• Published 30th May 2014
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The Elder Brother - Yoni

You're a human baby found and adopted by the two most powerful ponies in Equestria. You, together with your little sisters, are going to be the future rulers of Equestria someday. Unless fate decides otherwise

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Prologue (Redone)

It was night time in Equestria. One of the best nights in a long time, actually. The air was cool and crisp, not too cold, nor too damp, but just right. The darkness wrapped everything in a blanket of calm and serenity, a sense of tranquility that a mother would show to her foals by hugging them tightly. The stars shone brighter than ever, only bested by the bright white moon that hung in the sky, ever vigil in its duty to watch over the world.

It was in that cool air, in that soft embrace, in that soothing dim light, that an alicorn strode between the different varieties of foliage that dotted the gardens of Canterlot. Every step of her hooves was carefully executed, every sway of her body radiated calmness but also supremacy, every breath was even. Yes, she was truly and utterly the very definition of 'Divine'.

At first glance, one would think she was attending some sort of event that her composure was so beautifully planned, but she was actually quite content and relaxed.

She strode through the rose garden near the lake, basking in the moonlight and enjoying the stillness of nature. Her day, as usual, was quite tiring, and what better way to unwind than a stroll across the royal gardens during her favorite time of day.

She was known throughout the land as Queen Gaia, mistress of the night and guardian of dreams. Together with her husband, Solaris, they ruled all over Equestria and uplifted the pony civilization into a near utopia, though the two will never claim to do anything but keep the harmony.

Speaking about harmony, something was disrupting it that very moment. It sounded like… crying? Gaia quickly snapped out of her near euphoric bliss and followed the source of the crying with all the gracefulness and poise a queen could carry whilst following the frantic and unmistakable noise of a pained cry.

Her search led Gaia to one of the lakes deep inside the castle garden. There, near the water bank, inside a cocoon of blankets, lie the most bizarre creature Gaia had ever met. And it wasn't just any creature, it was you. Yes, you.

Gaia ever so slowly neared you in order to get a better view. She cringed backwards when your crying intensified in volume.

At that very moment, something fluttered inside Gaia's chest. It made her heart go soft, her lips to bend upwards, and maternal instincts she never knew she had to awaken. A soft glow enveloped your tiny form and you felt something warm and soft press against your body as a single forehoof supported your backside and head. You stopped crying almost instantly, your requests for love and affection had been answered, and you returned the favor with the only thing you knew; a small, high pitched hum…

You shifted closer towards the source of your contentment and closed your eyes, ready to sleep. Gaia, for her part, was almost on the verge of tears. She was so moved by your affection that she almost dropped you from overstimulation. Those tears however were also tears of grief, for how can somepony just leave a defenseless creature such as you out in the open, exposed to the elements? Even with a few moments of interaction, Gaia knew there was intelligence to you, she saw it in your eyes, and she knew she could not leave you alone.

At that moment, Gaia knew exactly what to do. So, without missing a beat, the queen trotted back to the castle with you safely secured inside her magical grasp. She paid little attention to the questioning glances from the maids and servants; her mind was focused on one thing and one thing only.

She reached a fancy-looking set of doors; the smooth mahogany surface reflected the flicker of torches ever so slightly. Gaia took a deep breath, hid you behind her back, and stepped inside.It was a study of sorts, with a few bookshelves dotting the walls and a lone wooden desk in the middle.

On the opposite side of said desk, sat the second ruler of Equestria, King Solaris. He looked up from his paperwork and smiled fondly at the sight of his beloved wife "Ahh, Gaia, aren't you usually at the gardens by this time? I take it that something happened…" Solaris's voice was gentle and kind, but it also carried discipline and authority, it was one of the many traits that caused Gaia to fall in love with Solaris.

"You are very observant, love. And yes, you could say that something… happened…" Gaia's smile faltered for but a second, but it was the only sign Solaris needed.

He frowned and said, "Is something wrong Gaia, are you being threatened? Who is it, I shall make sure-"

"Relax, Solaris. It is not a problem of that nature. In fact, I don't think it a problem at all." Gaia interjected. She loved her husband dearly, but he could be overprotective at times. With a flick of her horn, the small piles of blankets that enveloped you levitated from behind Gaia and into Solaris’s view.

"Gaia," he said in shock "What is that?!"

Solaris had a perfect view of your sleeping form and for the first time in his life, words failed him. Gaia let out a small chuckle and moved to sit beside him. She levitated you into her embrace and started to cradle you.

"Isn't he something else," Gaia cooed, looking at you with a faint smile.

"He? How do you know it is a 'he'? And more importantly, what are we going to do with him?" Solaris shifted in his seat to get a better look at you, he could not hide the smile on his face, but he quickly shot a concerned glance towards Gaia.

Gaia, however, knew exactly what to do; "We adopt him, of course. I found him inside the castle's garden; therefore, he is under our supervision, for better or worse."

Solaris eyes almost popped out of their sockets "You cannot be serious, are you? I mean, do not get me wrong, he does look rather charming, but we know nothing of his species. For all we know, he could grow into a beast."

Gaia frowned and levitated you so you were now right in front of Solaris's muzzle, making him take a step back "Is that a face of a beast to you?"

"N-No, but-"

"He is alone, Solaris, why can't you see what I see. He is just a baby, he won't make it alone out there. He needs a family."

Solaris closed his eyes and took a deep breath, "Is he the one who needs a family, or you?"

Gaia cringed as if she just got a punch in the face "I-I…"

"I know you want foals of your own, Gaia. It WILL happen someday, I promise you, but do you really want to protect that baby, or do you simply want a baby?"

Solaris's words were harsh. Harsh, but true. They had been trying for a baby for a long time, but each time ended with the same result. Solaris suggested that they both should undergo a fertility test, but Gaia was terrified of the truth and preferred to just keep trying. But this baby, this little, delicate, fragile angel needed a family, and she wanted- no, needed a baby. It was a win-win situation.

"I do want a baby, Solaris, I will not deny that. But is it that bad for me to help this poor soul to find a life of peace? All I am asking for you is a chance."

Solaris sighed, he was treading on a very sensitive subject. He was snapped out of his thoughts when he felt something being pressed against his neck. You began to hum contently as you were gently pressed against Solaris's neck while he was still thinking. It was warm and nice, and once again, you returned the feelings of affection with the only way you knew how.

Solaris felt every valid argument he was about to express melt away with your hums. He took you with his own magic and levitated you so you were now at eye level with him. He smiled fondly at you and turned his attention to his dear wife, who smiled warmly as she nuzzled his side as well "W-Well, he is cute. And no harm will come if we raise him, right?"

At these words, Gaia squealed in delight and pressed her lips against Solaris, careful not to crush you in the process.

When the two broke the kiss they looked down at you with the warmest of smiles.

"It is going to be difficult to explain…" Solaris mentioned.

"It is…"

"It will cause trouble, no doubt…"

"It will…"

"Wow… I am going to be a father…"

"You are…"

Gaia nuzzled Solaris once again "What should we call him?" she asked.

"… I think I know…"

Author's Note:

Not a lot to say here, just another concept I thought about after reading 'The monster of Canterlot' and 'The love of the sun'. And like I said before, this Fic is based REALLY lossley on them, so if you read these stories, don't get any ideas as to how this one might develop...

That being said, I'd very like for you to voice your opinions, it's my first 2nd person story and I'd like to know if I'm doing okay.

Also, huge thanks to NaughtSought and AdmiralPopeye for taking their time to edit this chapter.