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This story is a sequel to Burning Day Brethren

A full year has passed since Philomena's last rebirth. While recounting memories of that day in the Unbecoming realm, Philomena's Sacred Ash pendant—a keepsake from Ho-Oh—spontaneously ignites and glows. Minutes later, a colossal behemoth from another dimension tears a rip through interdimensional timespace and begins to besiege Equestria.

Knowing full well the possible consequences for doing so, Fawkes and Ho-Oh follow Giratina through the rip from the Unbecoming. Desperate to stop it, they must ensure the safety of Equestria's own race of fire-birds and make a stand against the destructive, ghostly dragon. But Giratina is not alone; others have joined it who also desire the permanent downfall of the phoenixian race.

While Giratina mobilises its own personal draconic army, the trio of flaming avians must formulate a plan to bring Giratina's desires to a standstill. For if the Unbecoming's bath of rebirth is ever destroyed, no phoenix in existence may ever be reborn again...

Set during season four and discounting any forthcoming new canon.

Preread by vren55. Edited by NightWolf289 and MissingLink.

A collaboration with my good pal, Comet Burst.

Rated Teen for violence and small amounts of gore.

Now featured on:
Equestria Daily!

This story is 100% approved by Twilight's Library!

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 107 )

Was this Giratina captured and sent to Equestria? Because Giratina doesn't learn Shadow Ball naturally - it needs TM30.

That's just a nitpick (or prediction?) though. Story is awesome thus far.

I figure a tiny continuity break like that isn't super significant. I'm saving its signature techs for much later :raritywink:
Good catch, though. Glad you're enjoying it!

Good job. I like then Pokémon and cake parts :heart: Its a fairly epic setup

You're the first to comment on the cake.
Subtle humour ftw :raritywink:

I said it should be Ominous Wind, but NOOOOOOOO!

That comes later. :trollestia:

Man, I just read your other story and now this one.
10/10 :3

Why, thank you! Glad you found something in my fabulous phoenixy stories.
Ta for the watch, too. :heart:

Very cool! I quite like the pokemans, and this seems to be pretty well-written. It would have been better, I think, if you hadn't moved so fast, but it was quite compelling nonetheless.

Thank you for the compliment! As for the story so far, I admit it is a little fast. I'm hoping to have it wrapped up in around 20-25k words, or around the length of what a pokemon movie would go for, so I didn't want to spend too much time introducing the initial conflict.
Comet and I promise it will be worth your time to stick around, though. :twilightsmile:

Of all the memories I cherish most... Ho-Oh, Fawkes: on this day, one year past, we met together. We laughed together—we raged together. We learned of each other’s worlds and what we do to preserve them.

Thus sounds like something from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon:rainbowkiss:

Hmm, I must admit that in my opinion the chapter could've been paced slightly better but it's a rather interesting start nonetheless. I cannot wait to see the next chapter :pinkiehappy:!

Pretty cool so far! I loved the first Burning Day story, so I'm eagerly awaiting the rest of this.
Could you link to Comet Burst's profile? I want to follow him to see when the stories come up, but I can't seem to find his profile.

Story description has his profile hyperlinked. You should be able to click his name and go straight there.
I'm pleased you found my concept entertaining. Thank you for the favourite and the watch :pinkiehappy:

I’ve never seen Tibbles so excited before. He must be worried about Luna.

I bet he also has a nickname with other pets:

I'm pleased that you included Tibbles :)

Female Giratina.........
FEMALE Giratina!

The poke fans are gonna have a field day

Then again legendaries are genderless

And since most guys think of Giratina as a male this makes it a first

Also makeing Giratina a girl makes its sound less intimidating


Then again legendaries are genderless

Only really for breeding purposes so you can't have an army of them. Mewtwo, Lugia, Arceus, they all have distinct "telepathic" voices.

makeing Giratina a girl makes its sound less intimidating

:rainbowlaugh: ... Oh, you were serious.

4845455 one does not have to be genderless to be unbreedable

Carbink, Rotom and Metagross are genderless and their fertile

And then theirs Manaphy.......

Also thanks the Gen VI Global Trading System I traded a bunch of hacked shinies for 30 Lugia so I already have an army

Comment posted by Metroid Prime deleted Aug 13th, 2014

Let the Garble x Giratina shipping begin.:trollestia:

Now does Giratina have the ability to change forms at will, or is it/she in Altered Form here?

Comment posted by Metroid Prime deleted Aug 13th, 2014

Yep, Garble is a real gentledrake.

I'm actually kind of liking Giratina in this. Next chapter!

Huh... Girintina's a girl... didn't expect that one. Or Garble acting so... friendly.
Well, I can see where this going. Bow to your Queen, dragon whelps!

Thanks for bringing that up. Now I can't not imagine that.

It would explain why Arceus banished Giratina for her violence.:rainbowlaugh:
Celestia save the Queen!

4845491 If you're going to hack anyway, why didn't you just hack 30 lugia in the first place?

the hack I use only works for pokemon platinum and allows them to pass through poke bank

besides if I hack a Lugia to appear in the wild it has to Ivs of the wild pokemon, and cannot pass through pokebank

I breed pokemon to appear shiny so it has legitimate Ivs

so in my agenda its not really illegitimate pokemon i'm breeding

4845505 okay I just searched PMS

and that's nothing new to me

:pinkiegasp: my god giratina in equestria:raritystarry: my mind has been offically blown

What the... (looks up the names) Oh... Pokemon.

So does this mean every chapter is going to retread the same basic story over and over for 5 years?


Geez, I hope it doesn't take me five years to finish! Nah, things will come full circle... But only once, mind.

Oh yes, this is awsome. I can wait to see you build the relationship between Fawks and Phillamena

This one was off-the-wall crazy, guys! I swallowed a killing curse aimed at my charge by Voldemort himself. ‘Taking a bullet,’ as muggles would say back home.

When did that happen?

I also see you're going with the idea that Twilight has only been in Ponyville for a year. Meeeeeeehhhh. Do what you will, but I personally disagree. I also slightly disagree with Luna still using the royal We so often, but that's a minor nitpick. Other than that... didn't see the Gringotts dragon coming.

In The Order of the Phoenix book, during Dumbledores fight with Voldemort.
It's not in the movie. (I wish the rest of the magic had looked like that fight, instead of just quick flashes)

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