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Luna has been depressed for a long time. And one day,she cant take it anymore. She is ready to end her life. But what happens when Celestia walks in.

One shot!

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Comments ( 8 )

whew! Had us worried there for a second at the beginning bud. Excellent one shot. Loved the feels and ending. A+:pinkiehappy:

Good story. Though there are a few errors, I give it 9/10. :pinkiehappy:

4540802 So, I have to ask; which errors stuck out to you the most? I did leave a lot of fragmented sentences in there [I find they sorta belong in some stories] aside from the improper use of "we're" in

we.... were visiting

S'what I get for proofing and drinking.

4558429 Well, celestia missed being capitalized. coco has an 'a' at the end: "cocoa", and there are a few instances with incorrect punctuation and merged words "likethis."

Nothing too glaring, but when you do your own proofreading.... :twilightblush:

Thanks for sharing, very emotional,

Wow, what an amazing fic! I really enjoyed it. Keep writing!! :rainbowkiss:

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