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This story is a sequel to Shattered Dimensions

One year after the events of Shattered Dimensions, Allen has returned to Equestria in hopes of peacefully living out his days with his friends, and plans on asking Princess Luna to marry him. Unfortunately, Allen's hopes are interrupted when Project G.E.M., a secret initiative from Earth, breaks the boundaries between the two dimensions, which subsequently awakens a warlord from the pony-human war thousands of years ago.

Now, Allen must deal with the threat of attacks from his new enemy, preparations for the upcoming Crystal Fair, and an unexpected visit from someone he never thought he would see again: his father, Robert Greathouse.

Chapters (19)
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I'm sure this will be good,Shattered Dimensions was already epic. :pinkiehappy:

Would it be too early to predict the possible alignment for Allen's dad?

4445784 Speculate away, my friend. I am very interested in hearing everyone's guesses for what's coming next! :pinkiehappy:

Chapters don't always need action. That was good development. And until I learn otherwise, I'm putting Robert in the "true neutral" alignment.

I just thought of something. Since Allen is a member of the Royal Guard, there should be a scene between him and Shining Armor and/or Flash Sentry. Maybe you could do a scene where Allen attempts to hook up Flash and Twilight.:moustache::twilightsheepish: (Hey, I like the Flash/Twilight ship. It has potential.)

4479978 That could make for a good chapter. I've been trying to think of some ideas I could add in so this story isn't just Allen dealing with his dad, Sanguis, and his new body. With just that, it would probably end up being half as long as part one :facehoof:
Believe me, nothing ruins a story more than a sequel that is shorter than the first installment.

Er. Eh, I don't know about this chapter... Maybe if it had been a full transformation. But anthro always kinda weirds me out. No offense to your story! It a personal preference...
Edit: Also, if you plan on keeping that, you might want to add the tag.

Isn't the first spell a unicorn should learn Levitation?:rainbowhuh:

4590335 Allen is a little more worried about the safety of the Crystal Empire than he is about levitation at this point. But then again, having him use that could be really cool for a fight scene... or just for some laughs :rainbowlaugh:

He could pick up a crystal table with his magic in a fight. Then just launch it at something.:rainbowlaugh:

Oh, silly Allen, Equestria is always complicated. It may not seem like it... But it is.:trollestia:

It's goin' dooooooooowwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnn :pinkiegasp:

Pffff! Hahaha! That's a riot! This shall be interesting indeed. Though I don't believe it's fair a fair fight...:unsuresweetie:

4690650 We haven't seen Robert fight yet, though. He could still surprise you :trollestia:

Damn, looks like diarrhea hits the fan!

You know the only thing that can break obsidian is dimoooonnnnd!,:twistnerd:

Man I love this.

Hmmmmmmmm..... DING! What if you took this down a slice of life path... Just an idea:trollestia::moustache:

4838639 Sorry, but Shattered Dimensions is, and always will be, adventure. :trollestia:
Only that and one other thing are certain: the story is far from over :yay:

4839373 as my OC always says... ADVENTURE!!!!!!!

“You don’t have to worry about that anymore,” I said comfortingly, glad I was finally reunited with my friends after so long. “I’m back now. And nothing is ever going to take me away again.”

yet you have no idea what is coming...

Oh sheit. Allen's dad.

Hmm, I have a mental image of what he looks like. But not a solid image.

4605372 agreed. Equestria isnt the sunshine and rainbows like it is in the show.

Badass level: ERROR! LEVEL GOING CRITICAL! Badass level at 400% capacity. Emergency shutdown required!

Continue? [Yes] No

Swooning now.
*User passes out*

I truly did not expect a barrier made from love and hope to crumble like glass. Caution: be wary of falling love shards.

Aww. Drayke only lasted one chapter. Booo!

Liked his smartass remarks through the entire chapter though haha

YAY drayke is back woot.

All hail the ex-obsidian king!

Lovely ending to a lovely story. It still felt incomplete though. I request another sequel!

4842546 true but it is a utopia. With adventure around every corner so you wnt get bored.:rainbowwild:

So I'm RAWG98's mom :pinkiehappy: Just so people know...he did not like his own story. He's out of state visiting relatives and sent me a link on facebook to this story. I didn't realize he was still logged in on this computer :facehoof: So... after reading I hit the thumbs up :derpytongue2: So it appears he liked his own story when it was really his Derpy mom. So even though he told me I don't have to I'm explaining the f-up and I'm not hitting the thumb's up as myself now because that would be giving it another like and would be thought of as cheating by some people (including myself). So the 16th like is me and not himself :twilightblush:

4851415 You must be a pretty badass mom to go on his account and comment about it with your own account, you have my respect.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

The tardis loves it****TARDIS HUMS**** Shush I already have enough things to say so stop****▪▪TARDIS stops**** I really wonder if this regeneration was worth it.:moustache:

Oh I used to be bronykid154 but I was changed into the doctor, well doctors, anyway your story is actually great and I think you describe things really well, and for that I give you a :moustache:

! Hahaha eatnit drayke haha

Please at least try to make a side story of drayke, even if you cancell it it will still be worth it, I read your story and it was AMAZING, keep it up man it looks like you have alot of fans in your hands er hooves

5220970 If you like Drayke, check out Shattered Dimensions Part 3; let's just say he plays a much bigger role in that one... He's the main character :rainbowkiss:

:moustache::moustache::moustache: more mustaches this story is AMAZING:pinkiecrazy:

Ok ill keep my eye out for the story

:moustache: I have to say this is the best story ever that is a fan fic :duck:

5398664 Hahaha. :rainbowlaugh:

Let the lyrics speak for itself.

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