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Harmonious Tempest

I have been a fan of the show for a little while now, and have really wanted to add something to the community. This is my first attempt at being a writer, and I have had a lot of fun along the way.


With Princess Luna missing, Celestia must turn to two ponies to save the realm of dreams. Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash are forced to enter the dreamworld, where they will face both their greatest desires and darkest fears, This journey will test everything they know about themselves as the fight to maintain their sense of reality.

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Sounds like a good plot. You have my curiosity.

interesting first chapter, can't wait to see how the rest of the story plays out

Ugh... Seems Celestia was right to be concerned. Luna's gone Nightmare Moony again, hasn't she?! :twilightoops::fluttercry::pinkiesick:

4568133 Just cause I happen to like Inception doesn't mean anything

4577340 no, Im just saying (to the characters):

Don't be afraid to dream bigger, darling.


(Its the mind, you can do anything you want)

Oh yeah, one more thing ;)

4577531 I gotcha I am making this in three acts. I think you will enjoy what I have planed or you will hate it either way I am enjoying writing it :derpytongue2:

I truly hope that this is a half plot twist; this story is going to be worse, character death wise, than a Stephan King novel...

P.S totally didn't see that coming:pinkiegasp::fluttercry:

4581209 You will have to stay tune. It will be a three act story. Thanks for the comment. :rainbowlaugh:

Ah! So she wasn't dead after all...! :yay:

Nice fakeout. :raritywink::facehoof:

:twilightoops::rainbowderp: This place is freaky... Why is the Big Bad showing up as filly Celestia, of all ponies?? :fluttershysad:

4685207 It thought it was best to gain Twilight's trust to show up as filly Celestia rather than a monster. Plus it wasn't lie when it said it was looking for Luna. Twilight had a better chance of finding her than Filly Celesita

Kof, kof

what??:derpyderp2: and a question is this a twi dash?

4743934 The kof kof was them coughing. As for the twidash yes and no. I just really like the two paired together

Just read the first chapter and it looks promising. There were some punctuation errors and misplaced words (like 'sense' instead of 'since'), but looking forward to reading more. :twilightsmile:

5087054 I am glad that you are enjoying my story so far. I hope it doesn't disappoint. Thanks.

Read halfway through chapter 3, and honestly I was a little let down. The story premise itself is good (wish I though of it myself) but the telling of it lacks... elaboration for want of a better term. I mean reading it was like reading a detailed(ish) summary. (Now that I see how long it took to write it, it makes sense [I'm only using the chapter publishing dates as a guide on that].)
Overall, you have potential, you just need to take a bit more time in your writing.

5204634 I appreciate hearing your thoughts on my story. To be fair this is the second story that I have ever written, and I am not going to improve with out some feedback. I have not came up with a new idea for my next story yet, but I will try to work on this. Thank you for the feedback.

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