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Sweet Leaf and Berry Punch meet one night and realize they have something in common: everypony mistakes them for somepony they aren't.

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You get a thumbs up from me, this was simple and sweet. I had a similar idea once, except it involved Berry and Ditzy/Derpy

4441283 So Derpy would talk about how she was stereotyped as a clumsy ditz?

More that, in my head at least, she gained the name and reputation from ponies thinking she's dumb or has some mental problem

Daw! I love it! Buuuut... what's your head cannon about Berry's cutie mark?

4441716 Oh, well PM me when you do!

My headcanon is she makes juice with barriers. Or she grows barriers.

There I read it!!! It was good! :pinkiehappy:

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