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I've heard that I write a pretty good story named Fallout: Equestria - Memories.


Fallout: Equestria is the largest and most popular television series of the decade. With the equally successful expanded universe seasons, a great secret is brought to light. Just what do the protagonists of each show do in their free time?

The answer? Be massive nerds.

Currently on hiatus due to lack of contribution.

Sometimes edited by the illustrious Unknownlight! (Unless mentioned otherwise.)

Featuring personalities from several amazing side-stories. Go check all of them out and give them a follow!
Frosty Winds from Memories
Mach from Outlaw
Riptide from Dark Shores
Inkwell from Rangers of Wintertrot
Frost Windchill from The Last Sentinel

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 35 )

Well, seems there's a wave of less-doom-n'-gloom Fallout Equestria stores going around. You got The ABC's, then this. What's next, a story about an inner-city gangsta with superpowers pimping out around the wasteland?

Favorited for later, when I get around to it. Seems like a cool idea.

DANGIT! I was totally hoping this was going to be a crossover with Harry Potter and the Natural 20. I'd pay you to write that.

So...we have five wastelanders...playing DnD.
I don't know which version of Frost I like more; the actual Frost or his actor that curses up a storm.

I'm just disappointed that Ouroboros isn't included.

Riptide could probably also be a script writer.
Also, do they play pre-war or abstract stories? Fallout might be difficult for scene play because it needs fast battle scenes and it probably needs lots of illusion mages for special effects. And skill to avoid hurting each other while playing the roles...

Honestly, I didn't consider it because the five of us (me, Tofu, Adder, SwimmingEagle, and Tonto) are buddies now.

Unfortunately, I don't know what that is. But payment, hm? I do like money.

Now is a good time to get around to it!

This is literally the best premise ever. Stay tuned!

We're working off the premise that every single FoE is actually just a movie. It's genius.

4442886 Dungeons & Dragon's Wizard PC is summoned to Harry Potter universe. Except all his reality's rules still apply to him. You like either Harry Potter, Dungeon & Dragons, or just good fics in general, definitely worth a read.

Are there going to be spoilers of the stories the characters are from? I know it's a dumb question to ask since this story is a comedy and would love to read this, but I would like to tread lightly when it comes to spoilers of stories that I'm currently reading and might be reading in the near future.

Nah. This chapter is the spoileriest bit there is, and there isn't much. Everything else is gonna be quality non-content!

"What could possibly go wrong?"

Needless to say, I'll be following this.

Comment posted by Kimbley deleted Jun 5th, 2014

*Preparing to throw a stinkbomb through the window* heee heee

Thanks for adding your story to the Fallout Equestria Group! Feel free to PM me if you have any questoins!

This seems funny, will certainly keep an eye on it.

Always D&D. Never a grand strategy. Why can't they play a game of Crusader Kings (II)? [Or Europa Universals 4 or Victoria 2]
I like the "off duty" story mode though, keep it up.

I wonder if that's at all practical to write... Hmm... I'd imagine an argument over who got to be what nation. [Warning: Rambling ahead! See tl;dr to bypass] Understudy would be the random events and/or the caller of great holy wars* (Crusades, Jihads, ect) and/or those troublesome peasants that rebel in inconvenient places while you're fighting a major revolt or great holy war. A magic game board would be advisable. But since you probably haven't played any grand strategies, this probably isn't going to go anywhere. Mach would make a great Viking chief though. I can picture him leading an army to sack a major city. Can't say I have a clue if who Frosty would be. (Frost is a definite Byzantium)

*If the head of the religion isn't player controlled.

A Grand Strategy game would be interesting as an alternative game, via a little magical assistance on a game board.

That sounds like a great premise, but I haven't played either of those games. Maybe you could be the first to write something based on it?

4493360 I'm an atrocious author to be honest. Editing* I can do, but writing an original story that actually gets finished. (Definitely no crossing an After Action Report with Fallout, Equestria, and actors) At best you can get a full length campaign for one of the many games of strategy I have. (Right now its Wesnoth- which is a great game by the standards of fully free gaming, even if its $3 to get an iPhone version that someone made- and how a protagonist journeys to put an end the the great evil that is a plot writer. I mean if you've read FoE you've seen the evils those plot writers or capable of, and many a witness of pacific rim have testified of their reality altering power.)

The above is why I make a bad author- I end up rambling. Or spending to much time making a border post. Or wondering where I can find the window to input code into so I can have nice things like objectives. Or wondering how I spent 25 minutes writing this from my phone.

*Grammar, canon, probability, and physics/physical possibilities (Even with magic. If the indestructible bullet is enchanted to be highly effective on indestructible armor, cool. But it's not ok for it to penetrate indestructible armor because it too is indestructible.)

The last line was the best part. :pinkiehappy:

Though I honestly didn't realize it was an FoE edition of D&D.

This is a completely ridiculous concept.

I love it.:rainbowkiss:

This is all so silly :rainbowlaugh:

By the way, is this "Placeholder" an actual intended pony name, or someone you guys totally forgot to give an actual name? :unsuresweetie:

It started off as a placeholder, but then I think we got really lazy. Boom, Placeholder the pony.

lol. Well, I just submitted corrections to the Google Doc, as I was requested to do by SwimmingEagle :twilightsmile:

(I think it's set on "anyone with the link can edit", though :unsuresweetie:)

Haha! That was brilliant! Sounds exactly like my RP games... I keep forgetting the rules and struggle to stay in character... cos I always play mares.
More please! :twilightsmile:

As a D&D gamer...... Yep. This was great! Love Frosty's reactions.

“Never doubt it!” Riptide answered grinning mischievously.

Noooo. No. :fluttershbad:
Why does he bring that part of Dark Shores into this.


What part of dark shores specifically?

4573551 About ponies smoking. Most strange part. Why would ponies smoke?..

Anyone else know that the NecroDancer is actually a thing. For those that don't know it is from a upcoming game called Crypt of the Necrodancer. It has some pretty awesome songs and is quite interesting.

(Here is my favorite track from the soundtrack so far)

Fun fact: The Necrodancer was a thing before the game was a thing. Just... not nearly as awesome.

“Next thing you know dinosaurs are brought back to life but are now all invisible.”

Is that a 'Meanwhile' reference?

...holy shit, you actually got it.

Cookie for you.

More! Do something based of of Old Man Henderson! Bring the characters from other side stories in!

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