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Dunno what to say. I almost exclusively read and write AiE romance.

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I'm actually glad there's no clop in this. Some people can only go too far before they mess things up when they include it.

I loved it! :heart::heart:

I'll read this later.

This was... wow. This was a wild ride to read. I enjoyed every second of it. I loved the "My Immortal" reference. XD I couldn't stop laughing.

the redundant redundancy

4480491 Yeah but it can annoy some of us who see a fic that has a sex tag but what we really get is 16,000 words of foreplay..... :ajbemused:
Not saying that the story wasn't good but...........yeah stories that have a sex tag, should include actual sex.

Maybe snapping his horn in half and throwing it off the bridge leading up the mountain while screaming shit about how America would never fall to unicorn invasion was not the smartest thing to do, but Twilight was here to fix everything up. As usual.


oohhhhh!!! Its everything I hoped! Its everything I wished! Its everything I wanted in an Octavia story!

Its funny! Its sexy! Its mushy heartwarming!

Nosfrat! seriously, you are my bro! /)

4481526 Damn you I clicked on this story to say the same thing!

There should be more of this sex crazed Twi in more funny nonclopfics :rainbowlaugh:

"Fifty Shades of-"

My reaction to this:

Other than that it was a good read!

Holy SHIT SHIT SHIT shit shit
Did this actually get featured?
I love you guys. I love all of you (or almost).

@everyone talking about sex/clop/no sex/sex tag/whatever
I never really wanted to write clop, but I just can't seem to write anything without including too much shit (language, sexual stuff, etc.) for it to be rated Teen, so with a M rating I guess the least I can do is including some sex. Like a sort of bonus or something... but yeah, sorry if you expected actual clop.
I'm pretty sure even a few paragraphs describing soft foreplay warrant the sex tag, since it's still explicit sex.

4481163 I didn't think someone would get it so soon... :pinkiecrazy:

4482372 (\
And LMFAO dat .gif

Fifty. Shades of what?

You got a fan for life.

......now.........write another one.:pinkiecrazy:

Anyone else think it is odd that it specifically mentions the Jacuzzi water getting tinted yellow? Biology doesn't work like that. :rainbowhuh::rainbowlaugh:

Other than that, not a bad read at all *golf clap*

4483694 derpicdn.net/img/view/2014/3/18/579013.jpeg

4483730 Will do. :moustache:

4483997 Squash soup, eh.

4481591 That's what descriptions are for.

4483525 To be fair it almost passed me by until I read it a second time.

This made me laugh from a good healthy place. I'm honestly surprised that the rating for this isn't higher than it already is. I need more of this.:pinkiecrazy:

4484876 Glad to know I did my job correctly. :rainbowwild:
You can always check out my other stories, they're pretty much the same but with other ponies. And yeah I don't get the ratings at all, but I don't really care about them, I care about the comments, and knowing that you guys enjoy what I write beats having a 100:1 like/dislike ratio anyday.

Looks like I'm not the only Twilek shipper.

I...don't think I will ever be certain what I just read.

That's not saying I didn't enjoy it. I am thoroughly pleased with...whatever this was.

Here. Take this. :yay: and tell no one where you got it. That is all. Carry on. *slinks into the shadows of the seventh plane of nightmares*

This was hilarious, awesome story mate. Grand idea paired with great writing. Gre- no, awesome job mate.


this was a good story, but not as good as some of your other stuff
(in my opinion)
you make it crystal clear that this isn't a clop-fic, but it still fells like a clop-fic.
let me explain, the main character is a unlikeable but relaterable human, ponies have a tendency to fall in love with him, and a lot of the jokes are sexual.
non of thees are bad things, and in fact you did them very Well. its just characteristic's that are very reminiscent of porn, and as you said this isn't a clop-fic but a romance.

as a romantic comedy I just found this boring, they meet, they fall in love, and all there problems solve them self. if not for the funny jokes I wouldn't have finniest this.

thats just how I feel

4496730 You're right. I'm not sure why it is so, I was somewhat inspired when I wrote it, but I guess it's because I had to force myself to use Octavia (since she was requested). Perhaps- Probably- Surely I don't have the writing skills necessary to work with requests (yet?)... my only other requested fic was the Apple Bloom one, and it's by far my lowest rated one. Although I don't really care about ratings, after reading it countless times, I just can't see why it's rated lower than my other stories, since it's more or less the same thing, but with more clop - which is what most people seem interested in.

I'm not sure this one would have been better with another pony, but having to make it about Octavia (who has no usable personality besides 'I play cello and I look haughty as fuck') made me focus more on the comedy part, and less on the rest, so I had to use a generic and predictable romance (sub)plot with clich├ęs all over the place to wrap it up and call it a romance.

I must say I'm happy with the sheer amount of references and shit I managed to squeeze in this one, but I may have forgotten about you guys for a minute and wrote what I would have wanted to read, instead of what my readers wanted.

Thanks for the constructive criticism anyway, and I'll really try to include actual clop in my next story.

whatever you take away from my comment, please don't let it be that you shouldn't wright, what you wanter wright . if you aren't having fun neater will we, you know that. :pinkiesmile:

Sweet and well developed. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. :twilightsmile:

You could definitely add more chapters to this. I feel like a continuation is in order good sir.

4511467 Hm. I don't know, I never planned on continuing any of my one-shots, and I honestly don't see where this could be going for Anon and Octavia without coming up with a whole new story, which would make it a sequel and not another chapter.
Not like I have any ideas for that, either. :rainbowderp:

It was a long read, but definitely worth it. Upvoted, faved. There's a part of me that desires a cloppy sequel, but -- can't get everuthing ya want. :pinkiehappy:

wow lol the times this fic made me laugh XD

absolutely loved it. nice balance of comedy and randomness. although i do admit the tirek part creeped me out but the letter made it K.

The fuck is up with the rating system? Why have a thumbs down button if it gives me some error message and doesn't let me rate it?

Well I'll do it this way then, big thumbs down for... Well, pretty much all of it from language to Twilight being OOC to it being what I'd expect from a chantard's writing.

10/10 would creat virtual reality to simulate

Nosfrat needs to make another chapther. It was sincerely the best fic I ever read. If this story won't be updated I will be very sad, along with other 100+ people.

One thing I must say about this fic:
Go Tirek

I can feel the 'butt hurt' replies already, but i have to say this.

you gave Twilight to Tirek to basically be raped by him, do i have that right?

That's not funny.

No, really, there's nothing funny about that. You had Anon give Twilight to Tirek against her will to produce an heir for him. That's rape in every book ever written. And you tried to play it as a joke. Why? how is anyone supposed to find that funny? Where is the fun in giving another being up for sex with no regards to their feelings? If you had that fall through and then Twilight gave up on Anon because of it, then it would a joke. Then it would have done something at least. But instead, you just had Twilight raped. And that's not O.K.

Call me a butt hurt fanboy whatever. But that, for me, ruined what was up to that point a really enjoyable piece of fanfiction.

>offended by rape
>reading AiE

You made valid points, but if you read the whole thing, well... yeah.


I'm sorry, but i can't. at any attempt to go past that point in the story, i can't bring myself to scroll down any farther. Maybe i'm taking this too seriously, but i really can't bring myself to finish this peace. it is good, i don't want you to think it's not, but it's not something i can find any enjoyment in.

5438137 Well, I suppose that's your choice.
But the 'rape' is only vaguely implied, and not mentioned again until the end, where it's revealed that all's well that ends well for everyone, including for Twilight. Besides being a nonsensical plot device / deus ex machina sort of thing, that part was mostly so that everyone turns out to be alright at the end, including Twi who'd have otherwise been lonely / sad / etc.
Also I sort of ship Twilight and Tirek.

So basically, there's no real rape (although views on what is rape and what isn't seem to vary a lot depending on who you ask these days), and everyone is alright and happy at the end.
Cheesy, but then this whole story was meant to be cheesy.

What could possibly go wrong?


Cannibal Corpse "I Cum Blood?" FUCK YEAH! LOVE CANNIBAL CORPSE!

This story was complete and total shit. I hate stories were they make anon an Unlikeable prick. Who treats the ponies like shit. This story is trash.

Ahahaha! Wonderful!

You know I always love your anon antics stuff but whenever romance and sex stuff happens I just lose interest and it becomes boring and kind of cringey

Agreed, I'm not the best at writing clop and back with my earlier stories, I somehow felt I had to include some, like it wouldn't be complete otherwise. I've since mostly ditched that.

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