• Published 17th Jul 2014
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Weird - FreedomFiend

Twilight Sparkle experiments with a new spell for interdimensional communication. How different can two beings be?

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Chapter 3: Journey

Charles' eyes fluttered open slightly, revealing his living room ceiling. He wasn't really awake, nor was he fully asleep. In his semiconscious state, his muddled mind began grasping at any sensation it could; the weight of his arms across his chest, the softness of his couch, and the dim glow of the Moon filtering in through the windows. What dragged at his attention the most, however, was the profound lack of sound. After several moments of deliberation, his mind sluggishly pointed out that it must have been that time of night when no creature stirred, which was usually a few hours before sunrise.

On its own accord, his body slowly shifted into a sitting position. After a few futile attempts at moving his arm, he realized that he wasn't going to be regaining control any time soon. He stood up, wobbling dangerously from side to side. He started shuffling towards the kitchen, tipping left and right like a man fresh off a boat. 'Please, please don't trip...' Despite his body's lack of grace, it still managed to move around without losing balance. His body continued forward, placing him in front of his refrigerator. Charles was by no means a small man and always had a healthy apatite, so he had spared no expense when he purchased this fridge. It was large enough to hold provisions for a family of four for at least a month, and had a single door that was taller than himself.

Although Charles knew that he ate in his sleep when he was stressed, he'd never actually been lucid when it happened. On one hand, a part of him wanted to wake up and prevent it from happening, but he was also curious to see it first hand. His body took the handle of the fridge and swung it open, blinding him with the intensity of the fridge light. He waited several seconds for his eyes to adjust enough to see the contents, but it never seemed to happen. he was able to stare into the light without discomfort, but for some reason, he just couldn't see anything else.

As he continued to contemplate, his body suddenly lurched forward. He felt his foot come in contact with the floor of the fridge. His mind turned to stories where someone was closed in a freezer or refrigerator and died, unable to escape, and this is where he truly panicked. He tried once more to regain control of his body, but it was a vain attempt. If he could close his eyes or cry, he probably would have. However, all he could do was watch on in horror as he slowly advanced into the whiteness.

Passing through the light blinded him once more. Shaking his head reflexively, Charles realized that he was back in control. 'Perhaps the cold air from the fridge woke me up.' As his vision returned, he was surprised by what he saw. Instead of the interior of a refrigerator, he seemed to be in some kind of large, dark room. Or at least, that was his best guess; everything was so blurred and indistinct that he may as well have been in a cave full of fog.

Charles looked around, trying to assess the situation. To his left was what could only be described as an oddly colored boulder. It was green, in contrast with the brownish shade of everything else around him, but there was a hint of grey at the bottom. To his right was an indistinct, white stick, on top of which was a white circle with brown splotches. A part of his brain wanted to believe that the circle had holes in it and the brown was behind it, but it was hard for him to see depth. Ahead was a pattern of colors just a shade lighter than the rest of his surroundings. Part of the pattern seemed to slope upward, and under the slope was something that looked like a light brown rectangle with legs (the other things were anyone's guess, but he assumed that last one was a table). Of course, all of this was only a rough guess; it seemed to him like he was wearing overly thick glasses while looking at a rough, three-dimensional painting. "What is going on...?"

Suddenly, he heard some strange noises. It was like someone banging on a wooden floor with hammers, but muted, as though he were listening to it underwater. Before he would react, the room changed in color. Everything seemed to be several shades lighter than before. He barely noticed a strange, tickling sensation across his chest, followed by what seemed like light impacts, as if someone had thrown a hand full of marshmallows at him. Looking up to the top of the slope, Charles caught a glimpse of some purplish thing before it disappeared behind the wall of brown. "How odd..." Deciding that the brief encounter could be investigated later, he instead decided to take a closer look at the white circle. Being closer to it didn't seem to improve his understanding. Touching it only confused him further; a little bit seemed to stick to his finger, and the whole thing shrank away from where he touched it, sort of how a large block of sugar would react to a drop of water.

Looking up, Charles saw that the spot of purple had returned to the top of the slope. This time, it quite suddenly slid down and stood in front of him, but not close enough for him to reach it. Besides the sound of hammers underwater (which it seemed to be the source of), it was also producing a soft squeaking sound with a strange echo. He had never heard a single mouse in a cave, but he was certain that this was what it would sound like. Now that he had a better view, he could see that it was vaguely cylindrical, with five thick extensions reaching to the ground and a sixth reaching up, the peak of which was at approximately his elbow in height. On this sixth appendage, there seemed to be two blotches, both a lighter shade then the rest of the figure. He moved to take a closer look, but it suddenly scooted back before he could.

After a brief moment of staring at the lighter blotches, he felt a growing sensation that didn't quite feel natural. He had a vague, wordless impression that he ought to go, but it was like someone had whispered it to him so quietly that he didn't consciously hear it. He found the feeling just irritating enough that it drew away his curiosity. Looking behind him, Charles saw something that really stood out in the indistinct landscape; a perfectly black rectangle, about the size and shape of a doorway. Unlike everything else, it had clearly defined edges, and it even seemed to have depth, despite being completely black.

Deciding that it made the most sense, he stepped forward and put his hand in it. Pulling it out, Charles saw that that blackness did indeed seem to be ordinary darkness. The strange sensation renewed itself, and it fueled his desire for the world to make sense again. Although the rectangle was strange, it made much more sense than everything else around him, but he still wasn't sure exactly what to do with it. The sensation made a third appearance, and this time almost formed a cohesive concept; it gave him a rough impression of entering the shadowy rectangle. Seeing no reason to argue with the rogue thought, he stepped into the darkness.

Jerking awake, Charles found himself lying on the kitchen floor in front of the open refrigerator. His legs had grown chilly where they laid in front of it, but not painfully so, indicating that the fridge had only been open for a few minutes. He rubbed the sleep from one of his eyes before getting his feet underneath him. Reaching out to close the fridge, he paused, noticing a spot of white on his fingertips. His mind raced for a moment, but he then saw a jar of mayonnaise in the door, and hastily decided that it was the source. After shutting the appliance, he wiped his fingers free of the substance and headed to his proper bed. Tucking himself in, he thought about his unusual dream. "I should probably throw out those leftovers from St. Patrick's Day. That's probably what gave me a bad dream," he mumbled, as he drifted off to sleep.

Author's Note:

I wanted to post both this and part b at the same time, but having hit writer's block and being half a month overdue, I can't justify leaving this completed chapter to sit here and collect dust. I can't garuantee when part b will be up, but I can say that this fic has passed it's half-way point. Until then, enjoy.

Anyway, after some time thinking about it, I think the chapters should be read in the way I posted them, so this is now Chapter 3, not Chapter 3a.