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The Mobius Strip

Once more unto the breach, chaps.


This is the life of the youngest grand magus that ever existed ever. Her name is Flufflekins and this is a regular day for her. This uses the totally official site OC's. This is satirical, the eye of argon style is intended. Also, the language is mainly from an adventure story I wrote while in year 4, just, improved (somewhat).

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Um... cool? Yeah, it was pretty fun.

(Blueshift himself suggested he was the uncle, not the father, but whatever:derpytongue2:)


and Diamond Tiara spouted tears like Saddle Arabia spouts oil.


4502430 My thinking of it is that, while he's an uncle, Fluffy thinks of him as a father. This is written from her perspective and that's why the ending is what it is.


While I understood what was going on, it was also pretty confusing.

It was an...interesting story!!
Kinda confusing but as you read the story you get to understand that it's written from Fluffykin's point of view
and as she's a filly it is very phantasised!! :twilightsmile:

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