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disgustingly cute............. with superhuman powers.


And with beings on DBZ Kai teir level of fighting. I mean if imps get killed by a rolling fat person I doubt they would stand against twilight in season 4.

4459129 well that situation is done, with the pwoers returned and all, but even then even normal school mares cna break down houses.


Only a few have superhuman powers.

Disprove me.

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meghan mccarthy, one of the people in charge of the pony project, stating that earth ponies have enhanced strength, then it being backed up in the finale so it is more than word of god.

Hah! Have you met me? I'm a Faust fanboy all the way.

unicorns have magic spells of course, though likely it varies in strength but sitll far more than the minions have. also tiwlight was far from the only strong unicorn in existence, and the fact they have a magic academy shows unicorns are not restricted to cutie mark based magics, if Rarity has not already proved that in spades.

Most of the dangerous spells are restricted to Twilight, the Alicorns, the big bad, and Shining.

pegasi can control the very weather, fly at impressive speeds, can alter the strength of wind at will, and so on.

fly at impressive speeds,

RD barely hit Mach 1, she's slower than the civilian super-sonic jet.

just because we do not see them smashing buildings to the ground does not make that any less true.

Yeah, it does. If they haven't consistently smashed a building, outside of gag feats, then it doesn't count.

I leave you with this:


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also that flashback gave us a pretty good idea what can of harm they can do if they get into a serious fight.

What? Blasts the equivalent of 35mm cannons?

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also we are talking about a being reaching something that takes humans billions of dollars to first achieve without any form of aid.

One pegasi has done it. No other pegasi can do it.

being a lauren faust fan only weakens you argument.

I'm warning you now, do not fight me when it comes to Mrs. Faust.

Also, how?

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Comment posted by lordofmyth deleted May 28th, 2014


.............. no with the power of a directed energy weapon. even the most powerful cannons we have cannot exactly match up to the aiblity to create a steam of continuous destructive energy. we are talking about the ability to ctu through buildings, tanks, and who knows what else.


Did Paddle not explain this last time?

Have you even passed the fifth grade?

when you are dealing with directed energy, at least in theory, the size of the hole it makes is no example of its true power.

Yes, yes it is. Those weren't directed energy weapons. They were kinetic-shockwave weapons.

You have no idea what a DEW is, do you?

also i would like to mention that 35mmm cannon blast is coming out of a flesh and blood entity without the aid of machinery or enhancing equipment. and if they did create equipment able to maximize the output, then it would be even more deadly.

Care to tell me what happens to flesh and blood when it exerts itself?

als you are ignoring my other factors completely. that only can mean you cannot counter them.

*Gasp* Just like you do all the time.


it means you are unwilling to accept change and adapt your point of view.

This is coming from the guy who refuses to accept that in a war, Humanity would beat ponies hands down.

I'm merely rejecting their reality and substituting my own! Like you!

more than likely it is not if the rainboom was something already known before she was born, as it is hinted at. even then there are ponies who are faster than dash is when she is not pushing herself to that brink.

It was a legend before she did it.

Hey, did you know! The Bugatti Veyron is the fastest car in the world! But a Ford Escort could beat it if you held a 25 mph speed limit.

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You sir. You get a like because that game is awesome.


when nightmare moon cut the cieling of her castle in half.

Forgot about that bit.

i would also like to note these blasts she can do she does without exerting herself. considering she is able to fire streams and bolts of power with impunity.

Care to tell me how long an MLP fight has lasted?

and when a flesh and blood thing exerts itself, it injures itself but heals. a machine breaks down and needs parts replaced.

Healing takes time. Time you don't have. A small part, give it an hour. Big part, a few days. Both are considerably shorter than healing.

you never, ever, try to counter my points. you just give the example of a machine or weapon without even thinking about the factyor that these are flesh and blood creatues able to do those things without machines or weapons......... and more than likely they could be enhanced with machines and weapons as well.

A.) If I don't counter your points, it's because you've bastardized magic to the point it can't be beat.

B.) I always counter your points. You're mistaking me, for you.

your examples fall short every time because they have no bearing and do not disprove theri superhuman nature. just becase you can make a jet does not make the pegasus who can manipulate weather any less superhuman.

The way you use superhuman, you act like we can't counter it. We can. And we outmatch them on every level.

case and point, all ponies are superhuman, some more than others, cause of their supernatural abilities. and equestria is a more developed world than something like spongebob, meaning that more than likely events occur outside of the scope of just the mane six. which means that there are easily other beings within twilight's range of power, other pegasi capable of considerable speed, and other earth ponies with shattering strength.

No, there are a few super-human ponies, discounting the abilities to flight and telekinesis, that are above Human range. But the majority of feats performed in MLP are gag feats. Meaning they can't be used as an example.

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the problem is that you are ignoring information period even when it contradicts and idsproveds your views. both mccarthy and the show equally idsprove your beliefs about earth ponies for example.

You're not serious, are you?

You're using shit that doesn't happen, or shit that doesn't count, or your headcanon, and touting it like fact!

Oh! Luna can cut a castle in half? Good to fucking know! We can wipe an entire island off the face of this world in a matter of seconds!

also you clearly have already lost this fight because this is not even an argument about if ponies could or oculd not defeat modern armies. this was a argument about them having superhuman abilities; they do so i won that.

A few have super-human abilities. Discounting magic and flight, but the rest are fairly average.

You can't just randomly claim a win. That's stupid.


........ let me guess that was a pointless attempt to make me seem stupid? seriously your insults fail to work when the person that your are trying to insult sees through them.

You don't need my help to seem stupid.

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You know what? I've shown that there are a few super-human ponies, discounting magic and flight, but… you continue to be a broken record.

I'm going to bed. Should've been asleep hours ago to get some sleep before my last two finals.

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Acting like I didn't know how to do that, but rather chose to respond to them.

4459579 still not answering WHY you came after me and talking about modern weaponry and such on a story that is purely fantasy in setting without modern humans at all.

I have seen a story with the exact same title as yours and from what I can tell, a very similar premise.

Probably just a coincidence.

4459709 I wouldn't be surprised to be honest. Overlord's a fun game that fits the fantasy style of the MLP world fairly well. :twilightsmile:

This is actually pretty damn good, very enjoyable!

Good work my fine equine friend!

I shall be watching this.

4459761 Victory! :yay:

But seriously, thanks! Hopefully I can keep it going.

4459579 how about you delete all of your stupid comments and relieve this poor user of this stupidity. is what i am gonna do.

4461153 well it IS what I did for the sake of some courtesy.


I'm always up for healthy debate guys, but if it's gonna get heated could you do me a favor and move it elsewhere? Please and Thank You! :pinkiehappy:

Okay, so the main character's evil now? Or is he being a dick 'cause the guy tried to make him kill himself?:duck:

He's always been devious. He's just been rather confused up to this point with talking ponies and whatnot.:pinkiecrazy:
Now he's aware of what he was and what he is capable of thanks to his history lesson.:twilightoops:

Okay, so what I'm getting from this is that Dominus is evil, just not in the mindless bloody rampage way, right?:applejackunsure:

Suddenly, they heard a voice far off in the distance, behind a thick curtain of fog. “There are dead things- dead feces in the water!” it yelled in shock

I also have to wonder what dead poo has to do with anything.


Okay, so what I'm getting from this is that Dominus is evil, just not in the mindless bloody rampage way, right?

Correct! :yay:

I also have to wonder what dead poo has to do with anything.

Pretty sure that ain't from my story :rainbowhuh:

4471347 No, no it is't. I may or may not have mistaken yours for something completely unrelated.:twilightblush:

"The last Overlord didn’t care much for it. He only used spells like fireball for the most part."

You completely missed a chance to use the "He sounds like a one trick pony" line. You have brought great shame upon your family and must regain your honor through ritual seppeku.

4475100 Oh god, I did. How could I miss that? :pinkiegasp:

Great shame! :raritycry:

Oh shit, Pinkie knows whats up! :pinkiegasp:

4484480 wrong pinkie :pinkiecrazy:bitch I'm going to kill you first

I honestly didn't expect an update for a couple more days. You surprised me. Does this mean we can expect more daily updates or is this just because an idea happened to come to your head?

4486200 Honestly I just got an idea all of a sudden and started writing. Before I knew it the chapter was done. :twilightblush:

So no, don't expect daily updates. They certainly will keep coming though as I am still very much interested in writing this story. :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by Death2205 deleted Jun 5th, 2014

I figured the atrifacts would be linked to the elements:facehoof:

Monday and Thursday updates baring lifes problems? works for me!:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

i can't wait to read more :yay:

I like Don's style, totally would sign up to be part of his army.

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