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This story is a sequel to Let's Giggle At The Ghosties...

Some see immortality as a gift, but I know better. Immortality in a land of mortals is but a cruel joke.

Inspired in part by Coming Back Down by Hollywood Undead and by Coming Home by Diddy, Dirty Money and Skylar Grey

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Well, this is quite an interesting piece you wrote.

I spent the nights crying myself to sleep. Who was I to live while the ponies I cared about, I cherished, were reduced to nothing but memories around me?

Oh yeah? Imagine how Spike feels, leaving his whole country behind--to say nothing of all the princesses he hasn't out-lived yet--all because of some absurd notion that he doesn't belong in the society he grew up in. I understand you ony used this idea to isolate Twilight, but that doesn't make it any less ridiculous.

Wow... Beautiful. This is one of those stories I love. It is extremely good, and surpasses multiple stories of the same theme. Good job! :twilightsmile:

I would argue about how this wasn't a story about Spike, about how this was about Twilight's emotions and such, but I don't think you really care either way and I am in desperate need of a NOS
But yes, I'm sure Spike has been pretty upset over the years.

Thanks ^-^

BigD #5 · May 28th, 2014 · · 1 ·

Stories like this do kind of fall into line with what Ayn Rand said about a belief in the afterlife.

All the same, I do enjoy them from time to time and understand the message behind them; it's often about a desire to be with those we care about, not a desire to scorn this life in hopes the next will be better.

Good job.

I wonder how Cadence feels. Shining is probably either dead or dying and now her sister-in-law left.:fluttershysad:

I didn't ask for these feels.


I do not care who you are or where those pages are from, I want the full comic.

This story needs improvement. It followed the same path as any other story in the clich├ęd "immortality is a curse" trope while missing the key points.

One of the big points of these are to show the inevitability of her friends death from time, something she is immune to. Instead we had half the cast die from deaths that felt unbelievably forced. Pinkie hanging from the rafters? You had to bring in a suicide from the happiest character on the show to try and get some emotion? Then rainbow dash and applejack, both of their deaths had very little to do with the idea of immortality and the curse it brings. Even fluttershy felt sudden and out of place.

The story trys too hard to get any kind of emotion from its reader's, and that is why I don't think this is a good story.

Wait, how did RD die? :rainbowhuh:

That was great. Honestly if twilight was immortal this is how I would imagine her giving it up. Asking for her power to be taken away when she felt her time was up, and then going to reunite with her friends who had been paciently waiting for her. I love it.


Freak lightning bolt.

Thanks, I accidentally read Rainbow as Rarity.
Wait a minute...
How did Rarity die!?!?!? :pinkiegasp:

Good story. Honestly, this was a very well written story. I enjoyed it, and with that I also leave a quote which says the same thing.

"Do you know why mortals aren't immortal? We're not immortal because we're not insane enough to be immortal. It takes a special kind of insanity to be able to deal with seeing everything you know, everyone you know, wither and die. Mortals can't deal with that. That's why when you hear a new immortal say they're cursed they mean it.

They're cursed. They've got to the very end of time to see everything change and disappear. Still, that's not enough to discourage some folks. Some folks still walk toward that promise of immortality like a moth to a flame. They don't think about what it will be like in a hundred years from now," - Greg Reynolds from The 'Greg the Zombie' Journals.

But really... I can't stop these feels :raritydespair::fluttercry::applecry:

Pinkie's death was a shock, as I'm sure you intended. I don't think she would ever do something like that to herself, or more importantly to her friends, but I can understand why some might think she would.
Perhaps I'm over analyzing, but I'm guessing it was perceived that her bubbly personality was hiding deep trauma. Actually I've seen that before, but thankfully the individual did not take that way out.
All that being said, kudos on a great read; keep up the good work!


To point out a problem with this criticism of "immortality", note that all the characters in this story are immortal, whether they spend their time in Equestria or the afterlife. In either place, Twilight has the responsibility of deciding how to live her life (making it worth living, as opposed to what she was doing in Equestria). And in either place, Twilight has to deal with some loved ones being absent. Is she going to mourn her "immortal" friends living in Equestria forever, now? If she didn't gain maturity or life experience over her decades on Equestria with her friends, will she now in the afterlife?

A question not often considered in conceptions of an afterlife is "And then what?" So Twilight has joined her friends in the afterlife. They hug, they catch up on events since they last saw each other, and then what? They have fun together, I suppose, but is that all they do, or will they just be getting together once a month like they used to? Will Twilight's activities be any different than if she had moved to Cloudsdale and made friends there? If she knows the kind of afterlife she wants to have, what prevented her from living her life like that?


Insanity? People die, getting over it is simply something you have to do in order to press on.

Not being able to get over it is an actual issue in itself.

I feel like Twilight should have talked to some one about this...and obviously did given the Princesses' involvement in the last scene. I feel like the story was missing a dialogue on this making it very one-note. "Immortality is hard because one's friends grow old and die and I am unable to reach maturity with them" Is not an unnuanced look at this but I feel like it lacked the focus it should have had and instead became just another "let's have Twilight list through how all her friends died in absurdly varied and tragic ways and then commit suicide" story. Even the inclusion of Celestia's perspective on Twilight succumbing so soon to something she has staved off for 1000 years while Luna was on the Moon would have made this feel whole and richer.

If I was recommending edits, I would probably say that the first half of the story should be framed in Twilight making her case to Celestia about why she wants to be brought down to normal, then you feel Celestia's personal stake in all of this as well and the ending scene becomes more powerful. If you're looking for interesting reading on this sort of theme, I recommend the fic The Lessons of Eternity by Fedora Mask, which is more of a shipping Fic, but I believe deals with a tired, immortal Twilight asking for relief ad death well.


That or she's the sister who's not deep enough to ponder the philosophical and existential ramifications of an eternal life.

4462480 Pinkie's was an accident. If you read the prequel, she was hanging streamers on a roof, she slipped, her neck caught on a streamer, and her neck snapped. A unfortunate accident, but that's all it was. An accident.

4466027 "Has considered the philosophical and existential ramifications of an eternal life" is not the same thing as "is a nihilist". Existential philosophy itself is largely about constructing meaning and value in life. Cynicism isn't wisdom or maturity.


Neither is it an opposing factor, making your post unnecessary as you corrected nothing.

4467512 I was correcting your implication that depth is opposed to enjoying life.



Can't correct something that isn't broken. You can disagree with the way I view things and that is all that you are capable of doing.

4468937 So to be clear, you think that depth is opposed to enjoying life? That's certainly a way you can view things. But... the concepts really aren't opposed, and it's not a matter of opinion. Rather, it's a matter of definition. I don't see how profundity and complexity of introspection would oppose taking pleasure in the world and one's place in it. Conceptually, they're unrelated and therefore independent. You can, of course, make up your own definitions for words, but you shouldn't expect others to understand what you say unless you explain what you mean first. So in the interest of clearing this up, what do you mean here? 4466027


You continue to assume that there's some black and white legalistic view to this. You speak as if there's only one way a person can view the issue. Until you realize you're wrong on that part, perhaps by attempting to find proof and then coming up empty-handed, you likely aren't going to understand what I was saying. Rather than attempting to have a discussion of philosophical interests, you are trying to correct something that does not need to be corrected - leaving me to believe you're more defending Luna from someone's sarcastic opinion of someone else's mild joke and opinion.

My question is, what is your purpose here? If you want an argument, this isn't how you go about getting one with me. You typically need to be more of an asshole for that to happen. But neither are we having an enjoyable academic discussion since your point stands on a juxtaposed opinion and assumes itself correct and unmovable, rather than setting your own nebulous opinion on the table where it can be persuaded or reinforce itself. So what is it that we are actually accomplishing here?

4465035 Can you honestly say that you can spend thousands of years making friends and watching them all leave you one by one, suffering the heartbreak each and every time and be able to keep your sanity? I can't stand it as it is. I lost a very good friend two years ago now. And as I write this thinking about her, the tears once again flow freely. If I had Immortality I wouldn't be able to stand the constant heartbreak. I just couldn't. I need a hug. :applecry::fluttercry::fluttershbad::raritydespair::raritycry:

5951938 This comment was made over 11 months ago.

And yes, I've had good friends die myself. I miss them, but am I traumatized by the fact that they are gone? No, they would not want me to constantly grieve for them and pine for them to return.

5952024 All I'm saying is there's a limit to how much grief the human heart can take. And as for how long ago the post was made, I just found this story today.

Immortality is a curse. It never was a gift. Watching everyone grow old around you, gradually losing there health and minds. Watching others you know get ever sicker and eventually die in a cold sterile bed in some hospital. OH yes, you would get to see history unfold before you, experiencing things as no one else could. But you would also be alive to see all the mistakes. The wars. The famines. The injustice. You would see the bad as well as the good. And there is a lot more bad than good. It would way upon your soul, upon your mind, tinting your thoughts ever darker. To survive immortality you would have to have a very strong mind or a very very cold outlook on life. I stress again, it is a curse, not a blessing. But then again, that is only my opinion.

Holy **** I just watched angel beats like a few hours ago and then I found this!

i hate you so much ... you made me cry...
please make another sequel to see how Celestia, Luna, and Cadence delt with Twilight's passing

You got me with the description! Immortality is a fate worse than death.

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