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Rumble left Ponyville when he was old enough to. First place he went: Cloudsdale, the place any right minded pegasus would go. Rumble was tired of the ground, and was ready for things to start looking up, so to speak. The past is in the past, and he only wants the future.

However, after a few months of living there, he finds something behind his apartment building that makes him think he didn't put quite enough distance between himself and Ponyville.

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This story was just like the last time I met up with my old and only girlfriend, except in this story Rumble didn't get drugged with 600mgs of seroquel.

Goooooood times.

This is my ship.

Keep the coals on my ship's fire and let the engines fizzle again or something jesus fuck I don't know

4453882 I was walking down the street when out the corner of my eye
I saw a pretty little thing approaching me
she said "you so all alone, I bet you could use a little company
for the right price, your evening can be nice
and then I'll go and be on my waaaaaaay"
I said "you're such a sweet young thing why you do this to yourself?"
she looked at me, and this is what—
wait, wrong story

well, I WAS walking down the street to a convenience store
met up with some friends
saw my old girlfriend
she rolled a spliff
I don't inject weed, so I declined
she offered me some pills, and I took them
in my defense, I thought they were a narcotic, not a tranquilizer
16 year olds are not known for their rational decisions

Aw, I really liked the story, but then I saw the complete tag under it... This story has so much awesome potential.

Aw, drat. I was enjoying it, too! It really does feel like the start of an awesome long fic.

4454307 do you all want me to continue this?
be warned: It takes me months to update shit on account of how big of a lazy shit I am

I'm not sure who to feel for: Rumble, or Scoots. There's only one thing I didn't like here, and that was the length. Man, this is just begging to be continued. The potential is through the roof. Just look at me! Look at how captivated I am! I barely know these characters in this context and I want more already. That's probably why I'm having such a hard time gathering my thoughts on this. It just leaves me wanting more. You've hooked me hard.

Well done.

4454330 I was on your page earlier
not relevant just telling you

4454333 You're in luck

4454307 and so are you two. I'm gonna continue it.

4454323 I WOULD like you to continue this. I faved it so I could pick it up if you ever do. I can't always follow up with new chapters quickly myself: it's probably going to have been a month between chapters of my long-runner. I figure I'll read your next chapter whenever it comes. I can wait.

Yes! I'm so happy that you are continuing this, I look forward to it. Also wait times aren't an issue for me. I'm pretty patient when it comes to waiting for story updates,

4454340 STALKER!!!! (Just kidding) But why exactly? Or was my first guess right?

4454342 Alright, fair enough

4454353 good to know, hope you'll like where I'm beginning on planning to take this story

4454414 you favorited a story of mine, I can't remember all my watchers, you posted a story, I went to your page
also I know where you live and what color panties you're wearing

4454466 nah, that'll be reserved when I find out your bra size and when you'll go on your period
turn around and face the window, please too far?

I always like it when authors focus on mostly-unused characters, so I look forward to seeing where you take this.

4453989 there aint no rest for the wicked, money dont grow on treeeessss
we got bills to pay we got mouths to feed
there aint nothing in this world for freeeee
oh we can't slow down, we cant hold back though we know we wish we could
oh there aint no rest for the wicked, until we close our eyes for good

Death Cab For Cutie reference? Well, you certainly got my attention.

4455810 "In today's edition, Regidar makes yet another reference to my iPod favorites list."

Seriously though, good to know you young'uns still have some decent taste in music, and it's not all gangnam style twerking in the thrift shop, telling us how to get lucky in one direction by doing the harlem shake.

(For the record: Xepher has no real idea what' he's talking about and just googled "billboard top 100" so he could grumble about today's youth.)

4459694 my top ten has a lot of band that made the top forty
Nirvana, Radiohead, Modest Mouse, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Panic! At The Disco, Pink Floyd

I think that's actually my top 7 right there

Like, wow. Man, like, you've done some great stuff before, sure, but this is possibly the first time I've read a romance that wasn't just really well crafted which it totally is, aside from "left Pinkie Pie" and the whole "single head") but also quite relatable. And it's Rumble and Scootaloo which I hardly find any real interest in which has now landed on my all time favorite new romance fics.

This chapter. Too solid. Too good. And I really, really, really-really! hope you see this through all the way. I just straight up love this story. I hope to see another chapter soon. This story really has me wanting more. Please write more! :pinkiesad2: :fluttercry:

A nice, solid chapter, loaded with plenty of emotion and potential to be explored.
The only gripe is a few typos here and there, but that's nothing a little editing can't fix.

I like it; and I'm looking forward to the continuation. Take your time, don't rush it.

My only hope is that the result is not this:

but this:

4464534 You fool, the one you don't want is the best postal service song
I think you can infer from that where this will go

:raritydespair: You're planning on sinking this ship? I'll have my favourite break-up songs on stand-by for when it happens.

just found your profile and im diggin how you make stories around songs, and songs that i like alot to!!! dcfc was my fav a few years ago and this story is awesome as well. keep it up. :pinkiehappy:

Damn. I'm glad you decided to continue this, because there's just so much to explore here.

Love it. :moustache:

Seriously loved this, I hope to see more in the future :D

I loved this, and I usually hate ScootXRumble shipping. The end was the best, specifically because I was laughing my ass off at the ad for mattresses I got.

Hey Regi. This. You should continue this. This is some good shit.

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