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Comments ( 9 )

Heh, nice random sword dropping from the sky there. Amusing story.

Very random, yet still amusing fic

Why is there a human tag? (p.s. nice random story :3)

Anonymous is the main character. Apologies for not explaining that beforehand. Thank you.

Thank you, I hope it wasn't complete shit for my first one.


I like it, it moved nicely and used every gag I hoped it would, although honestly i feel like my interested tended to wander towards the characters motivations for trying to take the sword, a bit of a look into each of their reasons would have been nice.

all the smut explodes off her body.

I would... Enjoy seeing this. :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

Help help! I'm being repressed!

I guess that means that the sword demands democracy.

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