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As the Ponyville Delegation returns from the Equestria Games, Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash share a moment together on the train ride home to Ponyville. *Requested by YodaJax10

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Comment posted by Titanium Dragon deleted Jun 4th, 2014

4942222 Sure, look over it and let me know what needs to be done. I'll give you credit

Why are there so little comments ITS SCOOTALOVE FOR CELESTIA'S SAKE!
Sweet moments between these two are all I need :heart:

5452105 I've wondered about that myself.

Huh Now that someone shared it around the scootaloo section of Fimfiction (BTW BIT LATE....)
I must say that this is a good story
Most people would run through the story and nitpick at the smallest mistake
And though that helps you fix it for the better
It just feels harsh
So im going to leave it at this
Great story hope it gets more attention :)
PS For scootalove it very well written!

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