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This is an account of sorts. I write horrible things inspired by someone called ______ that start from MLPchan and make it here. Yes I am that kind of person.

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This fic is the shit, my friend.

I know a guy who'll love this.

Super awesome :D

Not really a fan of the "camera with a persona" thing, but I am liking the attention to detail. That's enough for me to keep reading. :pinkiesmile:

This is my favorite chapter of Peeping Toms of Harmony... :yay:

:raritycry: <<< my O face after reading this chapter

Very very good chapter! The visuals presented here were a delight to envision, it's so wonderful reading about Rarity being uncomfortable with something she has to do on a near daily basis. Describing the process of her defecating were really stimulating with that kind of mindset, especially with the way with her dump being interrupted and causing her trouble.
I will say that I would have preferred the last bit of her dump had been more enunciated by Rarity herself instead of the musical cues, to give her session a more satisfying "finished" feeling, before moving onto the wiping fiasco (which I also loved, Rarity sitting there helpless with a dirty butt was wonderful).

Very good chapter, 9/10, will cum again

Wow. That was one epic chapter! :heart: Rarity is just perfect for toilet-related fics.

I hope Spike will take part in the next chapter. Multiple characters are fun.

My only complaint about the series is that cameras don't have smell detectors of some sort. And temperature detectors...

"Rarity is just perfect for toilet-related fics."
So much this :duck:

I guess Spike's got competition now, course Particle has a bit of a unique advantage over Spike:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:. :heart:Love:heart:this:heart:story:heart:, great work on the characters, interesting storyline, and as fun (and sexy) as the Octavia story:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:.

How long until Twilights chapter?

Comment posted by Starlight Nova deleted Nov 16th, 2014

I don't usually review scat—actually I have—but what the fuck do I care?
This was certainly a unique work, never thought such a concept would come to ponies. I like it, and I particularly liked your work on Chamber Pot as well.
I could tell here that you were really giving an effort here, your descriptions were quite adequate, and the lust for the work itself teemed from most chapters. It did seem somewhat mechanical at times, like you were trying to force through it, but you kept descriptive and tried something new each chapter, which is laudable. The ending seemed like a bit of a cop out, unless I'm missing something, otherwise I have no idea who it was.
You're very good at what you write. I've been following the /anon/ threads for quite a while, and I suppose I just felt the need to finally say something on FiMfiction. You're quite popular among those of this fetish. Keep up the good work.


The second pony to notice the camera... But I still don't get it. Who put the cameras into toilets?

I can't think of who Twilight knows who'd cause that kind of shock in her, yet wouldn't be aware of things like Pinkie Pie's Sense, and would also know, have the power, and want to observe all of the Elements like that. Discord, Princess Celestia, and Princess Luna would all most likely know about the Pinkie Sense, although now that I think again, Cadence or Shining Armor might have been able to pull it off, may not have had time to learn anything to close about Twilight's friends, and there being the culprit would definitely shock her a lot. I don't know but I do enjoy this story, my favorites are probably Rainbow Dash's for clopability, Pinkie Pie's for being so unusual yet adorable (and kinda scary), and Rarity's was sort of amusing in a "her ridiculously amount of discomfort with her own bodily functions makes a mess" way. I think it would be cool if there was an epilogue added that reveals the culprit, like them chuckling over Twilight being distracted from finding them or something.

I have to know who the culprit is but i think it is celestia herself shes called molestia for a reason

I thought it was going to be this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ony4orjoNSw but spike works too.

Oh, trust me.
It's not Spike.

5497623 What do you mea- oh wait it's incomplete.

This turned out great, thanks for the read

Omg i loved this story <3

Oh man, this story was so fucking good.:heart:

That ending. I don't suppose we could get a sequel, maybe? About Twilight and Trixie? :twilightsheepish:

Yay! Happy end! :yay:

I'd love to see a story with Twilight allowing Trixie to watch her poop directly, without any cameras between them. To watch pooping on a screen is one thing, but having a real butt in front of you is a totally different thing. :raritywink:

I love this chapter XD

One, two, three, four, WE WANT MORE! Five, six, seven, eight, GIVE US A SEQUEL, IT'LL BE GREAT

I thought the Rarity chapter went on for too long, but otherwise that was a VERY well written story. I especially liked how you treated the cameras as characters. That was a really nice touch.

Comment posted by Rainbowblitz1 deleted Mar 23rd, 2018

Poor Fluttershy! I've been there before

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