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Lab Matt

I like writing stories starring Sunset Shimmer and sometimes Adagio is there.


"I am Discord, and I thank you for playing Twisted Metal."

Over one thousand years ago, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna defeated Discord in his own malefic game where ponies had to hurt and even kill each other in order to get a wish fulfilled. Discord is back, and so is his evil game.
Now it's up to the wielders of the Elements of Harmony to stop him one more time. But in a tournament where the prize is only limited by your imagination, the original reason to be there can easily be left aside!

Chapters (26)
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Comments ( 56 )

This sounds like a cool concept so far. While you may have already chosen the other contestants, I would suggest having a human-obessessed version of Lyra as one of the racers.

4430250 Thanks for the suggestion! You see, all I have ready is the main plot, from the beginning to the end. So far, I only chose a handful of contestants. New ones are always welcome. I will definitely use your idea in the near future! Again, thanks. Here, have a Dashie:

4456478 Trust the Phoenix Writer, mah boi! I know what I'm doing!

4456461 I gave Pinkie Pie that specific car for a reason (several, actually)! :raritywink:

Haha! You used the Lyra idea I gave. Thanks.:pinkiehappy:

I'm simply loving this story so far. I'm so excited to discover another TM/FiM crossover; I absolutely love the game!(ironically, though, I've never played any of them)

4755567 Thanks for the support! And if you ever decide to play one of the games, I suggest Twisted Metal III, because it has some memorable characters and cars that aren't available in any other game (such as Club Kid and Flower Power). It's ok to start by any game you want, though. It's not like they have a defined chronological order, canon ending or something like that! :derpytongue2:

Is there a chance. That Warhawk might appear?

4909672 Well, I wasn't planning on adding flying vehicles, such as Warhawk or Talon, but since you asked nicely, I'll see what I can do. Actually, I already have the perfect scenery to add both of them! But I won't tell because shhhh, spoilers! :pinkiecrazy:

4912171 It's during moments like this that I'm glad that I'm talented at improvising! :twilightsmile:

4912177 I wonder who Warhawk will be... (Is it me?)

4912209 Surprises, surprises, surprises. But I guess I can let this one detail escape: Warhawk will play a very similar role to the one it did in Twisted Metal: Black! :pinkiehappy:

So just caught up with the story and have to say it's amazing. I just love it.

Only if I was a contestant. I wouldn't hold back. :pinkiecrazy:

5079110 Not sure which scene you're reacting to, so I'll just nod and say "Yes!" :ajsmug:

I haven't even read the story so far, and I'm already substituting Calypso's voice for Discord. (hearing Discord talking like Calypso, in case X substituting for/as Y was too ambiguous)

Oh shit. Dammit Twilight :facehoof:

Pinkie Pie would make a great Sweet Tooth, though Twilight is the one who can set her hair on fire. :rainbowwild:

The Ice Cream Truck tune was a nice touch img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120228224010/mlp/images/e/ec/FANMADE_Twilight_Clapping.gif

Also holy poops, intensity to the max! Also love how this is following the games. This is awesomesauce. :yay:

Interesting apple fact....

ALSO WHAT DID HE DO TO SCOOTS!? I know he didn't just give her her body back all nice like, too easy. >:|
(not that I WANT her to be possessed or something, I just am saying I know SOMETHING is up)

Now she is the "Great and A-Bit-More-Powerful-Than-Twilight-Sparkle Trixie" :rainbowlaugh:

I finally caught up, and holy smoof :pinkiegasp:

Can't wait for the next chapters! :yay:

As a Twisted Metal player and fanfic reader, I thank you!

No freaking way! This cross-over... Twisted Metal is by far one of my favourite video game franchises of all time!

Can't wait to read this later on. :pinkiehappy:

First thought: "Pinkie named her car 'Sweet Tooth'... this will not end well."

Second thought: "Where the hyay is Trixie in this? This is totally up her alley! Oh, there she is. Aaand she got taken out right away. Bet she'll be back."

So yeah, Twisted Metal is weird, and I laud you for doing a MLP crossover with it. Moreso that you're not shying away from killing off named characters (even if the afterlife has a revolving door), or doing weird things to them (like that whole Applejack/Rarity deal, or corrupting Twilight, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie). Very gutsy.

Hope to see more development of some plot threads, like Trixie's past (admittedly, mostly because she's my favorite) and Pinkie's madness. I'm curious if you'll pull something like Twisted Metal: Black, such as a non-canon arc taking place in Pinkie's head.

Keep up the good work!

5103688 Don't worry, I got those plot threads covered!
Trixie's past is kind of a touchy subject for me, because I spent DAYS working on it until I got something that would make me feel satisfied. Trixie is on my Top 10 Best Ponies list, and I wouldn't want anything less than perfect. Hope it's going to please all Trixie fans here!

And it's hard for one to survive in the fanfiction-writing business if they're too afraid to explore new grounds and try new things! If I can kill one character to make things more interesting, then why the frig not?
((Hope I'm not slowly turning into the result of mixing Steven Moffat's DNA with George R. R. Martin's DNA...))

Hollllyy shitzu. @_@

this chapter got pretty deep, especially where Trixie is concerned. Keep up the good work!

This story is going on deep shit,man


Seems that Discord's taking inspiration from TM3. That was a pretty far-fetched interpretation. (Though not as far-fetched as the TM3 endings.)

5430426 Actually that was from Outlaw's ending from TM1 and TM2.

5443578 Eh, I was more referring to the fact that TM3's endings lacked the 'literal genie' quality of the the prior games' endings that made them so cruelly ironic. Most of the bad aspects came from extra stuff Calypso threw in unbidden.

Difficult -> difficulty
Best prince -> better prince? (better royalty?)

Anywho, glad to have you back! My, what twist we had at the end ! Shame the OP players were banished so soon :derpytongue2:

5444927 Well Celestia did wish for a land without Twisted Metal and sure enough the sun and moon doesn't have TM. Well better then be floating in space like Outlaw 1. Oh if the Outlaw ending for TM Head On makes into this story. And I do believe it's almost word for word the same wish as Outlaw 1.

Well, it's certainly an interesting naming theme for a council. Any relation to those pseudo-canon zodiac ponies with official fanart who made a splash in the fandom a while back?

Also, interesting way to make Trixie a bit more relevant. I like it. (But then she's sharing #1 Pony title with Twilight in my books, so I'd have to.) This was a bit filler-ish and didn't get very far, but still.

5472633 Yeah, sorry for all the filler, but this was actually a nod to one of my previous fanfics that ended up being cancelled and obliterated. There was Twilight and Trixie, they were Alicorns, the secret of Celestia and Luna's immortality was that they transferred their souls to the bodies of younger Alicorns... It was kinda cool, but it was going nowhere, so I scrapped it.
Hopefully my next project once TM:E is finished won't turn out to be a failure like that one...

Hmm... well, the Daddy's Revenge 209 lacks the full symbolism when applied to two fillies without canonical fathers, but on the other hand it's an awesome ride, so that's cool.

Your action writing is really improving. Kudos!

5491383 I actually chose that vehicle just for the sake of irony. If Scoots was alone, I would have probably chosen Yellow Jacket!

And thanks, I've been really trying my best to improve in any way I can.
I'm gonna need every Action skill I can muster for my upcoming project...

"Ah, you know what they say, 'it's much more fun, I must confess, with lives on the line. Not mine, of course, but yours, old colt, now, that'll be just fine'."

You sneaky soon of a Sombra. :ajsmug:

5496361 Well, heheh, this and my last Blog post are pretty much a giveaway that I'm a Nightmare Before Christmas fan! :twilightsheepish:

Terrific. Now all that's missing is two ponies driving a pumped up, black colored version of TM PS3's Roadkill out for revenge.:rainbowderp:

5569241 Blood missile barrage everywhere. :pinkiecrazy:

The images aren't working.

So who was the defense attourney? A ponified Phoenix Wright? Apollo Justice? Sonata? No real clues left there.

5645844 I actually wanted it to be vague but, since you asked, the defense attorney is Mia Fey and the prosecutor is Winston Payne. Sonata already had a cameo in another fanfic.

And the images are working just fine here, but anyway, here's the one in the Author's Note:
and the one in the fanfic itself:

I actually read all the chapters while listening to Rob Zombie in my playlist.

Wow, what a ride! This was exciting as the Dead Paradise game series! But there's something I can't figure out: who's the pony that appeared at the very end, too late to compete?

5750194 Sorry, forgot to add the words that would make it obvious. My bad! Already fixed it, but I'll save you the trouble:

XD nice parody, and of my what does Discord have planted?! * excitement intensifies * *clicks the final chapter* :rainbowkiss:

Dammit, that ending was derptastic XD

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