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My grandfather was a pharmaceutical genius. However, he harbored a dark and terrible secret, one that not even my family can know. After he died, I had to find out what it was.
Little did I know that it would take me to Equestria, a place I had only dreamed of visiting.
It's a shame it wasn't under more peaceful circumstances.
I just wanted to make grandpa proud, and uncover the truth for the world to see.

The true, untold story of Mystquestria....begins here.

Rated M for Murder, Madness, and Mayhem

A parody? It could be.

Wow, this got added to the Mystquestria group? Thanks for all your support, everyone!

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 31 )

This is gonna be something epic :moustache:
Well done sir, well done.

Chapter title:

Hey, don’t look at me like that, I remembered to donate some of it too.


It was covered with a strange white powdery substance that smelled a bit strange.


Every spin-off of this story. Is filled with greatness:moustache:

I am almost sad that the parody is so much more exciting and interesting than the original...

I think the gun Lyra is holding is the same one that almost killed Flash in Ciditels first story.

What surprises me more is that said gun isn't the machine pistol.

Wow, this is even better than the original, even when you take out the homophobia.

You can actually write. :pinkiehappy: Brilliant!

This opening chapter got me to start working on a game. Problem is, the only platform I can use well is RPG Maker and I'm using VX Ace.

I'm currently working on the apartment scene and made some progress on it.. I'll get a video up when Camtasia stops acting up on me.

Edit: Here's the first preview.

Well, consider me well and truly blown away; that is one of the most epic things I've seen all week!

4477050 I love you.

Wait... theoretically, could you make an 8-Bit Theater version of Final Fantasy with that software? And has that been done yet?

I suppose someone could hack the FF ROM so that you start with Black Mage and Fighter and get Red Mage and Thief to join later, then change the dialog to match the 8-Bit Theater humor as well as the sprites to match the promotion sprites from the comic.

Unfortunately, I can't hack ROMs and it doesn't look like it's been done yet. I'd play the shit out of it if there was.

it turned out that ponies had been spying on me the whole time while I was sleeping?


More fuel for the game. :pinkiecrazy:

Why is this so much better than the original?


Seriously though, people like you make my day. I'm just glad I could entertain you.:pinkiehappy:

> “There were Time Turner and Derpy, messing about with some kind of phone booth!”

¿Is it blue?


My ceiling Derpy goes like this:

Ceiling Derpy is watching you clop.

4471827 The truth of that statement know no bounds :ajsmug:

Am I to take it he's just had a mental breakdown at the prospect of getting murdered by drug dealers that he's escaped into a fanciful world of ponies, when in reality, the drug dealers have just broken down his door and found him rocking back and forth in his bedroom grinning like a maniac and humming the MLP theme song?

Comment posted by DoIphy BIue Drake deleted Aug 1st, 2014

das ist interesting. more if you will.

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