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Fluttershy wants to have a picnic, but all of her friends are busy. However, Celestia sends a pony in her place that could learn from her.

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Comments ( 3 )

IDK, I thinks fleetfoot should have been more stubborn in her change:applejackunsure:
Make some ship, like thunderlane fluttershy, it'll get likes.
Just have thunderlane walking by, and fleetfoot noticing fluttershy staring at him. something like that.:twilightsmile:

Its good tho:scootangel:

It was a good story but maybe be a little more descriptive of what's happening for example what each of her friends were doing instead of saying they were busy. Still it was a nice short story.

4507074 I could think of stuff. Twilight busy with her library, AJ with the barn, Rarity with her fashion, Pinkie with her parties, and Rainbow Dash... Dunno. Still, this story was released 20 days after the S4 finale, but I don't know WHEN it takes place. I wish the author could tell us.

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