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A day in the life of Grand Magus - The Mobius Strip

The site OC's are too funny not to have it written. Fluffy has an excellent escapade with the three heroes as she tries to defeat the two witches and their zombies. Slightly crack-fic-y-ee

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An Average Day

“Daddy! Lily is in my half of the room!” I complained

“My name is Ebony and I’m not! Your books are just in the way! I swear that noone has a worse fate than sharing a room with an OCD foal with identity issues.”

“Kids, stop fighting! Daddy’s going off to work! I promise I won’t be long, just one short trip to the Playpony store and back! Lily, be nice to your sister. She’s got a great role model, unlike someone worshipping that awful singer Sapphire Shores.”

MY NAME ISN’T LILY, IT’S EBONY NIGHTRAVEN AND SAPPHIRE IS A GREAT ROLE MODEL!” Ebony turned around to see none other than Fluffy jumping on her bed. “Oh, you are so dead!” Ebony charged for Fluffy, knocking over her library in the process and flung her off her bed. Then it started. Like an air raid siren, the whining of a filly who had her life destroyed and a skint knee.

“Oh, forgot my smokes. LILY FETLOCKS. WHAT DID YOU DO!” Fluffy quickly shut up and heard a rumble as an enraged father tore up the stairs. Larry burst into the room and his eyes shifted from the puffy eyed Fluffy and the angry Lily

“My name isn’t Lily! It’s Ebony!”

“It damn well is not, you disgrace your mother with that name!” Ebony flinched but it only served to enrage her further.

“Well she isn’t here is she! I wouldn’t be either with a man like you! I hate you! You ruin my life!” As the shouting match continued a frightened Flufflekins crawled out the room with her belly hugging the floor. When she was out the room she bolted for the kitchen. A quick snack and she’d be gone to Queens Landing. Maybe she could meet the resistance to the two evil witches. Diamond Tiara and her alchemist Silver Spoon. The three they called Apple Bloom the Mighty, Sweetie Belle the Lucky and Scootaloo the Courageous. The three fought against the tyranny that fought to control the school. A never ending war of spitballs and crumpled paper and planes that carried the most evil morale breaking messages. Even when she was out the door she could hear the shouting. The two dragons projecting their deadly voices. Fluffy thought herself lucky to escape the clutches of the Nightraven. Her fortification of enchanted books and wizardry had only kept her safe for so long. Finally the Nightraven broke through. And stormed out the house. The world seemed to know of the oncoming battle and a thunderstorm rolled in. Coating both in rain

“You! You made me get grounded for two weeks! I’ll kill you!” Fluffy the Wizard had but one chance and that was to run but was rooted to the spot with fear. The Nightraven was quickly gaining speed on her. The three Sparkles smiled upon her when she saw the war wagon of the three heroes come to her aid. She hooked a fetlock around a grip and was pulled away by the speed of Scootaloo.

“Fluffy! What are ya’ll doin’ jumpin’ on our wagon!”

“Your hineyness. I was escaping from the Nightraven. You came to my aid at the last moment.” A snort was heard further back in the wagon.

“Uh huh, and I’m guessing the ‘Nightraven’” - She waggled her forehoof sarcastically. - “Is your sister, the emo filly.”


“And this whole fantasy world you made had us as her- hero- heroines, that’s it.” Fluffy nodded her head frantically. Her whole body quivering with awe at the majesty of the three heroines before her. They were humble as always, saying they were normal ponies. But they performed dangerous crusades to rid us of torment.


“You’d be a perfect match for Button Mash. If that colt could ever get out of his room.”

“He’s mine!” The cart slowed as Scootaloo the Courageous turned her head. A devilish grin appeared and it was mirrored by Applebloom. Were they friend or foe? Angel or Demon? Fluffy the Wizard prepared a kung-fu enhancing spell. Supposedly giving master ninja skills to anypony who recited it.

“Sweetie loves Button! Sweetie loves Button! Sweetie love Button!” Was that their spell to open the gate to tartarus to let Sweetie Belle the Lucky have her soul devoured? Fluffy did not know. Fluffy, although versed in light magic, the dark elements were still unknown.

“No I do not!” Sweeties face was turning red, was it blood staining her? Fluffy did not know, but her wizarding prowess picked up no anomalies of any kind. Was it dark cooties? They had always evaded her. They somehow slipped under the radar of the Wizard. Her train of thought was derailed by Scootaloo the Courageous announcing we were near Queens Landing. Queen Cheerilee was, although very wise, unable to put a halt to the evil machinations of the two witches who threatened to usurp the throne. They practically had, their forces of corrupt nobles grew each day.

The warwagon was at the gates of Queens Landing. Fluffy had wanted to sneak past, using the deadly Everfree forest to hide in. As well as grand magus she was also a master ninja. Able to block and evade all attacks. But her wishful thinking was all for naught as she saw the two witches and their lackeys. But Scootaloo the Courageous had earned her name and more. She sped back up again. Fluffy felt the wind slice across her coat. The skint knee feeling very cold and still stung a wee bit. Sweetie Belle the Lucky used her magic to wrench open the gates and they sped past the evil two. She heard shouts of deadly incantations. Designed to break the morale of the four until they begged for death. Although the mighty three were resistant, Fluffy was never as strong. They would make her weep with the illusions they told. But the three had always helped her through it.

“Be seated for class! Snips, Snails, you switched places again.” Fluffy heard the smack of a hoof meeting a face. Snips the Stupid and Snails the Silly were the two village idiots.

“Sorry Miss Cheerilee,” They repeated in unison. When they were seated, it began. The secret wetwork warfare began as the witches threw their deadly paper balls. Trying to murder the three. But their shields held and return fire was ordered.

“Ow! Miss Cheerileeeeeeeee! Scootaloo threw a paper plane at me!”

“You threw stuff at us first!”



“Nu-” Cheerilee interrupted their verbal attack. Testing which one’s voice gave way first.

“Stop it this instant! Diamond Tiara, detention! Scootaloo, detention! Anypony else throwing paper will share the same punishment. You could poke a pony’s eye out!” With the Queen’s royal orders, the fighting ceased. But only for a short time.

“You are intolerable with your dirty hooves!” Diamond Tiara was having a battle of the voices with Applebloom.

“Ah ain’t afraid ta get dirty!” With this statement; Applebloom pushed Diamond Tiara into the mud. Fluffy heard a scream. Maybe soil was the witches weakness? Fluffy gathered a ball of mud. Chanted a spell of true aim. The ball did fly true and hit Silver Spoon with quite some speed, knocking her into the mud with her fellow witch.

“Alright children, off you go!” Cheerilee called. She was trotting out the door and Diamond Tiara spouted tears like Saddle Arabia spouts oil. Fluffy pegged it to the war wagon with Applebloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle. They all jumped in as Scootaloo hitched herself to it and sped away. A faint shout was heard from behind, as though the heavens had parted. They had won the battle, but not the war.

Then Twilight Sparkle came in and banished the witches to a cage where they were banished to.

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Um... cool? Yeah, it was pretty fun.

(Blueshift himself suggested he was the uncle, not the father, but whatever:derpytongue2:)


and Diamond Tiara spouted tears like Saddle Arabia spouts oil.


4502430 My thinking of it is that, while he's an uncle, Fluffy thinks of him as a father. This is written from her perspective and that's why the ending is what it is.


While I understood what was going on, it was also pretty confusing.

It was an...interesting story!!
Kinda confusing but as you read the story you get to understand that it's written from Fluffykin's point of view
and as she's a filly it is very phantasised!! :twilightsmile:

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