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Twilight decides that Spike has to go to school to get a good education, make friends, and not be so cooped up in the library all day. Spike does make some new friends, but one wants to be so much more.
Also check out the sequel - http://www.fimfiction.net/story/223875/equestrian-warriors

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About what time period is this set in? You're a little vague about some details. I think it's too early for me to say anything else right now, I'll keep reading and see.

Sweetie forgot about the dance she shared with Spike at the wedding reception.

He sung into the Belle's heart without even trying.

No offense, but I prefer the REO Speedwagon version of the song better than Glee:ajbemused:. Other than that, good story.:yay:

4889091 You'll see why I added that later in the story :raritywink:

4889122 She didn't forget about the dance at the wedding. It's going to be mentioned later in the fic.

4888806 Well to answer your question about the time period. This is before Twilight's Kingdom. Also I added some stuff that never happened in the show to give them a stronger connection.

4889340 Thanks and that's ok. We all like different things. :pinkiehappy:

So that nobody gets mad at me. I'm going to be going back to school soon and it might take me a little longer to finish chapters.:pinkiesad2:

Sigh, another good story ruined by poor punctuation and grammar....:facehoof:

4889466 Sorry about that. English isn't really one of my strong points. :twilightblush:

4889425 Ahh, school, keeps everyone busy at the time. But enjoy it while it lasts, you'll probably miss it.
4889397 Oh dear. At best it's gonna be that he has multiple fillies crushing on him and their hearts are gonna be broken when he has to choose. At best. There is no worst, but please don't delve too far in that direction.

4889739 You could get an editor. That definitely would help.

I can always respect a fellow spikebelle writer. Take a follow and a like.:moustache:

4892523 That sounds like a good idea. It gets kinda
hard being able tell all the little mistakes when I have to write, re-write, and seperate all the sentences. If people could point out the spelling errors so I can edit them that would be great.

Thanks for the support everypony. This really means alot to me. I would add a pinkie smile, but I'm currently using a tablet write now. Which also makes it hard to write. Not good at swipe.

yes !!!! (voice sweetie belle) cap new! it's nice history. I look forward to the next

Since Sweetie Belle is the romantic expert of the CMC she's a landslide shoo-in to get her sugar dragon.

They say young love is the most purest and cutest love of them all.

4941585 Yeah sorry about that :twilightblush: Well that is true. I wanted to put sad in for this story, but the website said that sad + comedy doesn't mix.

4943654 wow. Well thank you for that information. There will be a tradgety later in the story.

Well, as long as it was planned from the beginning... Anyway, I'd like to thank you for making the romance grow over time rather than the usual boring 'oh i was in love all along and juust didnt say anything' pit shipfics often fall into. This way is much better.

Dark magic, raspy voice, perverting Spike's mirror means only one thing: A remorseless king seeks vengeance on the one who humiliate, disgrace, embarrass, and defeated him.

Hrm... Waiter! There's a villain in my romance fic.

Oh no, did I forget to mention that this story was just a preview on the real one. :pinkiegasp: Woes me, will I ever understand the meaning of what it means to be a good friend. :ajbemused:

5033719 Sorry. I have hundreds of villains to deal with right now. Blame the cook.

I don't think anyone else has come up with this idea, so kudos to you for originality. I look forward to seeing how this develops and how Sweetie and Spike's friendship develops.

It seems both Scootaloo and Apple Bloom can plainly see that Sweetie Belle has a crush on Spike, and Sweetie's doing everything in her power to deny it. LOL

*sits back in chair and scratches beard* "so its begun....well I say bring it on"

Will Spike be the Dragon of Destiny or the Dragon of Destruction who'll bring Domination, Devastation, Decimation, Damnation?

Okay. So first, this story was completely and utterly chalk full of errors. A ton of errors. Grammar, spelling, punctuation, using the wrong words, you name it, it's probably there... BUT, the story was still good. The errors were distracting, yes, but the story was still legible enough to understand the entirety. But that last chapter feels like it was just thrown in it was too sudden. Subtlety would have been appreciated, a build up maybe.

Anyway, like I said, still a good story.

5244173 Sorry about that. :facehoof: Some of my writing was done on a tablet, so you should know how some letters might be left behind. :ajbemused: As for the punctuations, grammar, and the usage of wrong words. Ok, I'm still in school and E.L.A. isn't really my best subject so I'll be glad myself to figure out what I did wrong to make my readers happy. Finally, for that last chapter. I was writing it one day when my body decided to say "Go to sleep" and after that my brain went on auto pilot and started to finish it for me. Unfortunately, it also posted the new chapter as well, and I didn't get to read it because my family took me camping without any Wi-Fi around. So, I'm so very sorry for all of my mistakes and I hop you'll forgive me. :ajsleepy:

5245758 haha no sweat, I was being a bit harsh :twilightblush:, but as I said, it's still really good so don't feel bad about it :pinkiehappy:
Besides, one is always learning when it comes to writing, there are always going to be mistakes.

And, the thing with the autopilot? Haha, I've had experiences myself with that, though... Those kinda ended in embarrassment... Haha... Ha.... ANYWHO! :derpytongue2: Keep up the good work :pinkiehappy:

5245804 Thank you for understanding. :pinkiehappy: And I hope you'll like the next story too.

Did the story just shift from romance to horror in just 2 chapters :flutterrage:

5760398 :twilightoops: um, it depends on how scared u can get. and no not horror, i think of it more of a mystery or confusion. everything will be explained in equestrian warriors. :ajsmug:

.....gods damn it, now that song is stuck in my head!.....awesome!

6040531 I know right? And there more to come in (turns to camera) "Equestria Warriors" New chapters coming soon. :raritywink:

Grammar! It must be fixed! It's taking away the flow of this story and I'm really liking this story so far.

Also, it's rather funny that Twilight and Rarity instantly think the two would like each other just by knowing that they and the rest of the crusaders are hanging out. :ajbemused:

"Over where?" A pink earth popped out of nowhere and almost

Need to add pony after that, otherwise people like me would think of a walking PINK EARTH.

I'll admit, this was a very cute chapter.:twilightsmile:

Well, sadly, I have to say I'm disappointed. This is in no way what I expected it to be, and that was to see Spike going to school and some romance along the way.

These last two chapters threw the whole initial plot in the trash, literally. It's like you had an idea, then changed your mind and made it some sort of prequel for a whole other story. I even went to the other story and from the premise alone I could tell it wasn't a continuation, but Another Story that this one would be(probably) added to the other one to benefit it in some way.

All in all, I have to say this story was sadly a failure to what It initially seemed to be portrayed as from the introduction and summary. I'll admit, that while I was reading the other chapters the story was rather good, but after the fifth chapter, it all went downhill.

4 out of 10 for Romance
2 out of 10 for Comedy(didn't really laugh much, and I laugh easily. Sad tag would have gotten a better rating honestly:ajsleepy:)
9 out of 10 for Slice of Life
5 out of 10 for grammar
4 out of 10 for overall story.

Now, I won't down vote this story for the purpose that the beginning had some true potential(and because I haven't casted a vote yet. I tend to upvote SpikeBelle immediately...), but unfortunately you will not receive a like either. I do wish you luck on other stories and be sure to get an editor as soon as you can. Have a good day. :twilightsmile:

6133818 Thank you so much for your honesty. English has vnebver really been my best subject, and some of my errors in grammer and spelling was because iI was using a n old tablet with no corrector on it. I understand and hope that my next stories will please you better. Thank you and Goodbye.

It's fine. When one runs into a problem such as yours, it's best to get an editor to receive the max crowd fimfiction has to offer. Because some tend to see the grammar and instantly turn away if it's not on par.

Also, I still will be taking a look into your other story. It seems interesting in its own way.:twilightsmile:

6133897 Thank you for giving another chance, I really don't deserve it. :ajsleepy: I was wondering if you could be my editor? I don't really know what to do and I thought that when a chapter comes out you can read it and tell me what I need to fix in the comments. What do you say?

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