• Published 22nd May 2014
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Twisted Metal: Equestria - Lab Matt

Discord is free once again. And he brought back a game he created over a millennium ago, before his imprisonment.

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3. The Aftermath

"How are the three, doctor?" Applejack asked.

"Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle have a few severe injuries, but none of them life threatening. Fortunately, our medicine and healing spells will be able to cure their injuries them in no time!" Dr. Stable explained. "Can't say the same about your friend Rainbw Dash's wing, though..."

"Ah see..."

"Wait a moment!" Rarity said - her horn was still missing. "You didn't said anything about Scootaloo. How is she?"

Dr. Stable sighed and levitated his glasses away from his face. "I'm sorry to tell you this, but... Scootaloo... She did not survived."

The four mares gasped. Fluttershy almost fainted, but she managed to stay awake.

"I'm so, so sorry! We did everything we could, but her injuries were far more serious than her friends'. Besides, she was on full display in that... 'Car', isn't it? She was on full display while her friends were hidden under that panel, and that's the reason they survived!"

"And how's Rainbow Dash?" Fluttershy asked.

"You can visit her if you want."

The four mares looked at each other and nodded. Dr. Stable then led them to a room with two beds; one was empty, and there was a cyan pony lying on the other, her back turned to the door, showing the stub where her left wing used to be.

"Rainbow Dash?" Rarity called. "Are you ok, darling?"

No response.

"Don't worry, RD!" Applejack said with a smile, trying to cheer her friend up. "Ya'll be out of here in no time. Ah know how ya hate to be still!"

Still no response.

"I know what will cheer her up!" Pinkie said. "A part--"

"No, Pinkie!" Rainbow Dash finally said. "No parties. I just want to... To be in peace..."

The pink pony looked down with a sad expression. Fluttershy slowly approached her; she couldn't look away from the stub on Rainbow Dash's back.

"Does... Does it hurt?"

"I can't feel pain on a part of my body that doesn't exist. But it's only fair! I took her under my wing, I killed her and my wing was taken." she sighed. "Only fair... Anyway, has anypony found Twilight yet?"

"Sadly, no!" Rarity said. "Nopony has seen her since that dreadful tournament. I wonder what happened..."

"Ah'm sure that Discord feller did somethin' to her! Ah mean, she won the whole thing, and suddenly she disappears? There's definitely a connection!"

"Connection or not, I will find out." Rainbow Dash said, sitting on the bed and looking at her friends. "I'm going back there, I'm winning Discord's crazy game and he will tell me what happened to Twilight!"

"You can't possibly be considering that, darling!" Rarity said. "I'm sure I'm not coming back there! Not after he took my horn! And gave me something else..." she then rubbed her cheek, which had a very big scar. Her makeup did a good job hiding it, but if somepony looked closer, they would notice.

"We promised the Princesses we would put an end to his tournament. If you want to break your promise, be my guest, but I'm loyal to my word!"

"Ah'm with RD on this one!" Applejack said. "We really promised the Princesses we would stop this Twisted Metal thing!"

Fluttershy looked at Rarity, who looked back at her and sighed.

"Yes, we did promised them, didn't we?" she said.

"If... If Rarity is going... Then I'm going as well..."

"You don't need to go just because I'm going, darling!"

"Bu-But we promised the Princesses. And a promise is a promise."

"Good to see you're all learning the importance of a promise!" Pinkie Pie said with a smile while patting Rarity and Fluttershy on the back.

Rainbow Dash looked at Pinkie Pie with an arched eyebrow. There was something different with her since the tournament, but she couldn't point her hoof at what it was.

"How are Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom?" Rainbow asked.

"They're getting better, miss Dash!" Dr. Stable said. "They will be here for a while, but they are no longer in danger."

"Well, that's a relief. At least I didn't killed all of them!"

"For the hundredth time, Rainbow Dash, it wasn't your fault!" Rarity said. "If you want to blame somepony, blame Discord! He started this, it's all his fault."

All Rainbow Dash did was sigh. She didn't agreed with Rarity, but if she told her she would say all kinds of things to prove her wrong, and Rainbow Dash wasn't in the mood for that. Suddenly, she remembered something:

"What about Spike? With Twilight gone, there's nopony to take care of him!"

"He's in Canterlot with the Princesses." Fluttershy explained. "Rarity wanted to take care of him, but Princess Celestia insisted. And I can understand why!"

Applejack nodded. "The lil' guy would probably try to escape an' join the contest to save Twi. With Celestia, Luna and a whole lotta guards around watchin' him, he's safe! Twisted Metal is no place for young'uns..."

"I'm really sorry to interrupt, but visiting hours are almost over!" Dr. Stable said.

"Alright, doc. We'll see ya tomorrow, RD!"

"Right. See you tomorrow, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie!"

"Goodbye, darlin'!"

"Hope you get beter soon, Rainbow Dash."

"And when you get better..." Pinkie Pie said while tying three balloons - two blue ones and an yellow one - to her bed. "...I'm totally throwing you a party!"

"Thanks, Pinkie Pie..."

"Maybe it really was just my imagination! Pinkie Pie is still the same."

* * *

One month later. Canterlot Castle. There were five mares, a stallion, two Princesses and a baby dragon in the Throne Room. There were also five cars.

"Are you absolutely sure you want to go back?" Celestia asked with a lot of concern is her eyes.

The five mares and the stallions nodded with a lot of determination in their eyes.

Luna's horn began to glow and the five cars they used on the last tournament reappeared right in front of them.

"Please, bring Twilight back!" Spike said.

"Don't worry, Spike!" Pinkie Pie said, patting his head. "Detective Pinkie and her assistants are on the case!"

Spike smiled. The six contestants entered their vehicles, which were teleported away once again by Princess Luna.

"Do you think they will be ok, Princess?" the baby dragon asked.

"Of course they will, Spike!" she said with a smile. "You heard her, 'Detective Pinkie and her assistants are on the case'! Now run along, child. Go have fun!"

Spike nodded. "Alright! I'll go see if Shining Armor wants to play Oubliettes And Ogres."

The moment Spike left the Throne Room, Celestia's smile disappeared.

"We have a bad feeling, Sister!"

"So do I, Luna! So do I..."

Author's Note:

Short chapter, I know, sorry. But, as the title says, it's just the aftermath of the first Twisted Metal. The main focus and most of the key points of the story will happen in the tournament itself, but the in-between chapters will probably get longer as the story progresses!

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