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Cordell Walker has been through many adventures that most would consider outrageous. But when a routine drug bust uncovers an interdimensional conspiracy Walker finds himself playing for higher stakes than ever before. Does Equestria have room for a Texas Ranger who beats crime the old-fashioned way: to death?

Rated C for Chuck Norris.

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I honestly have no way to truly review this story because I am unsure if it is to be taken seriously or not. I really can't tell. So I will just review it as I read it. Just gonna go ahead and say that the main six in this are incredibly OOC. It's also pretty inconsistent with its characters feelings. I mean Fluttershy starts us of with a deapan snarker towards the cultists, acting as if this is as usual as the sun rising and totally unfazed by the possibility of torture. But is a the verge of tears for Rainbow wanting to kill them. If someone is hardcore enough to brush off torture then I doubt murder would faze them either.

Also what was Rainbow's motivation for murder again? That they couldn't tie them all up or carry them all? Jesus that's psychopathic. Are you trying to make Rainbow Dash some anti-hero? Because it doesn't work if the antagonist is non-threatening, which was established by Fluttershy deadpanning about how her friends were going to save her and they should just give up. I mean it really doesn't matter if they're about to rape her, torture her and devour a puppy. If the protagonists starts deapanning about how they're gonna fail the villain loses all threat to the reader and the deeds they're were going to do don't matter anymore because
A. They failed
B. We knew they would and
C. We no longer care because of it.

So in the mean time we have Chuck Norris and his sidekick doing a raid on other cult leaders as he calls in a pack of wolves to fight with them because vampires are in there and - Oh fuck it I can't read this.

Chuck Norris is a joke, a bad joke at that. So I won't take this story seriously. AT ALL. So no one reading it should which makes its "Mature" tag even stupider. Right now its only used to describe dicks or some fucked up porn. Smut for the purpose of smut isn't good. Hell why the fuck is there a comedy tag on it? Replace that with a Dark tag and it would match the story better because I didn't laugh, chuckle or snicker once and only felt disgust in some scenes.

Overall a really crap story in my opinion. OOC characters, unnecessarily dark in tone with no tag, shittier comedy than Adam Sandler, Mature tag but nothing "mature" about it. Down voted. Only positive is that it was written well, so take that for what it's worth.

4549485 Have you ever SEEN Walker: Texas Ranger?!

4549610 No I haven't, so you should really take me as an example and ease people into this character that's just all over the place. Like I said before. Really hard to enjoy a comedy that has satanic sacrifices, murder, suicide and nudity that is over descriptive.

4549660 Well that's all a pretty typical scenario for Walker: Texas Ranger. The entire premise was inspired by the time Walker battled a Satanic cult bent on human sacrifice led by Lucifer, the son of the devil.

That was a Halloween episode.

It was also repeatedly established that Walker's Cherokee heritage gave him the ability to psychically communicate with and command animals. Such as the time he fought a bear and later summoned it to help him during his showdown with Bigfoot who was about to rape, eat and murder his Christian girlfriend Assistant District Attorney Alex Cahill!

It's a very deep show.

The idea of crossing over Walker: Texas Ranger with My Little Pony: Friendship is magic is genius, and the execution is pretty much perfect. I hope you have the ponies introduced to the light of our lord & savior Jesus Christ while also respecting their native pony beliefs.

Please keep writing this.

This is amazing. :raritystarry:

I know that some people five a thumbs down when it comes to wacky stories like this one, but I enjoy them. The trick is to not take anything seriously - we are reading fan fiction on a cartoon full of pastel colored ponies after all.

Why can I only give 1 thumbs up?! :raritycry:
This is one of my favorite stories, keep up the good work.

5882063 Yeah, I feel really proud because I think I've captured the feel of an actual episode of Walker: Texas Ranger.

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