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In the wake of a string of nightmares, Twilight is helped my a mysterious stallion, but who is this unicorn? And what does he want?

A short "horror" story, inspired by the Vocaloid song "Dream Eating Monochrome Baku", that I was harassed into posting up by my wife. I wrote this awhile ago while listening to the song, and she's been bugging me to put it up ever since. I wrote this back in season 3, so Twilight is still a Unicorn, and has no kingdom to her name.

Welp, here ya go!

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 2 )

I love this story for a few obvious reasons.
Nice work man.

4480446 Honestly, it's become a friendly bet at this point, lol. Every time I log in I laugh at my wife. "Ha! See! No one likes it!" So, you've given her a point. XD

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