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Wow... Haven't seen this before. I'll add it to watch later. In b4 feature!

My inner douche-bag has been satisfied for another day. :moustache:


This was pretty good :rainbowlaugh:

You have 'THE END' at the end of the chapter but the story itself is marked as 'Incomplete'. :rainbowhuh:

HAH! A bit of a harsh ending, but this isn't a serious story, and besides, all that was hilarious!

... I really need to buy a laser pointer... I've never had the experience to handle one.

i liked it all the until the end really, life in prison just for having fun with a laser pointer? i mean yea he was a dick about it but thats no reason to put him in jail

Heh heh, them ponies will be in for a (rather painful) surprise once I bring this with me...
Yes, it's cutting electrical tape.

another please :fluttershysad:

I demand another chapter.

Celestia, master buzzkill and major pain in the human ass :twilightangry2:
Anyway, please makes more chapters :pinkiehappy:

This is funny

I'm thinking of changing the title to "Ponies afraid of human objects" and I'll add more chapters for different objects. The chapters added wouldn't have anything to do with any other chapters, because they would be about the different objects Anon is using. What do you guys think about that? Does it sound like a good idea?

Anons mind, "TOTALLY WORTH IT":rainbowlaugh::rainbowwild::derpytongue2::trollestia:

4549512 To be honest, i totally LOVE the idea! You will have to be careful on how you execute the ideas, however..... or perhaps put a few of them together? I'd LOVE to see pinkies reaction to those little popper fireworks :3 ( my god... the pranks pinks and RD would pull...)

OMFG! Funniest story I've ever read! Please do more like it!

You should give him a big, annoying button to press.

Celestia saves the day! o/

Anonymous is best troll. Dat cool flip tho.

4549787 Like a button that does the censor beep noise?

Seriously? Life in prison for trolling?

For shame Celestia.

4549512 That sounds amazing! Please do!

4549570 4549512 All of my yes. He could go around throwing those poppers at ponies hooves and none would be the wiser. :rainbowlaugh:

4549832 where can I get one of those?

4549512 Do it! Do it now!

Upvoted for a silly time.

I knew I'd seen this before!
Das Link

Yet more proof of the re-hashing of Fimfiction:fluttershysad:
EDIT: That moment when you realize Rarity has Pinkie's mark
~Dash The Stampede

If this had lacked the peeing and ponygina parts, I would have liked this story a lot better. Those parts didn't really add much to the story IMO.

4549512 I approve of this! :pinkiegasp:

10/10 would ave a giggle again

MUST. HAVE. MOAR:flutterrage:

in other news this is me when I'm bored outta my gourd.

I never knew it was possible for me to laugh so hard, but I did.

This is gold! :rainbowlaugh: A+ man

By the emperor, yes! :pinkiehappy:

Spot a famous person on a story. Check.

HOLY FU:yay:ING SH:yay:T! THAT WAS HILARIOUS!!! COMEDY GOLD! Especially the part with Twilight... *GASP* wonder what Celestia would do with the laser pointer... Trollestia RISES! :trollestia:

Eh, I've seen far better laser pointer stories that don't resort to toilet humor and sexual jokes worse than Family Guy likes to use. And they don't resort to the oh-so-creative use of the "Anon second person fic" schtick.

Anonymous? As in, the protagonist of Diary of a Mad Man?



So if two ponies see the laser at the same time they fuse together?

In these types--and many types of stories with a human, the name Anon or Anonymous makes it easier for the reader, I.E. you, to insert yourself into their position, saving the time spent developing an actual character with actual traits, and gaining more readership from relatable situations.

We here at Fimfic call these self-inserts, and so you could probably find hundreds, if not thousands of fics with the character "Anon" that have no relation to each other.

Kinda like Anon from Five Score, or Anon from this fic. All self-inserts.

Hope this helps:moustache:
~Dash The Stampede

kinda harsh for a sentence for causing a little mischief :rainbowlaugh:

4551125 Thanks for the well constructed answer, but actually, in the story I was referring to, the name Anonymous is given to the protagonist for other reasons, but the story is too long to really sum it all up here.

To make it short, he's known as Navarone, but it never was his real name, and after 50 chapters or so (each being 20k 0_o), a handful of people starts calling him Anonymous, referring to the mystery of his name.

It's not used for the same reason that you indicated.

The answer you gave me deserved a long one in return, and I actually was unaware that Anonymous was used for that reason in some stories. Thanks!

4548664 dude, you could reach canterlot from ponyvilled with that! Get a scope, a spotter, and then a video camera with its own scope! xD

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