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Your Antagonist

Shut up. Just write.

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You wrote something for someone else? Crazy. Also, no tags? Well, I guess there is no reason for them in this story.

I always have a slight chuckle at the warnings you put atop these.

Snarky and so true.

...The fic was awesome as well. Obviously.

~Skeeter The Lurker

This was great. :scootangel:

It's good to see you dropping new words! :twilightsmile: (Obviously, not my cup of tea for various reasons, but that's neither here nor there. Output is output.)

Thoroughly enjoyable. Trixie is her usual horrible self through most of it and I think you did a good job with Glitter, though I was hoping for a bit more pegging for him ;)


though I was hoping for a bit more pegging for him

We all were.:fluttershysad:

Excellent story! Any chance of getting a sequel with Snips?:unsuresweetie:

How is it that I'm only now following you?

Let me guess, you had Snips be used as a soccer ball because of the World Cup, didn't you? :rainbowlaugh:

Still, if Snips finds out that Snails was getting laid while he was being kicked around into unconsciousness...I sense tense moments on the horizon.


I normally don't read foalcon, but I'm glad I read this. Whoever your buddy is, we seem to have very similar fetishes. I mean you managed to hit every single one of them.

This was a damn good read.

Why, many thanks for including some of my hnnnngh stuff in there.
I like how you handled the spit scene, the focus was just on he proper places to make it enjoyable to me.

Wow, this was unbelievably hot. Surprisingly so! The emotions you conveyed in here really took it above and beyond the standard femdom. Kudos.

Holy shit this is probably the best clopfic I've read.


It's really shocking that this story takes place during season 3 with Trixie telling snails that she would return in 3 years. and now season 6 (3 years later) is the current season and Trixie was in a last week's episode. That was a lucky guess on your timing. good on you.

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