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Pffft AHAHAHA! :rainbowlaugh: that ending XD

I really liked the story, the build up was good and the punch line was great, but their were some points where you could have just used "Pinkie" instead of "Pinkie Pie" but that didn't detour from the main story.

i'm so confused

4557065 What are you confused about? Maybe I can explain.

What are you talking about? Wait a second... Luna, are you...?

What is Celestia trying to imply?

4557837 Princess Celestia doesn't know Luna's dating someone until that moment. Celestia doesn't want to date anyone so when she finds out Luna's dating, it's a total shocker to her.

4557852 cool, thanks!

This oneshot is too short for what a funny oneshot can produce. Please expand to its justified length. :trixieshiftleft::twilightoops:

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