why so many authors seem to be making these mistakes. Why must the main character ALWAYS be American :/ I do not understand why it is so hard to choose a character from a different country. Mix it up, my friend! Live a little!


“You’re really soft, you know,” Ethan said conversationally.

has to be worst line I have ever read. Ethan has about as much game as a 7 year old. Also conversationally sounds really odd. Spent the last minute just reading the word out loud to myself just trying to see how it fit. Did not fit very well, my friend :/

I think we need to just drop the act and admit that this is a shameless clop :/ In reality why would respectable character like Rarity want to end up with filthy American named Ethan, the most unattractive of names?

Have an upvote for effort.

4550415 Actually, his nationality is never mentioned and he's Australian.

3/10 for effort.

*edit* Furthermore, he speaks some lines of French. Who's to say he's not European?

"American?" You are aware that English =/= American. Additionally, English is fast becoming one of the most spoken languages on earth, there are some odd 300 million people who can at least casually speak basic English in China alone.

4550651 2/10 for the unfunny joke my friend. If this is what you americans call the trolling, than you better buckle up for a visit from Knighty, my friend.

I am bad mothereffer if you know what I mean :)

4550652 I know and it is like plague. The fact that I know it is in and of itself a very depressing fact :/

4550657 Did you just call me American? And threaten me with a visit from Knighty if I didn't comply with your skewed perceptions of race?

I'm Australian. Ingress is set primarily with Australian characters, mainly due to the process with which the portal is created.

I've never been outside of Queensland, mate. Hell, if you want to demonstrate some slight reading comprehension, please read my bio, it's right there on the right side of the page. It clearly states that I am Australian.

Don't know what you could possibly trying to get at.

4550689 My friend you are Australian? Buckle up for the jokes:)

Why do so many Australian men suffer premature ejaculation?

Because they have to rush back to the pub to tell their mates what happened!

I got you! I got you good, my friend :)

4550704 Is that meaning a joke as in "Funny, haha" or a joke as in 'This "joke" is a joke which didn't even make me facepalm or crack a smile?'

You didn't get anyone but yourself there. Buckle up for the lamest attempts around.

4550752 What do you call a griffon that has had several abortions ?

A crimefighter!

Hahaha! take that my friend! I believe this is what the Americans call a burn.


You should really try to keep your racism in check. I'd imagine the reason most authors do an american main character, which by the way it was never actually stated that he is, is because the authors themselves are american. It's easier and feels more natural to make a character with mannerisms you understand, the odds of an american writing a believable European character are sketchy. Thought I'd mention I'm not familiar with the whole "Ingress" thing so if it's ever been stated that Ethan is american I don't really know about it. Was a pretty interesting read, the only thing I somewhat disliked about it was the excessive use of the word cunt, but aside from that, it was quite good.

4550840 My friend, I am no racist. I was merely pointing out an issue i had with the fic! Why must I be trampled on every time I try to help an author out :,(

Such rudeness :/

One of your hottest stories anon, so good. Though I really want a full length ingress story, with the romance and the wooing and such.


Because any comment that states the words "filthy (insert race and/or nationality here)" is racist and should be trampled.

4550902 I think you lot are being much to sensitive :/ Racism against Austrians is to be expected.

I shall take my leave

4550920 Racism against anyone is to be persecuted and stopped. You've commented several times on this story and not once have you had something actually productive or nice to say.
Those of us who're properly raised and had a childhood got to watch Bambi, and Thumper gave one of the best life lessons anyone could ever give. If you can't say something nice... don't say nothing at all.

4550957 My friend, I do not understand what I have done wrong :( Is it not true that all americans are filthy how can facts be a bad thing to say :,( I am so confused right now

4551052 Please do not encourage bullies, my friend :/

4551177 I'm not encouraging bullies. That's actually the furthest from bullying one can get.

4551190 Now you are, you beautiful motherfuckair :b

Austria is a country with a population roughly more than that of my own city. Why would you be expecting racism against yourselves, and from whom?
Assuming you're from there. You have their flag and coat of arms at your profile, after all.

4551197 My friend, look at how I am being treated! I offer one bit of advice and then they all jump on me like wolves on a deer :,( You would not understand, my friend.

4551202 I am not talking to you

4551206 Well, you kinda did just respond, which implies you are indeed talking to me, but okay :derpyderp1:

4551202 My friends, if you wish to keep bullying me, atleast take it to PM's I do not want to be banned because you two would not stop commenting :/

4551225 If you're going to attempt to troll, at least make an effort to be good at it :facehoof: I'll be on my way, now.

Well, it was you who made a mistake of accusing Anonymous Pegasus in using the American HiE stereotype.
On the other hoof, I don't agree with an accusation that the "filthy American" part was racist, as you were referring to a particular person, namely Ethan, and stating that he was "American" and "Filthy", nothing more. "Filthy Americans", as in "a group of people", would probably be offensive to someone, yes, but this -- this is an overreaction.

But I agree, this here section is for commenting about the particular story, not about one's morale issues.
Have a nice day.

Came for the story, see the comments.

Very well written, very sexy.

I do so love your stories, especially the "An affliction of the heart" ones, still following ingress: vacation and volume four of affliction. I would nag at you to work on those but a forced work is never any good =p

Well done — but then again I wouldn't expect anything less from you. :twilightsmile:

Oh, and if anyone was wondering: “Je vais enterrer mon mât dans votre pot de miel.” means "I will bury my mast in your honey pot." Ahh, French, the language of love... and hard fucking.


As a "filthy" American named Ethan, I find myself motivated to protest your bigotry. Pig.

4551963 Bring it on, little pig.

Reported for being a racist prick. Enjoy your day.

4551986 Are you seriously the only person here who has reported him?

There's no way to tell unless you happen to have a mod in your pocket to check the logs. Hopefully not.

Apologies to the author for the comment section shitstorm.

4552006 I know that he was banned for a day by El Dorado.

Have to applaud him for staying around for so long. He had a good run

Commence read.

Liked the interactions of their personalities.

I just found out that the word "cunny" kills my boner. It brings forth the mental image of lesbian parents talking to their adopted 8-year-old daughter about her privates. Not exactly conducive to happy clopping for me.
Overall the story was good though.

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