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Twilight Sparkle is a Dark Magic influenced masochist?

It makes me sick... Which is exactly why this fic is so good.

Needs an editor for some of the English errors.

Great story though. Really engaging.



I am strangely attached to this story, since I usually don't like this kind of stuff, but DAMN! Good writing! If you want I'll edit for you!

Evil Twilight fics. They never fail to entertain me.

4668880 I think the word you're looking for is "sadist." A masochist is someone who enjoys getting hurt.

5070976 Isnt that what she is? In a way?

5071935 I saw only sadism, myself. No masochism whatsoever. Just because she enjoys getting "raped" by Sombra, it doesn't make her a masochist. Now, if she admitted to having a bondage fetish, then yes, she'd definitely be a masochist.

5073165 whats the difference? Either way Twilight is a twisted version of herself that makes me sick. She might be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome after her time with him.

5073628 Interesting way of looking at it.

5074092 Look. Twilight has accepted her own perversed self that has several things changed.

Meat eating
Using Dark Magic
Mistreating those who benefit her((at times))
Killing others for fun
Enjoying the destruction of others(sadism)
Enjoying being forcefully fucked(masochism and/or Stockholm Syndrome)

She loved Equestria once... Its inhabitants prospering and friendship and all.

Sure you could say Dark Magic and meat have a matter of curiosity and taste but the rest? Absolutely no way Twilight could experience such a transformation willingly. Not even in the context of this fic.

Sombra might be delusional as well mistaking her Stockholm syndrome for true love.

5073628 That could certainly explain a lot. Or it could be, you know, the evil dark magic infesting every aspect of her being like termites in a wooden shack.

5075134 I doubt Dark Magic by itself does that. Power does that.

5076929 Could be both. If not, let's just agree to disagree.

5078076 If so the does studying love magic or generally magic makes you a good person? What about those who study criminal behavior. No... Its simply up to the person.

5078109 I never actually said that studying normal magic makes you good. But dark magic, in the MLP universe, at least, has always been shown as a corrupting evil. Mix that corruption with your theory of Stockholm syndrome and the fact that she'd been allowed to abuse the power granted by her position, and you get the Twilight we see in this story; cruel, sadistic, unwavering loyalty to Sombra. The only thing keeping her somewhat grounded in who she once was is her friends and family, and it's fairly easy to tell that even that's slowly losing its grip on her.

5078521 Never said you did. Just said that theoretically speaking with your pov when you study the opposite kind of magic you will become "good".

Well Celestia used it and was fine, Twilight was also fine.

5079474 Maybe it's just prolonged use that corrupts? Can't say for certain.

You two need to take it into a message or I'll delete all of them.

5080067 We're not fighting are we? Anyways...
5079858 Nothing is certain. Over and out.

I always figured that Sombra would be the rough type in bed. Lol:raritystarry:

5082535 No, its not that. Its the fact that every single time someone comments on your story, a notification appears. Imagine what its like to hert all those random notes.

5386987 To be honest I rather love the sound of notifications. It says my fic is getting attention.

5386996 :facehoof: Yes, but look at your conversation. Its more then ten comments long. before we get into an argument, its no fun having an argument on your rp. Just.. No.

5387026 You just commented and answered in a.... 11 plus week ago comment. Gratz.

5387041 Close. It's not so much the noise but when I sign in and see 5 notifications I think work has been favorite to instead find some people arguing or talking back and forth...yeah.

5387620 Thats... actually what i meant. I usually have my speakers mute, so luckily, no sound unless i am watching a video.

What the... Did you update and create a chapter... just to advertise a sequel? One that has been around for 16+ weeks!

Please hurry and post the next chapter! This is just making me crazy from waiting!:pinkiecrazy::heart:

Comment posted by ClockworkMage deleted Apr 2nd, 2015

5813870 Ditto about sex.
I am not sure what to say... There are some blemishes in the grammar but otherwise my question is who this random Shela is what species she is and what do they mean when they say "have you returned?" I guess we're not done yet? Are they talking about the real Twilight?

I like this. The best way this can end is with no-one else dying from here on, and Twi just gives a big 'fuck you' to everyone who doesn't like her new self. This could make a few more chapters.:moustache:

guard number 42

My reaction when I read it: :pinkiegasp: :pinkiehappy: :rainbowlaugh: :scootangel:

Heh, I got this reference ^^

I was borderline begging for advice

I was on the borderline of begging for advice

Maybe this edit?

5957428 I'm not much of a grammar person as you can tell, but if that's really how it's supposed to be then...done.

Please update this story soon, I really want more please

I really hope that you make another chapter soon because I really like them. Hope you keep on writing. :pinkiehappy:

well flash sentry is completely useless anyway

Cleaning up for her afterwards? It's like he does care.


:facehoof:So was it really necessary to dedicate an entire chapter just to torturing Flash? :ajbemused:

Also, how convenient that the one who gets torturored is the character everyone hates for no good reason.

The fact that I was able to guess it was him before his name was mentioned makes it especially annoying, it shows just how predictable this Flash-hate is.

6843818 well it's our opinion and if your so grumpy about it don't read this chapter

I just feel like very little was accomplished in this chapter and it was just an excuse for the author to simply torture a minor character for no other reason than "waifu-stealer must die".

Let me ask you; Aside from the scene with the royal sisters, what was accomplished in this chapter?

If you're going to get a dedicate an entire chapter to torturing a character at least give it a point, she could've been trying to get info out of him on other rebellion or something, but instead it feels like the author was just making an unfairly disliked character suffer just for the hell of it.

Well, I did leave a note in the author notes down below that should make any feelings rather clear.

The scene with the sister will have more meaning in the next chapter.

It's his story , doesn't matter if you think the chapter was a waste if you didn't write it.

Flash sentry can suffer eternal torment in the void between dimensions.
That is Our feelings towards FlashLight

Still doesn't change the fact that the scene was a overall pointless and literally accomplished nothing. No foreshadowing or anything, just torture for the sake of the fact that he hates him.

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