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This story is a sequel to Enter the League of Fanons

In the final installment of the not-so-epic series, the League of Fanons discover that the Mane Six have been taken over by crazed fanon versions of themselves! As the League struggles to restore normalcy to Equestria, the Legion of Gloom works from the shadows to enact their revenge on our heroes. Will Equestria fall to the madness? And what role does a certain boulder play in all of this?

Chapters (6)
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Well, I'd wondered when the Fanon Mane Six would show up and make the world a weirder place; it's like that Bugs Bunny from the eighties where he had to get rid of pod people versions of his adversaries.

Haha I love it, but dear god why Cupcakes D:. Also may I ask the titles of the other shipfics were used as inspiration? Anyway great work.

18683 Hey, you can't talk about fanons without bringing up Cupcakes at some point.:pinkiecrazy:

There actually weren't any specific shipfics used as inspiration for AppleDash and Twixie in this story, it's more meant as a reflection of those tropes in general.

Princess Trollestria?
Pfft. They got off easy. Could've been Molestia. Then we'd be fucked. (No pun intended.)
This looks like fun. I eagerly await a continuation.

Good heavens. Just when we thought there was no way this series could possibly get any sillier...

18689 But then it'll be in a good way, since it'll be messing with DJ's mind with all the other inuendos that was toss in her direction. :rainbowlaugh:

I may have damaged my lungs during this chapter. good job, fine sir.:rainbowlaugh:

*reads, finishes*
Allright, fellas. We got 0.5 Chapters before we need to prepare our anuses.

>They would have stopped after the second time, but a soft moaning sound coming from within suggested that their quarry was inside.

Really thought this was going with Futashy for a moment. It would have been glorious.

Can't wait to see which fanon Luna we'll see (if indeed we only see one). A schizo Luna who switches randomly between fanon personas would be damned entertaining.

Wow...just...wow. Back with a vengeance, I see. You pretty much covered the basics with the mane six:

Twilight and Trixie being together (which I honestly love; they really ARE perfect for each other, in my eyes, even though I can also see them as being sisters, too)
Pinkie Pie being psychotic from her, sadly, most well-known story "Cupcakes" (I'd like to know a sick bastard who actually LIKES that version of her)
Fluttershy overusing her "Stare" and taking care of a monster (to be honest, I don't read that many Fluttershy stories...she's my least-favorite pony)
Rainbow Dash loving Applejack (obviously the most popular shipping...but, you have to admit they're cute together and they DO work)
Rarity with...Tom (I...honestly don't see this very much...aside from episode 2 of season 2; doesn't stop it from being a funny concept, though)

Vinyl getting mad is pretty cute (DJ PON-3, but I call her Vinyl now), Lyra and Bon-Bon's playfulness/sexual behavior was funny, Octavia just BEING there was fun (I honestly don't see her much), Derpy is just as cute as we all know her, and...the Doctor...um, he's annoying, but then again, SOMEONE has to be the annoying, serious one in every story, huh?

Oh no...curse you, Johnny, for ending on such a HORRID cliffhanger...how dare you leave us with the dreaded feeling that Princess Trollestia is coming?!?! Couldn't it have been Discord, Zecora, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, or Diamond Tiara instead? Anypony except...HER! *faints in horror*

...but, in all seriousness, I loved this and am waiting in high hopes for the next part, whenever it should come. You, self-insertion comedy writer, are a wonderful author and I commend your humor...and I condemn your lack of [insert word here].

If you're going where I think you're going with this. Then this is going to be cruel.

Oh, craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap!!! :pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::facehoof::facehoof::facehoof::raritydespair::applecry:

why would you do that to her :fluttercry:

.....I swear you better keep that fannon piece in by the end of this fic... Doing anything else would just be cruel....also, by more derpy, do you mean her clumsiness or her slight retardation in other fics? Otherwise....HERE COMES THE LEAGE OF GLOOM!!!!

Once more, you make my head hurt (in a good way). I do like the general message (from my point of view) that you're getting across; how so many fanons and things that bronies make are completely asinine and ridiculous, but it's their own dreams. I'm assuming that little filly at the end was Ditzy Doo, which is something I honestly don't support. How in the WORLD could Derpy be a mother? She's Twilight's age...from what we know. So, that's one rumor or theory that I personally find creepy and weird...even though you made it look very sweet. Too bad it's probably all gonna be "fixed" at the end and Ditzy is gonna go away...or at least become a background character who no one acknowledges or cares about. Poor thing.

And some minor revisions for later chapters... :trollestia:
I'm not so much saying that all this stuff bronies make are completely asinine and ridiculous (although to be fair, I think some of it is), I'm just having fun with the idea of "what if all this stuff was actually thrown together in the same world?" :derpytongue2:

It's Dinky!:pinkiegasp:

It's Dinky!:pinkiegasp:

Sorry, accidental double-post.:facehoof:

22807 No, Derpy and Ditzy Doo are alternate names for the same google-eyed mare. The filly's name is Dinky oh God why do I know that?

Also? Horses are, if my memory serves, able to walk shortly after birth. Why shouldn't they mature sooner as well?


Oh no..... Dinky's gonna go away when this is done, leaving behind a sadder Ditsy Doo.:fluttercry: CURSE YOU TOM, YOU EVIL BASTARD!!!!!!!:flutterrage:

22931 :flutterrage: NYX, we need you to help save the day.

Well yeah, that's her special talent, so of course she'll help! :pinkiesmile:

23283 It'll be great to if Nyx goes up to twilight and says "mommy" just like dinky did, and to see the League of Fanons reaction. :trollestia:

23283 I thought hers was protecting ponies.:derpyderp1:

I would say yay for getting plugged in this fic, but I'm too busy dodging cello bows at the moment.

Geez, reading all these comments I realize there are just too many fanon tropes for me to mention in one story while still keeping any kind of comprehensive plot going on...

Oh well. Have a new chapter.:raritywink:

Which is sort of the beauty of the fandom; there are so many versions of it, it could rival DC's 52 Universes in complexity.

Nyx, :yay: YAY your going to save the day.

I take offence to that! I like Cupcakes, it's my favorite interpretation of pinkie.:pinkiecrazy:

Oh...Dinky...right. Um...wow...once again, a very interesting chapter.

Yaaaay! I was sort of mentioned without using name!!!! :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay:

Yes. Saving the day.

Please JohnPerry for the love of all thing hilarious have Vinyl and Ocatavia's side effects show up already. I pray that my favorite ship will show up, even if it's only to make fun of it.:scootangel:

Oooohhh... they're idiots. First, even in fanon, the Elements of Harmony can only be used by ponies bound together in friendship and whatever. Even if, for the sake of narrative, they get them working, Nyx isn't stupid. All it takes is for one of the Legion to mention their foes by name and they'll have the fury of Nightmare Moon coming down on them like a ton of rectangular building things. :trixieshiftright: :facehoof: Idiots.

I like where you are going with this story!

but in fannon tom is boss. he'll come around after an epic teamup battle with big mac.

As always, this would be my response.

And then there is the concern that there is many versions of this multiverse as well.
Try to wrap your head around that one. Me? I am just posting YouTube videos for your amusment.
Hopefully you find SOME material to use as cannon fodder.
Like this for instance....
Or if you prefer to torture Dashie with Style.
And of course, who could forget Gmod?

26003 Not going to argue with your point on the Elements of Harmony (in fact, this will be touched on more later) but their main point in taking the Elements is not so that they can use them but so that the Mane 6 can't. As for Nyx, the Legion doesn't know she's around and while she has a lot of magical power for a filly, she doesn't have the powers of Nightmare Moon, if I recall the ending of Past Sins correctly.

26664 I mean...the League doesn't know she's around. Argh.

25794 but that's not the same thing. Protecting ponies would be like getting them away from the bad guy, saving the day would be defeating the bad guy.

Once more, sheer brilliance, if not mind-boggling and mind-numbingly interesting~

Still waiting on Rainbow Dash to jump off a cloud and/or break her wings. Which is out of character on several levels, if you think about it. I have no idea how that became a trope.

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