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Fallout Equestria: Sins of an Alicorn - Alchemystudent

Nyx awakens to find herself in the Equestrian Wasteland. Her goal, survival in the wastes, can she hope to do it alone?

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Chapter one: Memories

“No pony is born bad or good, Nyx, you are not Nightmare Moon”

What I am about to tell you, is a story. A story of adventure, drama, and friendship. It is a story full of hardship and strife, but it will be an uplifting story. It is the story of how I got here and found my reason to live. One about an alicorn...

My first memory of the world was of pain and sadness, a sadness that I could never describe perfectly. All I could remember on that day was being trapped and I was in need of a way out; trapped inside that little world of pain for no real reason. This feeling of fear, pain, hatred, and anger was stopped when an angel came to me, pulled me out of the thorn bush, and brought me home to care for me. An angel I would call: my Mom.

Maybe I should introduce myself before I can tell the rest of my story and why I am writing down the words of an monster-turned-savior. My name is Nyx Sparkle; at least, this was the name my mother gave me. A name that my mom picked for me because of a story of a hero, one that protected ponies. For me, it reminded me of what I felt I was like before I was adopted. Nothing. Nyx, as in I was nothing until Twilight, my friends, and the five greatest mares I had ever known had taught me what it was like to live a life free of hate, jealousy, and rage.

You probably already know that story though: my mom had shown me a book that a few writers wrote down about the events surrounding Nightmare Moon’s rebirth and redemption (Though, I take exemptions about some of those details. I should know... I was there, I lived it). That is, if any copies survived in the wasteland, and if they did, feel free to let me help correct them. I will be happy to fill in the missing details for you. The story may have been accurate, but there was so much more to that then those two let on.

Sorry, off-topic, I’ll try to keep my love of books and reading away from the narrative as much as I can.

As I was saying, my name is Nyx Sparkle and I am the daughter of the MAS Ministry Mare: Twilight Sparkle. I am also, an alicorn and maybe one of the last true ones in existence as I don’t consider alicorns that were created by that weird chemical to be anything like me at all. For the first few decades of my life, I was happy: my friends all got their cutie marks, my mom watched me grow into a lovely young mare (When I was in season, my mom would have to fight off the potential suitors with a big cane), the five mares who were like aunts to me went on to bigger and better things, and for the most part I was able to get on with my dreams in the warmth and safety of my home.

Then, war came and as you all know, war never changes.

A short time after I had joined the Royal Guard, my mom had requested my uncle to take me out of the service and away from the front lines to help my friends in Stable tech. She told me that she didn't want me to become a living weapon, a killer. Mom did her best to show how much more I could do without going out there and being a soldier. So, being the good girl I was, I was convinced and stayed with my friends. Because I believed I could do more to protect ponies back home than on the field. That... was the stupidest mistake me and mom have ever made. Maybe, if I was on the front lines where I belonged... I could’ve ended the war, I could’ve stopped the day the world ended.

I’ll never forget that day, when the balefire missiles were launched at Canterlot. Canterlot, I thought that place was invincible but I was wrong. So terribly wrong. Watching those spells hitting the barrier was like watching javelins hitting an innocent pink turtle. My first thought was to fly up there to see if my mom was there and alive; however, I felt somepony pulling at my right leg telling me to get away from there and that Twilight had a plan for this. I tried my best to struggle against the pull, but the pony was defiant. The pony said that, above all else, Twilight needed me to live on to the new world. I tried to protest, but the pony activated a spell that made me weak in the knees and unable to stop being taken to the basement of the library and thrown into a spell circle. I looked on in fear as I watched the unicorn proceed to activate the sealing spell.

The first memory of the old world was of pain and sadness, the last one was of fear and darkness.

How long was I under the sealing spell? I can’t really say, but I found out it was about one-hundred and ninety eight years before the sun came back. But, at the time, I just know it must have been a while because after I had woken back up, I saw that the room I was in was covered in dust and cobwebs. Looking around frantically, I tried to figure out where everypony was and if they were all right. I looked down in front of me and found a small orb with my cutie mark: a shield with a crescent moon on it. I remember mom telling me about memory orbs, but I had only seen my friends use them a few times before. I did know; however, how to use one. Leaning my head down, I put my horn to the orb and closed my eyes.

When I opened my eyes again, I found myself in the body of a mare. I couldn’t feel anything on my back, so I wasn’t an alicorn or pegasus. Another thing I noticed that my eyes were watering, as if I had just stopped crying. Noticing that a purple hoof was wiping the tears away, I began to suspect whose memories I was looking at. It was confirmed when the mare I was in walked up to the mirror and looked at herself, “Hello Nyx.”

“MOTHER!” I screamed in my head, wanting so much to talk to her once more.

“ I’m sorry if I look like a mess right now, this is my fifth time trying to record this message and I haven’t managed to fix myself up,” my mom then ran my hoof-er- I mean her hoof, through her mane to comb it back, “But, I promise I’ll be able to do it right this time. Nyx, my wonderful daughter, if you are watching this, then the worse has happened. We ended the world in a flash of hellfire. Everything me and my friends worked for, the things we did to help, were all for nothing.”

I watched in the mirror as she began to tear up before wiping her eyes.

“No, Twilight, don't do this to her, be strong, just continue,” my mother said as she looked back into the mirror, “I don't know what the new world is like out there, maybe things are peaceful and everypony learned that war is a game nopony should play. Maybe they are all fighting, I don’t know. What I do know is, there are ponies out there alive and well. I'm positive that the Stable project that you and your friends worked on has saved some of the ponies of Equestria, find them. I also know that there is a world out there for you to see, explore, and be that wonderful mare that I love. A filly that I’ll,” I watched as a shudder came over her as she held back the urge to cry, “I knew that one day, this might happen. That we end up killing ourselves, and the world that we live in. I had always just imagined that when that day happens, my firends and I would all be together to watch the end. Applejack would offer to hug us while Pinkie...Oh Celestia, Pinkie. I want to tell her that I am sorry, that I should be there for her, that I can help her fix her problem. Maybe, I don't want to be mad at her anymore, and I’m not. I just wish I’ll have time to tell her this and that I am still and always her friend. But with the way things are going...I don't think I’ll ever be able to. Just like I can’t.”

My mother then let out another sniffle, wiping her tears away.

“Focus Twilight, Focus, Nyx needs you to be strong,” Mom muttered under breath and then looked back at the mirror, taking a deep breath, “Nyx, there’s a few things I want you to do for me. First, my friends. We all have had great adventures together, fantastic lives, and a wonderful time together. I know that there are probably scholars and ponies who’ll write down our stories and we’ll drift off into legend. You are probably the only pony out there who knows the truth about us, of who we are and what we were really like. In this room, there is a book, I have written down everything I can about how wonderful and great those girls are. I wrote everything about them up until this very moment when I recorded this memory.”

I managed to look out the corner of her eye and saw the date, it was a few weeks before the bombs fell.

“ I want you to go, and find out what happened to them. I want you find out about how each of them... how each...” my mother, the strongest mare I had ever known, began to break down in front of me, “... of them died. I then want you to write that last part of the story down so that way, the world won’t forget the story of the five greatest mares I have ever known. So everypony will know about how wonderful they were, about the lives we shared and everything we did together. I don’t want them to be forgotten. I was lucky to have them as friends. We made mistakes, we all did, but I want the ponies of the future to know about it all: The good and the bad to learn.”

“But what about you, Mom?” I asked inwardly.

“ Don’t worry about me, I am in that book too. No less worthy than my friends, or more important. What you see in that book, is a memorial. A tribute to all of the great things that me and my friends did for th ponies of Equestria, warts and all. All of our successes, all of our sins, right there for the world to see. We made mistakes, all of us. I just hope the future can learn and grow from them. We were beaten, but I'd like to think we did good out there," she then let out a sigh, ". So, don’t... worry about what happened to me. Second, out there is a repository of all of the books I have collected from around the world. I have had a computer read them and compile all of them down into a file so the information and stories of the past are not lost to time. Find it for me and try to get that information out to the ponies so they can rebuild all of Equestria. The book with the map is in the old stories, protect it from the monsters.”

I smiled at this riddle, she made it so that only I would get it.

“Lastly, you, my lovely daughter, my second child,” again, she wiped some tears away from her eyes, “Celestia, I had two kids by the time I was 21, that shouldn’t have happened. There is one thing I want you to do for me, one special important thing-live. After you are done with everything, I want you to go out and live your life. Have fun, find ponies to protect, make friends, live your life as you want, and become the mare that I know you are,” Twilight then placed a hoof onto the mirror, “That I know you are destined to be. My Nyx, my little girl. I am just sorry that I can’t be there to be with you, to help you live in this new world. If I had one wish, it would be to give you a hug, rub your back, and promise you that it will be ok.” She then wrapped her hooves around the mirror, “This isn’t close to me being there, but it will do for now. It will be ok Nyx, it will be ok. You are strong, smart, and resourceful. You can do it, even without me there. Just never forget this final message, I love you my daughter. Goodbye.”

Opening my eyes, I wiped a tear, “Love you too mom,” and pulled away from the orb. Looking around, I found a book next to my seal with my aunt’s cutie marks on the cover. Concentrating my magic I lifted up the book and held it to my side as I looked to the door and took a deep breath, “Ok, world... Here I come!”


Author's Note:

Thanks to Zoltanthemagnificent for the editing. To Recon477 for the reediting.

I hope you guys don't mind the new stuff. I don't think it changed to much

Well, here it is, the Past Sins and FOE story I had promised to write. There is going be plenty of heartbreak, tears, and asdventure to be had, but...that is what you guys come here for, right?

Character name: Nyx Sparkle



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