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It's so nice to be here with such nice people. My goal, here, is to write and give life to my stories. I hope you all have great days/nights :D


Rainbow Dash was always so lively, so sassy, so energetic. "Was", is the key word. Cancer is a cruel reality check that none want to face. And that many never want to see others face. It hit everyone hard, that day when the doctor said that Rainbow Dash had stage four brain cancer. It's inoperable, so the only the to do is go to these "treatments" and hope for the best. But, what if it doesn't work? If the clock is winding down, how long do we have left with Rainbow Dash?

*This is a One-Shot*

Cover art thanks to: CaNoN-Ib Keep up the good work :D

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I started crying. I have recently lost three people that were very important to me, even though none of them had cancer, but my dog, AKA the light of my life passed away recently due to heart problems, my great grandmother passed away last Valentine's Day, and my best friend recently moved across the country. :ajsleepy: :fluttercry: :fluttershysad: :raritycry: :raritydespair: :unsuresweetie:

*have not read yet* your cover art makes no sense. This Is a sad fic and the cover art implies its a happy-go-lucky. Plz fix

Great story i love it. I only saw a few spelling errors here and there. My one and only complaint (and this is probably just me) is that when the princesses told them what the plan was the feel train you us riding on came to a gentle stop at the station. If she suddenly passed away during a treatment or in the middle of night without warning then that feel train would have full speed into feelsville and this story would be perfect for me.

Overall rating: 8/10

Wow. That was a pretty touching story is all i have to say...

Very touching story. I like the way it ends, with Twilight saying that she isn't really gone. Therefore, I find the picture very fitting, because it shows Rainbow Dash in the way that everypony will remember her.

4437667 I'm sorry for your loss. Whether you believe in a higher power or not, I'll be keeping you in my prayers. My inbox is always open if you need anything.:twilightsmile:

4437763 after you read the fic, the picture might make more sense. One, I couldn't find a picture of a sick rainbow dash smiling in a hospital bed. Two, it's what they remember her as when they last saw her. Always smiling.

4437914 I appreciate the input. I won't change the way this one went, because I'm a writer who goes where their stories go, but I will use your information to better myself in the future. Thank you

4438248 thank you. It was hard for me to write it. Rainbow Dash has always been tied with Twilight as my favorite pony. so after killing off my favorite pony, I felt really sad

4438565 :raritystarry: you hit it right on the head

You did wonderful, man. A great one-shot sad fic. Had me breakin' for a few minutes there... Heh. :fluttercry:

Like the others said, grammar needed a little work. Other than that, everything else was spot-on. Keep up the great work, dude! :pinkiehappy:

4439486 Thanks, Gyro. Yeah, I know that I'm not that good with grammar. But thank you all :raritystarry: . This has been my best story yet

I dont know where to start. It was a great, but so sad story. I couldnt hold back the tears, as RD is my fav pony in the show! :fluttercry:
I havent read any other of your stories, but you sure made a good one here!

4441256 Thank you :twilightsmile: . Like I've said in a previous comment, Rainbow Dash is my favorite (tied with Twilight) also. Sadly, this is the only one of my stories that are complete. within the next few weeks, I'll get some more up. But I thank you for reading my story :raritystarry:

It was an overall sad story that I enjoyed must favorite. Great fic.

You write better than I do. It drives me nuts that you don't have more followers. :flutterrage:

4690493 Hahahaha thanks for the compliment, but no need to down yourself. I don't, in any way, shape, or form, claim to be a good writer. I claim to be the best writer I can be while I improve my skills as a writer. Everyone has that special writer inside themselves. So I am sure you are an amazing writer :twilightsmile: . I do sometimes wish I had more followers, like the friends who inspired me to write. But, I'm just as happy with each comment I receive, telling me what you all think and felt while reading my stories. Thank you, again, for reading my story :raritystarry:


4760307 Hahahaha! I will admit, it really does. And I have you to thank, since you found the picture.

You got me into tears, mate... You got me into tears....

The entire room went silent as all of her friends stared in disbelief. Twilight muffled something under her breath, speaking through a wave of tears that flooded her face.

Twilight’s emotions got the best of her, as she burst into a fit of tears. “How can you still be smiling?!” Twilight shouted, wrapping Rainbow Dash in a tight hug.

Those god damn lines hit me in the face with a tractor :pinkiesad2:

6610134 Thank you so much for saying that. That one scene, the devastation and grief of that one scene, took me the longest to put into words. It literally took me having an absolutely horrible day to find the words to write that scene. Thank you so much for noticing the work it took for that.

This is a very real look into the effects of cancer implanted into the world of Equestria.

It's not the happiest tale, but it tells a relatable story.

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