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Pearl, a pony with a head full of stories from her child hood hero travels to Ponyville to fulfill her dream of meeting Twilight Sparkle. But nothing would have prepared her for what would transpire.

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Very interesting...

The direction this story is going piques my interest

This story seems to be going in a fun direction. I really hope that whatever happened in Ponyville to make them move is something gruesome or something that started for a pathetically stupid reason.

I am liking the story so far, please keep posting! Also, FIRST...

faved, and tracking :pinkiehappy:
it is defiantly a new concept so i'm looking forward to the future

twilight if you want any hope of redemption, save this filly!:flutterrage:

Glad you liked it so far. I try to put up chapters by at least Friday. Sometimes eirler depending on my work schedule. Thank you all for the comments.

"I don't think I could ever show my face to Fluttersht

might wanna fix that quickly



hmmm i wonder would that be an element of harmony as the item is said to be?:trixieshiftright: this is getting verry interesting. cant wait for more.:twilightsmile:

o damn lunas gonna go berzerk if she doesnt turn nightmaremoon:trixieshiftright::twilightsmile: anyway great to see an update.

galatious you will die a horrible and painfull death and twilight will be the one to give it to you.:twilightsmile: so untill then
try your worst.

well if it makes you feel better he had to cheat to win.

I cant wait for the next chapter when is it?

I try to put out a chapter every friday either morning or night depending on my work.

I have no idea what just happened.

yay new chapter cant wait for the next one

This is a really great story, can't wait for next chapter. :twilightsmile:

Well after a short break to get my brain working again CH 9. I'm hoping to be back on scedule for the next few chapters.

good chapter cant wait for the next one :twilightsmile:

I don't know what happened, but apparently Dash is a filly molester.

No scootaloo should be like 20ish at this point. It is 15 years later.


Still though, Dash is like 40 then. It's still kind of strange.

Went for a diff prespective on this one, figured it was getting tiring seing everything rom Pearls P.O.V. prespective w/e.

agreed i feel sorry for rainbowdash. anyway i see now that fluttershy and aj are next then finally pinki pie also twi i know will be the finally. i hope unleass she dies first i thought tho that galation would kill the elements oh well its good anyway.

new chapter yay cant wait for the next one:twilightsmile:

I have ONE problem with this story. ONE very, very big loophole.

It took the magic of a damn god to break the elements of harmony. A GOD had to break those elements; Those elements are the strongest power in the known universe, as well as a glue that keeps the Mane Six together! They wouldn't stop working just because of one simple mistake- one much less powerful then A GOD,

Its a good theory and your right. but the Elements of Harmony are his to begin with hes only taking them back. They never stopped working Rainbow still stayed true to Loyalty:rainbowdetermined2:, but Pinkie and Rarity were being torn apart by theirs:pinkiesad2::raritycry:. its aproaching the last few chapters and in the end it'll all make since. I hope:twilightoops:

A little early but I didn't want to have to deal with it tonight

question is the divinity drain spell going to be used in this story?:trixieshiftright: if not then thats ok. also i wonder what twi has to do thats so terrible?

Divinty drain sounds cool but sadly no. Well she had to let Spike die so that was pretty bad in my book so what could be worse.

788414 killing him herself. anyway i do hope she doesn't have to give up the element of magic.

harsh much well now flutters is dead.:facehoof: hopefully twi can fix things or maybe even hold deeply onto her element after trying desperately to regain some of her friendships.

good chapter cant wait for the next one :twilightsmile:

sry for the delay its almost at its final chapter.

cant wait for the next chapter loved this one :twilightsmile:

man i really hate gallatais he really needs to die also i wonder if twi is going to save fluttershy?

Well techinacly Gallatais is a ghost so is already dead.
And poor Fluttershy It didn't feel right leaving her just dying. Then giving her a paragraph to sum it up, so she got the LONGEST chapter in the story so far.
and the last few chapters is shit just hitting the fan, one pony at a time. Go team Hermit Twilight.

Oh my God ... best chapter end ever !!! Good story to, very good. sad to see so few views and likes. Hopefully it'll build up some more soon.


cant wait for the next

This is a pretty entertaining story, but my god does it need an editor. You get an upvote, but I really hope that once it's done you go back and fix it up.

I had someone looking over the chapters but this last one he never got back with me and caused a massive delay. So I just kinda went with what I had. It'll get its fix soon (I hope) Thanks for the read.

the ending to this one made me sad looking towards the next chapter good chapter again :rainbowkiss:

Really good chapter again hoping she would finish Trixie

thanks, and thank you for reading my fic. I mean honestly it means a lot to me. But ya to wasn't time for her to go down, yet.

Great chapter but fix the spacing between the paragraphs. I felt like I was reading a large block of text; just a tip :ajsmug:

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