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I'll die with the herd. psn: turbogamer110


We're at war, this is the story of our adventure through the ruins of Equestria that are left. To end a war that never should've happened (this story is for all 60 of my followers)
Warning! OC Story!
German translation coming soon

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 68 )

Oh yea, I'm interested. Can't wait to read more.

So are all of your follows getting cameos, or is it just you and nightingale?

So you've started your epic, I'm halfway through mine. Alright kid, you've grabbed my attention.

4437523 Everyone plays an important role in it, including my followers

4437564 I assume I shall take the roll of the wise old kermudgen?

:facehoof: Why am I the older than all my followers? I'm 20 years old! What is it about my attitude that attracts 16-18 year olds to my page?!

Not that I'm complaining, mind you. People are reading. This wasn't a total waste of time. It's just weird.

If this is a war you need a Dragonborn of Steel! *whips out my arsenal, and locks and loads* IM READY!

Huh. Ancient cult, evil centaur, end of the world?

Nothing I can't handle.

*kicks a dagger into his teeth* Alright bitches, get ready to be blinded by the Light!

(Not expecting to have that pivotal of a role, just thought I'd say something badass :derpytongue2:

So you're including your followers in the story? :trixieshiftright:

Interesting. :moustache:

4437564 If we're all making appearances, I'm the hot headed follower! Emphasis on hot, cuz, ya know, fire.

4443481 I'm getting started on the next chapter

I see great potential in this story young one. Keep writing. :eeyup:!

Okay. Can I design myself though? Or at least say what I wan to be like.

4443645 yep. The next chapter has Turbo's start on his journey

4443650 Woohoo! Don't mention me yet! If some war happened, I've got a damn good idea what I would be like. Never get me alone, friend. It never ends well.

4443657 Alright. This story has gotten a great time tonight though

4443657 Yeah, try not to run into you in a dark place.

4443689 Why do you think I'm on this site so often? I'm afraid to be alone. Otherwise... I'm completely accountable for what I may do.

Very good start on the story, wish you luck. :yay::yay::yay:

You have grabbed my attention i found this to be very interesting and your adding your followers in the story to hmm i think this story is going to go far nice work turbo keep up the good work

4445692 Whups, I accidentally published it. Just ignore it.
4445728 Sorry. Same thing I said to Redbeard

I just need to say this.
I'm in love with the idea of having ALL your followers in this. god, it's so freaking cool!

The necklace. "SIT BOY!

4455874 The necklace is a curse, of course. But everything will be explained in time

4455880 I figured as much.:raritystarry:

Also, if you were to...ponify me in here somewhere, you'd need a picture of my OC, no?
(sorry for all the comments)

4455891 (This will be the last one for now, so you're catching a break. :D
I haven't really used this guy for anything yet, nor have I really worked on his origin/backstory/anything yet.
Uh...Random facts, I guess. His name is NightFlame, he's really an Earth Pony--as his wings are artificial--but he can still fly with them. Just not as good as a biological Pegasi.. He's 21, but he doesn't like drinking. His Cutie Mark is the image of a quill streaming a trail of flames along an already-written-on piece of parchment representing his quick wits and his ability for his loyal, very obedient nature to follow orders without question, and also to do everything he can to please those orders. (lol it can be a sexy situation too, if need be. He'll do it:pinkiecrazy:)
I can't think of whatever else would be important...

I demand to be in this story or else I will only like and not fav *giggles*

4576402 that all of my followers will be in this story. It's meant to be a long story

4576414 oh, ok. I'm psychotic, extremely kind, generous and honest, homicidal and speak in the third person sometimes. Also, I call myself Xares. (For real)

Since you wrote this when you hit 60 followers, does that mean the thirty-three that followed you after this will be included in this story or is it just going to be the original 60 followers?

4673721 The next 33 will also be included as well

How will you include them? Are you going to include their OC's?

4673863 Yes. If they don't have an OC then I'll make one based on them

4674151 I am going to post a blog about the OCs.

ebfiuendoiwnadwejiubfe Next Chapter now like right fucking now, I mean it like right fucking now. Take it away fluttershy.

U-um no thanks.

Fluttershy now we have to restart!!!!

4704726 Dude, calm the fuck down! I'm writing from my phone

Would love to see more of this. :pinkiesmile:

4982623 I'm working on chapter 3 right now. But at the moment I'm tackling other stories


Okay. Good luck with those. :pinkiesmile:

4673852 Will I be in it? I hope so because I support the 'big' story of any writer.

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