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with the hordes of sad/dark/clop/gore fics out there, I've made it my goal to change things up a bit. Only comedy/adventure or generally light hearted fics from me.


Twilight is all ready to start at the College for Gifted Unicorns. Everything is exactly how she dreamed it until... she meets her room mate.

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Hi! I'm Derpyx2, and I love to pick out random stories from fairly new authors and critique them as you write them. I won't be mean, but I will try to give you constructive criticism! Your story caught my eye, and I'm a HUGE Trixie fan, so I can't wait! BTW,if you don't want me to critique it, then just PM me!

Looking interesting so far. I suspect that the direction of the story will depend heavily on their immediate reaction to each other, so I'll withhold further judgement until more is revealed.

bring on the trixie.

4479432 dud this is the 9th time ive caught you reading a trixie fic. do you just search trixie stories?

4479706 Please note my choice of avatar.

Then note who is the main character of the majority of my stories.

I have, how do you say, a preferred pony.

Which is not to say that I don't read stories about other characters too, but I generally find Trixie much more interesting.

Why is Trixie a bitch it makes no sense why Trixie is being mean to her.

Comment posted by TJW deleted Jun 3rd, 2014

I used control f to search for all the trixie parts and read them.

Really, 666, really?

Why is rarity so dumb she made it in to a world class magic school and why is Trixie so full of herself that she doesn't see reality? These aren't character these are caricatures of real ponies.:twilightangry2:

4766266 But Trixie is usually full of herself. The author probably write it that way for effect.

4771592 Yea, I have to agree. The idea itself was interesting, but it needs more refining.

4771977 no that's a stage persona she puts on the REAL Trixie is a rational pony if a bit of an egotist. There was no good reason for her to blow up Twilight's stuff. Or having her act the way she does. I mean why does she want to destroy Twilight? The author is turning my favorite character into a psychopath for no other reason then for the lols.

This feels Like one of those annoying shows where the hero can do no wrong and the villains are evil for evil's sake.

I'm loving Quackmire.
He's gold.

That ending felt Space Dandy or something like that where no matter how hard the bad guy trys the hero succeeds accidentally.

Which I like.

It's a classic.

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