• Published 30th May 2014
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The Elder Brother - Yoni

You're a human baby found and adopted by the two most powerful ponies in Equestria. You, together with your little sisters, are going to be the future rulers of Equestria someday. Unless fate decides otherwise

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A little sister named Celestia (Redone)

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no…"

That is the only thing you kept shouting as you discovered you are gonna have a little sister. You keep running down the hallways, expressing your opinion on the matter by repeatedly crying 'no' over and over again. Your daddy comes running after you, trying to calm you down.

"Son, please! Slow down and let me explain."

"No!" you respond.

You keep running as fast as your tiny legs can carry you. Unfortunately, you are not fast enough and your dad catches you with his magic. You pout and squirm in his magical grasp to no avail.

"Son, you must calm down."

"No!" you cross your arms over your chest and turn your head.

“Son, I implore of you, do not act in this manner. Your mother was very upset…" daddy says, causing you to stop your futile attempts at escaping and turning your head to face him.

"Mommy is sad?" you ask, no longer sounding angered.

Daddy nods "Yes, she is very excited about the foal and she thought you might too."

You now feel something in you, something that you have never felt before. You do not like it one bit. It’s as if something is slowly draining you.

It is guilt. And it gnaws inside you, tearing your little heart.

"I want to see mommy," you finally say. Daddy smiles and slowly levitates you to his back.

The walk to the infirmary is silent. You feel bad, bad for making mommy upset, bad that you, her son, caused her grief.

The moment you pass the infirmary doors, you immediately rush to mommy's bed and crawl onto her barrel.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," you cry over and over again. Squeezing mommy's neck as hard as your tiny arms allow, letting her know how truly sorry you are.

You feel two forelegs squeezing you closer to mommy. Taking a glance upwards, you see mommy smiling at you, her cheeks are moist, which makes you feel even worse as you bury yourself into her soft neck, trying to express just how badly you regret what you did.

"Now, now sweetie. No need for crying, I was just a little emotional is all."

Mommy then begins to sing your favorite lullaby, making you sleepier and sleepier. You do not remember when you fell asleep. All you remember was mommy’s gentle voice, her soft fur, and the tiny little peck on top of your tiny little head.

The eleven months of pregnancy were hard not only for mommy, but also for daddy and you as well. Mommy would sometimes get mood swings seemingly at random, lashing out on any poor soul unfortunate enough to be around her. Sadly, you were on the receiving end of those a couple of times. Of course mommy would then cry and beg for your forgiveness, which, of course, you did. Seeing mommy cry was weird, and not a good weird.

Thankfully, daddy was there to help you through it, trying to calm you down when mommy had one of her mood swings and being a metaphorical shoulder to cry on. Yes, these eleven months were hard and laborious, but you endured…

Today is the big day. Mommy started screaming all of a sudden during lunch time and got rushed to the infirmary. The baby was finally coming!

You and your dad wait outside the room. Daddy is pacing back and forth, obviously nervous, while you simply sit on the floor, trying to occupy yourself with some building blocks. All actions cease when a single nurse pokes her head from within the room. She gives both of you a gentle smile and ushers you to come in.

Inside lays mommy, looking completely exhausted and drenched in sweat. Tucked safely between her forelegs, nestled inside a cocoon of blankets, rests a white filly with a pink mane. She looks so peaceful as she curls closer to mommy.

Daddy levitates you so you are on the bed as well, allowing you a better look at the baby. You curl next to mommy, concerned for her well-being and curious about this new addition to the family.

The filly opens her eyes; two pools of pale magenta stares into your own eyes. The filly cocks her head to the side as she ever so slowly reaches towards you with her tiny hoof. You do not know what to think or what to do. You look back at mommy, staring at her hopelessly.

"Go on sweetie, she won't bite," she whispers.

You nod and look back at the filly besides you, her hoof still stretched. You quietly gulp as you reach with your own hand and gently closing it around your new sister. You swear you can see your little sister smile as she lets out a small coo, similar to the sounds you were making when you were a baby.

"What's her name?" you ask, looking at your parents as they both look at you with loving smiles.

"Her name is Celestia," mommy replies, nuzzling the both of you.

You look back at your little sister, Celestia. She is already asleep. A quick glance towards your mother, you realize just how taxing is to deliver a child, for she was fast asleep as well. And then you realize something more.
You are kinda sleepy as well.

"Well, I'll come visit you tomorrow," daddy says, he then turns to face you "Keep an eye on them, kay?"

"O- yawn -kay…" you manage to say before succumbing to sleep as well.

On that very moment, you vowed to become the best big brother and son you could. You vowed to always help your parents with raising Celestia, and always watch over her and protect her as a big brother.

The following years you dedicated all your free time to help your parents raise Celestia. You didn't mind, though. She always enjoys your company, and you hers. You always watched over her when your parents could not, of course, other adult ponies were also present, but it did not matter.

You remember a certain day. Celestia was crying her eyes out and none of the maids managed to calm her down. Your parents had their duties to perform so they weren't available. It all came to you. You stayed with Celestia all evening, lying next to her on your bed and slowly brushing your hand through her mane in the way she always liked. By the time your parents came rushing into your room, both you and Celestia were fast asleep, with her curled into your chest and your hand still brushing her mane in your slumber.

You are now a little over eight years old, with Celestia being five years old. The two of you became inseparable; you spent almost every day together. Be it playing, fighting or sleeping, you did everything together.

"Come on Tia, it'll be fun." You hold a small wooden box in your arms as you approach the throne room with your little sister in tow.

"I don't know big brother, it feels kinda… wrong."

"But the good kinda wrong…" you reason, opening the doors to the throne room in the process. The room itself is completely empty; the day court will only start in a few minutes. You quickly make your way towards the thrones, stopping in front of them and opening the box.

You smile deviously as you take two whoopee cushions and toss one to Celestia. You proceed to hide one under the pillow on the throne while Celestia is doing the same to the other one. You both chuckle madly as you hide behind the thrones and wait for the sounds of trumpets, signaling the start of the day court.

You immediately close your mouths as the unmistakable sounds of trumpets reach your ears. You can already hear your parents talking to a few subjects who came beforehoof to discuss their problems.

Soon enough, the sounds of two whoopee cushions being squeezed are resonating throughout the entire area. Unable to contain yourselves, both you and Celestia started to laugh uncontrollably.

Of course that little prank earned you a one way ticket straight to your rooms without dinner, which arguably, isn’t that bad, considering the more… devious pranks the two of you have been pulling.

All-in-all, you were content. Even now, as you are grounded to your room, you cannot help but feel giddy and happy as the day went by.

You check your clock, finding it to be eight in the evening, you start preparing for sleep.

You took a nice long bath, with the help of a maid of course, put on your favorite pajamas, and jumped into the bed, bouncing a few times as a result. But just as you are about to pull the covers above your sleepy little head, a knock came from the door.

Grumbling loudly, you unwillingly stand from bed and make your way towards the doors to your room. Upon opening the doors, you see Celestia looking back at you, panic evident in her eyes.

"What is it Tia?" you ask your sister, only for her to tackle you into a crushing hug.

"M-My night light is broken and I'm afraid of the dark. Can I sleep with you?" She emphasized her statement with a few terrified sobs and whimpers.

You quickly kneel down, brushing your fingers against Tia's mane and gently picking her up. You move back into your bed and place Tia next to you.

"Here, take this." You give her one of your plushies. It is a small phoenix plushie, and it is one of your favorites.
Tia takes the plushie from your hands and holds it close to her barrel while simultaneously nudging a bit closer to you. You stay like this for a couple of minutes, idly talking about past events and plans for future pranks.

The moon was high in the sky when Tia finally fell asleep. You glance one last time towards you little sister before succumbing to sleep as well, thinking how lucky you are...

Author's Note:

Another chapter? So soon?

Why yes... I hoped you enjoyed the third chapter of 'The elder brother' and I hope there were enough D'AWWWWWWW moments...