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A Tale Too Far.

The goal Sunset Shimmer devoted her entire life to was a lie. Raw power had limits. Friendships did not.
Sunset's conquerors embraced her with open arms. Searching for a way to bring her new, slightly jaded friend into her circle, Pinkie Pie stumbles upon something that may do much more than that. Something that builds trust and teams, something that turns friends into family.
They happen to be Airsoft guns.


Inspired by the anime "Tokurei Sochi Dantai Stella Jogakuin Koutou-ka C³-bu" ("Stella Academy Club C³") and the exploits of the ArmA community group "Shack Tactical." At least in spirit, if not style.

Rated Teen for occasional harsh language. You're all kinda adults, deal.


In dire need of a rewrite. Also dead.

Technically has a short-story prequel?: Show, Don't Tell

I must request that any corrections be sent to me as a PM, not in the comments. Please do send them, though. Otherwise I LOVE FEEDBACK AND COMMENTS.


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So there I was, browsing through random stories on FIMFiction, when I came across this thing. I read through the description and it looks like a normal, mediocre post-EG fic, nothing really special, when suddenly:

...And they happen to be Airsoft guns.

You have my attention...

4471615 I really try to keep people on their toes, thanks for reading! Keep watching, more is to come!

(~Eeeee~ ThisIsSoAwesome~! :rainbowkiss: )

Airsoft huh?!
You just got my attention! Have a thumbs up!

I just recently bought an A&K MK46! :pinkiegasp:
I never saw a fanfiction that talks about MLP and airsoft. This is the first time!

4472474 Why try to be the next AppleDash to go up and be forgotten? I figure this just might be crazy enough to work, but that's for you to judge! :twilightsmile:

Also, did I read that thing has a ammo capacity of OVER TWO-THOUSAND?! Do you EVER reload?

Kinda curious to see where this goes from here, and if any of their other schoolmates will get dragged into it. That setting has the crusaders, somehow at the same school as the girls, after all.


Why try to be the next AppleDash to go up and be forgotten?

Practice? I mean, most people on here have at least one bad fic they made when they first started.

4499986 Fair enough point. I'm in it for the attention, though. :duck:

For the most part, the school is kind of removed from the whole experience, remember they don't have much reason to like Sunset after EqG! Who knows, it might be remedied.

As for the CMC... Well, do you really think they would let something like this lie? Give it a few episodes.


if any of their other schoolmates will get dragged into it.

Don't drag the geeks into it. They may be weak, but they have a vicious mind. Give them a gun and two days and they will give you a sentry gun.
There's a reason that my friends don't play paintball with me anymore...

MMG? I don't know if you were just having Sunset say that because she doesn't know, but its a LMG (Light Machine Gun). People also calls them SAW's (Squad Automatic Weapons). i just got a MK46 and i've been having way to much fun with it. overall, good chapter keep up the good work, i cant wait for the war.

4565318 Good, but I checked! The real M60 fires the 7.62NATO bullet, a full-power rifle round, and thus is classified as a "medium" machine gun (that and its freakin' huge). The MK46's real-life equivalent is the FN Minimi, also known as the M249 SAW, which fires the intermediate (ie. smaller) 5.56 cartridge, making it a "light" machine gun. On the opposite end, "heavy" machine guns tend to have calibers starting in .5 or even bigger until the get into the "cannon" range at 20mm.

(I'm a bit of a dork when it comes to military hardware...)

Thank you for the correction. The more you know is right, and you can always learn something new. Keep up the writing, can't wait to see what happens next.

4510023 While an automated sentry gun is unlikely, I wouldn't put it past a certain few individuals to build a fully functional coaxial turret. Pretty sure everyone else would cry "foul" though! :rainbowlaugh:

I am so psyched for your next chapter, or story, or whatever it will be!:rainbowdetermined2::raritystarry::twilightsmile::yay::pinkiehappy:

4698841 Yeah... About that... It's gonna be awhile. Basic Military Training and so on. The story will continue, though!

4699140 Aww, thank you! That's one of my favorite anime, and it's funny how this story even happened.

Comment posted by Verbose Mode deleted Jul 26th, 2014

A fic about airsoft?! :raritystarry: Straight to my 'Read Later' list! :heart:

4734915 READ NAO!!! Haha, joking, joking!
Kinda. :duck:

4735048 The only reason I'm not reading this is because I'm getting my PC formatted.

Oddly enough, I was expecting this to be a crossover with that one anime with girls who play survival games, and their personalities are represented by their guns.

4753037 Inspired by, not a crossover. You probably saw a little bit of similarities in the first scene with Pinkie. And they haven't all gotten their go-to equipment yet, only AJ with her M60 and Rarity and Pinkie with their M-16s, and they haven't even gotten the chance to personalize them. Heck, they don't have uniforms, yet!

Comment posted by Verbose Mode deleted Aug 16th, 2015

The one I was thinking of is Sabagebu!
The one you mentioned is Stella Jogakuin Koutou-ka C³-bu.

Apparently, they both have girls with guns and survival games?

4756518 Seems so! I didn't really like it that much, though. Guns don't work that way, sights don't work that way, first episode teaches an improper shooting stance, intro has hipfire and impractical levels of dual-wielding... I'm super-nitpicky, so I better stop now.

I liked Stella C3 mostly because of how authentic it was. I was 100% sold on the first episode when the girls showed a perfect example of bounding overwatch transitioning to fire-and-maneuver, and FOR THE LOVE OF CELESTIA THEY GOT TRIGGER DISCIPLINE RIGHT WOOOOOO~!
It annoys me when movies and games don't understand basic gun safety. Makes the characters look like idiots to me.

4472474 just get an HK 416 XD It's a good rifle.

4768549 It's a very good real rifle. Airsoft guns only reflect their real-world counterparts visually, I've found. This is a world where Kalashnikovs jam every-other magazine, and players will merrily run around with miniguns that are an even match with a autopistol.


I love you guys... :heart::rainbowkiss:

4753037 you mean Uppotte? Because in that they actually were guns.

I used to play airsoft because it was cheaper and cleaner than paintball. The worst thing ever was buying a new gun and finding out that it had a hop-up barrel that would make the BBs fly off into space.

Also Flutters with a Mk23 :rainbowlaugh:

One minor quibble in the second chapter: M16's don't have adjustable stocks.

4778257 Little girl, big gun.

It's actually gonna be Pinkie Pie who rolls with the Mk23, I don't know if Flutters will get a custom sidearm. She's a bit dangerous with the old Mosin.

You want a hilarious miss-match in firepower and size?

SPOILER: Sweetie Bell with a FN FAL, Apple Bloom with a Saiga 12, and Scootaloo with a Thompson Machine Gun

4778318 Are you kidding me?! Yeah they do! The damn things are incredibly modular, any AR-15 type stock can be mounted on a M4, M16A3 or M16A4

EDIT: Yeah they can

4778328 I know; I've built one. I was just a little confused because it was the first time any customization over the base M16 was mentioned.

4778419 Rarity's 'A2 is fixed, Pinkie's 'A4 is not quite factory stock. The previous owner has given several of them some love. It'll make more sense in a few months.

Comment posted by Scribblestick deleted Aug 2nd, 2015

4780585 Thank you, although in the future, I would greatly prefer PM's for corrections, as they clutter up the comments section with the under-the-hood things most readers won't care to see!

4778188 I do not mean Uppotte, which is something I have neither seen nor heard of. And in SavaGebu (the anime I was thinking of), the guns look realistic but in fact shoot paintball pellets.

4781308 it's another girls with guns anime except all the girls are actually guns. And oh, yeah I watch that anime.

Airsoft and MLP. two of my favorite things

What brand are the airsoft guns they have? KWA, Echo1, G&P, Lonex, ICS,TM and Classic Army. don't forget about the Milsim stuff.

4783271 For the most part, I avoided branding them. Mostly because some expert would come along and let me know I have no idea what I'm talking about. Seriously. I have fired one Airsoft gun in my life, and that was last week, well after I started writing.

4783271 yeah you don't want to leave out the MilSim part, that's where it gets intense

4789176 No, it is not. I am shipping for Basic Military Training at Lackland AFB in a week, so I won't have Internet access until I graduate and begin technical training. Expect the updates to come fast and furious in about two months, as i will still be writing in the meantime!

4787897 Do you really think I would mention ShackTac in the description if this wasn't going to go the whole way? When it happens we're goin big!

Comment posted by Verbose Mode deleted Aug 3rd, 2014

at least they're not playing against the Green Mountain Rangers, those guys are assholes.

Insta fav

laptop's browser, absorbing more information at a glance as she poured over the article.

That was me researching airsoft

Last-period Calculus

Also me

Arent they forgetting basic gun safety:
1. ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.
2. ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
3. ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until ready to use
Sunset should have learned this in her research


Thinks of Ed Edd nd Eddy

Is this the real life

Is this just fantasy

GMR are the biggest Bad boys in airsoft. it would be ironic if he decide to put you and me in this FimFiction

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