• Published 30th May 2014
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The Elder Brother - Yoni

You're a human baby found and adopted by the two most powerful ponies in Equestria. You, together with your little sisters, are going to be the future rulers of Equestria someday. Unless fate decides otherwise

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Going out (Redone)

You wake up to the feeling of something soft pressed against your chest. You groggily open your eyes, only for your vision to be completely obscured by an unkempt pink mane. You shift a bit, letting your head rise above the pink jungle to see Tia. Safely tucked between your arms with the phoenix plushie pressed firmly against her barrel, a content smile adorns her little face, with just the right amount of baby fat so she looks downright adorable.

You feel the sides of your lips curve upwards as you lay back gently into your amazingly soft pillow, closing your eyes.

Not a few minutes later, you hear the door to your room being violently open as Feather Curls, your personal unicorn maid, barge inside, looking terrified. She catches a glimpse of the two forms lying in bed and immediately exhales.

"Oh thank goodness the two of you are here." She approaches the bed and gently caressing your cheek "I thought something terrible had happened when I found princess Celestia's bed empty."

She lets out another sigh of relief and starts cleaning your room like she always does "You better get up, though. Breakfast is nearly upon us and I can only guess how hungry the two of you must be."

It is true, you are starving. Last day's prank on your parents resolved in both you and Tia being grounded without dinner.

You reluctantly get off the bed and slowly nudge Tia too.

"Come on Tia, get up."

"Five more minutes…" she turns away to the other side and lifts the covers over her head.

"But there won't be any food left in five minutes," Feather Curls chimes in. The moment these words leaves her mouth, Tia's ears perk up from under the covers. She shifts for a bit and then gets up herself, standing next to you.

"Come on you two, time for a bath." Feather Curls leads the two of you into the bathroom. She starts filling the tub with hot water until it is almost full to the brim and adds different mixes of scented oils and weird liquid stuff that makes lots of bubbles, and then instructs you two inside.

You shed your clothes into the laundry basket and step inside the hot, bubbly water, letting yourself lean against the smooth marble edge of the bath as you felt all the sweat and grime wash away from you.

Another splash of water sends a wave of bubbles in your direction as Tia enters the bath herself. The two of you have a few splashing fights before Feather Curls starts cleaning your bodies with a levitated sponge.

A few minutes into the scrubbing you begin to collect a large amount of bubbles and sticking them over your face.

"Look Tia, I'm dad!" you show your magnificent bubble beard to your little sister, who starts to laugh uncontrollably.

After a few more minutes of scrubbing and washing, the two of you step out of the bath, smelling like a rose. No, really…

Tia and Feather Curls wait for you outside while you put on a clean chlamys and step out of your room. The walk to the dining hall was rather silent, something very un-Tia like.

"Hey Tia, feeling okay?"

Tia wasn't responding, she had a distant look on her face.

"Your highness…" Feather Curls nudges Tia on the shoulder, snapping her out of her daydreaming "Is everything okay?"

"Who, me? Y-Yeah sure…" she responds, snapping her gaze forward once more.

"Are you sure, sis? Maybe you're coming down with something." You place your hand atop Tia's forehead and feel for any peculiar sense of heat, finding nothing, you return your hand to your side as a look of concern flashed across your face.

Sensing your concern, Tia turns to you and smiles "I'm fine big brother, I really am."

You're not convinced, not one second. But forcing Tia to talk about it is not going to help either of you so you drop the matter in hopes that Tia will open up about what's bothering her.

Finally, you arrive to the dining hall, mouths watering and stomachs gurgling at the sight in front of you. Fruits, cereals, eggs, bread and a grand variety of beverages are arranged on the dining table. Your parents are already there, motioning you to sit beside them. Once seated, the four of you start filling your plates with all the different assortments on the table.

"I hope you slept well last night," mommy says, sounding a tad excited than usual.
You took your time to swallow your bland piece of dry meat before answering, table manners after all.


"Because-" Mommy lifts a mouthful of salad and carefully chews on it, completely ignoring your annoyed face for stopping "-We're going out today."

"Really!" Both you and Tia exclaim. The two of you never left the castle grounds once. You were told countless times that it is not safe for foals to venture into the city alone, doubly so for foals of royalty. So when mommy said what she just said, well, let's just say that your plates have never been cleaner in such a short time.

Feeling full, you and your sister bounce around mommy, urging her to finish her food faster. She only decides to eat even slower, making you squirm in excitement.

Once finished, mommy tells you to make yourselves look presentable and meet her in the throne room. You and Tia go each to your respectable rooms and prepare for the trip. You decide to wear your best chlamys, a purple one with a golden rim. Purple is, after all, the color of royalty. You step out of your room just as Tia steps out from hers. Her mane and tail are brushed and had a few red ribbons on it; she even wears her special golden horseshoes.

The two of you rush to the throne room; mommy is already there, with saddlebags at her sides and a few carefully chosen guards surrounding her. She smiles at the sight of your excited faces and moves to give each of you a hug and a peck on the forehead before trotting outside.

Canterlot. Is. Amazing! It was like a dream inside a dream, so many ponies, and so many shops. Not once you found yourself gazing through all the different windows of various toy stores, admiring the craftsmanship of countless wooden toys. Of course there was the occasional trip to some seamstresses, it wasn't as exciting like the toy stores but you aren't complaining, this trip is probably a one-time thing for the foreseeable future, so you want to make the best of it.

A lot of ponies stop what they are doing when mommy, Tia and you pass by. Most of them lower their heads in deep bows, some actually wave at your direction while others scoff when they make eye contact with you. It is confusing, to say the least, but you are not going to let it ruin your fun.

After a bit of a walk, the three of you decide to grab something to eat. Mommy leads you into a modest looking tavern next to the gryphon district. It is run by ponies but supposedly has a meat menu. You sit on a table overlooking the street while the guards patrol the premises. Tia orders roasted vegetables while you order a skewered fish and a side of mashed potatoes out from the gryphon menu. Mommy simply orders a salad. Once the very ecstatic looking waiter hands you the food, you dig in.

As expected, the fish is not that great, like most meats you have eaten throughout your life. You do not understand why your parents make you eat meat, other ponies do not eat meat. They claim you need it as part of your diet, but honestly, it is not that great.

"Mommy, I need to pee," whines Tia.

"Alright Celly, I'll show you where the fillies' room is." She then turns to you "You just stay here, alright, sweetie?"

You nod and take a sip from your tankard of apple juice. Tia and mommy leave you alone as you continue to watch the busy streets of Canterlot.

You start to squirm in your place as a small tingly sensation makes itself known between your legs; you need to pee as well.

You rise from your seat and search for the colts' room. You see a door and step through it, only to find yourself in a smelly alleyway, instead. You are about to turn around to step back inside when something catches your eyes.

It was faint, and it disappeared as soon as you looked at it directly. And, against your better judgment, you follow it.

You walk for a while now, no apparent sign to where the mysterious anomaly went, you sigh in disappointment and turn around to head back when you realize something.

You have no idea where you are.

"Mommy? Where are you?"

Author's Note:

You forced me to do it. I hope you're happy now *Slowly cries while eating a full tub of ice cream*