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Emerald is the typical Changeling Hatchling; curious, friendly, loving, and full of mischief. She wants to be important in the Swarm, but when she can't take the role she wants to play, she decides to leave. A choice that starts to bring up strange memories... Memories of playing outside with ponies....

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This is going to take awhile… :ajbemused:

But as of now it's ok, let's see where it goes.

There isn't much to go on at the moment, but this could get interesting as it develops.

This brings to mind a question (inspired by The Legend of Drizzt, in relation to Drow):

Are all changelings inherently evil, or is it that they are born innocent and corrupted by changeling society?

I shall read this when time permits.

4630929 I think it may be a case in canon (not this fic as Changeling's here seem capable of a greater degree of individual though) that Changeling's have something of a hive mind comparable to the Borg or the like. With only one having true independent thought. In regards to good and evil its more a matter of (WARNING TV TROPES LINK DON'T CLICK IF YOU WANT TO BE PRODUCTIVE TODAY! blue and orange morality. Changeling's need love as food and have to in fact consume it in order to survive, Ponies of course see love as a set of emotions and a driving force in life. A wolf devours rabbits to survive but that doesn't make it evil, but from the rabbits perspective the wolf is a needless terror and would not mind to see its extinction, and that is not inherently evil either, both are driven for survival and their respective needs for survival clash.

Here though we're running on the authors view of Changelings which with what little we have from the show and comics is still a relatively valid idea.

4631047 That's one big-ass "may" about the hive mind. It's undoubtedly a popular fanon to ascribe a kind of all-encompassing psychic bond, as a way for fanon changelings to communicate nonvocally and for their leaders to ASSUME DIRECT CONTROL.

I see you acknowledge the comics. To me, the comics imply that they do not, in fact, have a hive mind, at least in that they are pretty clearly individuals.

4631135 True enough... but even there only one of them seemed to have a real conversation, and in the end most of them didn't seem to show any exceptional intelligence so it may be something of individual plus hive mind with Changeling's capable of independent thought but getting a boost in knowledge when linked to the hive as a whole.

Sadly it is all speculation and hypothesizing...

4631173 Hold on, thinking of a good way to phrase the hopefully all-resolving question in 140 characters or slightly less.

Edit: This is of course a complete joke because we all know fanon trumps Word of God any time.

Edit: That too was a joke.

Final edit: Just the facts.

About the hive-mind; I like to imagine that it eventually develops and that they start off with individual thoughts. I have a few theories :rainbowlaugh:

4631318 where are you on the update

4631494 Huh? What do you mean by that? Like, how soon until I update? or What chapter am I updating? I'm confused. I just updated both chapters so it's more fluent in a few places, if that's what you mean.
(lol, my interactive RD thingy keeps saying "'I love you daddy' who would write that crap?" It's funny, 'cause I would XD)

4631541 The "'I love you, daddy' Who would write such crap?" is a reference to the wildly popular story, My Little Dashie.

This looks good. When can we expect the next chapter?

up for me decide? I'm liking this already.

I do believe she is a changling, if the picture is anything to go by.

4631664 I know, I really like My Little Dashie, but it's so sad at the end! I just thought it was funny that I used that in one of my stories and she says that a lot XD

4632447 The picture is actually of Emerald, not Glimmer
or is it? :trollestia:

4632928 I found it happy. Memory spells are wonderful, kids, and very useful for eliminating witnesses without murder or threats. :pinkiecrazy:

:pinkiegasp: This is good!!! I wants more!!! :pinkiehappy:

If you guys want, you can message me ideas, even tidbits or chapters and help out in writing my stories. In the author's note I will acknowledge your help and give you credit. I am the kind of person who is willing to listen to others' opinions before giving mine. Even though my opinions and ideas are often ignored, I don't mind. It's just my personality.

I'll read this just for the cover art, it is so cute!

Now I must go kill a wolf to regain my manlyness

:yay: More to come! WOOO! I can hardly wait

I have a feeling this one will turn out good. Keep up the good work!

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Now I must go kill a wolf to regain my manlyness

Nah would take to long to find one, I will just kill some more undead on mythodea next month, till then i will loan me some manlyness from next month.:pinkiecrazy:

great story, hope to see an updated soon.
I rate he chances taht rarity will faint next chapter at 60%

Thank you all for the 57 likes! I was worried that people would hate on this one like they were doing for "A Bit Buggy", but I am so happy I was wrong!

Changeling. Alicorn would be too OP. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it would be prudent not to overextend yourself. OC alicorns are always a hard sell.

Twilight cut him off. “I know that it is highly unlikely to find any books about Changelings here, about Changelings here, but we have to try!”


I know who she is....:pinkiecrazy:

4640549 thanks, I'll fix it right away

Not much to say yet, still too early to know a lot, but we'll bite.
How does a nymph just sneak out like that? Never ceases to amaze that people never look up or down....
Oh Rarity, just had to foalnap some random filly lost in the mud. Well, at least she's clean now!
Keep going! ;)

4640543 I'm not planning on writing the filly into the main story

4716323 come on! ya gotta post more!

4864799 Im having Writers block, not to mention School, lol

4874751 Eh, still, it's really good. I can relate though to both writers block and school. Which both stink :pinkiesick:

4875108 tell me about it, I was going to write more today, but now it's time for dinner, and I have been away all day.... The concept of time is against us in this world :derpytongue2:

4864799 I got the next chapter done, gtg now (stupid storms) :twilightangry2:

4906086 yeah, storms, lol don't want my computer fried from a surge, or lose my progress from an outage

(lol, on my phone and auto-correct tried to change outage to ostrich)

That's one good thing I like about Google Docs, it saves practically as you're typing.
We wonder if Rarity is going call up the other Elements? I'm glad she's not going psycho like most authors have the ponies flip out, but it makes you wonder if she'll just toss her out with a "Good luck!", especially if she's portraying the Element of Generosity.
Keep going! ;)

5138210 I am having major writers block lol, my mind is blank--I've tried everything! :rainbowlaugh:

Well it's been just long enough that I don't remember specific details of the story, but if we recall correctly, our plot predictions have the mc getting kicked out of Rarity 's in the morning to wander around the town,after which she either encounters a filly group (CMC or the bullies, or maybe some new group) or someone else, and introduces a level one conflict (hopefully). The timeline gets a bit more complicated after that, so predictions become increasingly inaccurate. :ajsleepy: timey wimey and all that stuff.
Of course, in another plot line Rarity had secretly called upon Twilight and the mc will awaken to a bio analytics station..... Depends on you really! :pinkiehappy:

5246599 Actually, (a little spoiler here)

Emerald nearly ran into Sweetie Belle and Sweetie Belle is getting suspicious.

5246606 :rainbowlaugh: not too far off then eh? :rainbowwild:

5246611 I plan on Rarity getting attached to Emerald and haven't really gotten past there

5246650 hmm, well along that plot line you will probably need to involve Spike and get in a Pinkie Promise to avoid loss of secrecy.... We would definitely tread carefully though unless you fall into a trope ...

WOOHOO! Finally done with the next chapter! Hope you like!

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