• Published 6th Apr 2012
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Tales of a Young Princess - ChaosknightRB

Only sixteen years old, she yearns to see the outside world.

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Farewell Canterlot

"You don't have to leave, Tia. We can still play lots here."

Night had fallen over Canterlot. The sky above was clear, revealing millions of shining stars to those below. For years, Celestia -better known as 'Princess' Celestia- had wanted only one thing; To go out and explore the world. Ever since she told her sister, Luna, the younger sibling had been begging her to reconsider.

The two sisters stood on the main road just outside the city. Luna desperately pleading for her to stay. Celestia, however, had already made up her mind. She sighed. "I have to go, Luna. You know I don't want to be stuck here forever."

The dark blue filly before her was shaking, a silver and gold necklace glinting from the light of the moon. "B-but why can't you go tomorrow night?" her words trembling as she tried to hold back the inevitable flow of tears. "Don't you want to play with me anymore?"

Luna was only eight years old. Celestia knew she was too young to understand and was a little upset that she couldn't bring her along. Luna was sniffling lightly as the tears began to run down her face. She walked over and hugged her sister tightly. "I do Luna, I'll come back and play with you someday."

"P-promise?" The white alicorn looked into the filly's eyes, as she looked up at her.

Celestia nodded her head. "Promise." The two smiled at each other as Luna wiped the tears from her eyes.

"Wait," Luna began, taking off the necklace that was around her neck. "take this with you."

Celestia gave Luna a surprised look. "That's the necklace mom gave you before..." her expression darkened as she said the words. "I can't take that from you."

Luna just shook her head. "You should have it. Mom said it keeps the pony who has it safe." she said placing necklace in Celestia's hoof.

She put it on with a little help from her sister. "Well, I guess it's time for me to head out." Giving her sister a warm smile, she steeled her resolve. "Wish me luck, Lu."

The little filly smiled and gave her one last hug. "I love you, Tia."

"I love you too, Luna." For a few moments, the sisters held each other in silence.

As the two separated Celestia could already feel the distance between them grow. Even though they were still so close together it was like an invisible barrier had suddenly divided them from one another. Turning around was the hardest thing she had ever done. She challenged her own thought as she began to walk forward. That was the hardest thing she had ever done.

She gazed into the nights horizon. Before her lay an ever expanding dirt road and grassy plains for miles. These were the only things she could ever see from the castle towers. Beyond them were new ponies to meet, new places to see, and new challenges to face. Beyond them she would find what she had been searching for her whole life, an adventure.

Two hours passed by. She looked back towards the city she had called home. It was long since lost to the landscape behind her. Midnight had passed and Celestia was tired. Staying up late was a "bad habit" for a princess who had to tend to her duties bright and early.

"I get to stay up as long as I want!" she said sticking her tongue out in the city's direction. She chuckled at the very thought realizing that there was no one around to tell her what to do any more.

Celestia picked her pace up to a skip as she gleefully began to speak to herself. "No pony to tell me not to eat cake before dinner, no pony to tell me I can't play outside, no pony to tell me when to go to bed." Her skipping stopped as she cut her celebration short. Her expression turned grim by a new realization. "No pony to tuck me into one."

Celestia stood in the middle of the road as she began to second guess herself. "Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to leave..." Thinking back there was always someone with her. Whether it be servants, the royal guards, or her sister.

Luna was the one thing that really made her think twice about all of this. She had always been there for Celestia, the one pony who she really trusted. Luna even kept her plans to leave a secret from their father. She huffed at remembering him. Her resolve strengthened once again as Celestia reminded herself of the reason she left in the first place. Kicking up dirt with her hooves behind her the filly continued to trot onward.

A few feet from the side of the road lay the white alicorn filly. The heavy, blue cotton blanket wrapped around her slowly rising up and down as she breathed. Feeling a slight nudge on her side, Celestia squirmed slightly. She let out a sighing breath as she became comfortable once more. Again, something nudged her as she slowly began to wake. With a yawn, the small pony opened her eyes. The bright sun above her made it difficult to see at first.

"You alright there kid?" Celestia was startled by the sudden voice as she became fully aware again. She jumped up quickly and looked to see a grey earth pony stallion standing next to her with a concerned look on his face. "Whoa easy there kiddo. No need to worry I ain't gonna hurt ya." On the road Celestia could see several large wooden carts being pulled by ponies. Among them were several younger ones,almost looking to be about her age. Excitement took over as the prospect of meeting others suddenly came to her.

The pony that had woken her cleared his throat to regain her attention. "I didn't mean to bother ya miss, but you were just lyin' in the middle of nowhere." he apologized. "Had to make sure ya weren't hurt or anything."

"U-um, thanks..." she said avoiding eye contact. She shuffled a hoof on the ground nervously as she tried to think of something to say. The stallion fixed that problem for her.

"You look awfully familiar." he began, looking her over. "If I didn't know better I'd say ya'll were King Sols daughter. Princess Celestia I think it was." Celestia nodded. "Now what brings a young princess all the way out here by her lonesome?"

It turns out he was part of a caravan of traveling merchants that went all around Equestria. As the two walked together she told her story to Silver Dollar, the earth pony introduced himself as. Silver also introduced her to his wife, Rosemary. A light pink unicorn who never seemed to stop smiling. He listened with a great deal of interest. After all, meeting with a member or royalty was a rare occasion, let alone to speak about their personal life.

When she had finally finished explaining her story to the couple, they let out a small laugh. Celestia gave them a confused look. "Did I say something funny?"

"No dear it's just," the pink unicorn began. "Nearly the same thing happened to me when I was your age."


Rosemary chuckled at her confused response. "When I was a little filly, my parents tried to make me into a 'proper mare' so I could grow up to marry some noblepony's son." Celestia listened intently. "I couldn't stand him though. He was one of those rich snobs that you hear about all the time, always talking about money and himself. Finally sick of it all, I decided to run away." she looked happily at her mate and nuzzled him. "That's when I ran into this same caravan and met Silver."

"Speaking of which, what do you plan to do from here on out Celestia?" Silver asked.

Celestia shrugged. "I don't really know. I guess I had planned on walking until I found something."

The couple looked at each other and smiled. "While yer lookin' for something interestin, do ya think you'd like to walk in our direction?" Celestia couldn't believe her luck! It was like her entire adventure had been laid out on a silver platter just for her. Doing her best to contain her joy, she gave them a huge grin and nodded. "Well alright then, welcome to the caravan princess."

With that line, she could no longer hope to ever contain the happiness she felt. At the top of her lungs she shouted, "Equestria, here I come!"