• Published 22nd May 2014
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Twisted Metal: Equestria - Lab Matt

Discord is free once again. And he brought back a game he created over a millennium ago, before his imprisonment.

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16. Wrecked Cars Tell No Tales

San Palomino Desert. Discord was sitting on top of a large, closed metal gate; it had no walls to surround anything and it led to nowhere, but if Discord chose that place to be the arena of the next Twisted Metal, there was nothing nopony could do. They all stared up at the chimera, who just stared back down at them with an unreadable grin on his face. Among the crowd of cars were Friendship Report, Rainboom, Outlaw and one new car; a pink one with silver streaks all over it and orange smiley faces on the roof, the doors and the wheel caps; the drivers were three fillies: two earth ponies and one pegasus. The car was named "Club Filly".

"What exactly are we waiting for, Discord?" Twilight asked.

"A friend!" he said.

"Seriously? You have friends?" Rainbow Dash asked with a raised eyebrows.

"Well, I wouldn't call him a friend, exactly, but we go way back. You will know when you see him!"

"Look!" a stallion shouted while pointing at the horizon, where they all could see a sand cloud, accompanied by the sound of an engine, which was growing louder and louder. When it was close enough, they recognized it as a black motorcycle with some parts colored red. Soon, the biker reached the area were all the other contestants were and stopped the motorbike right beside Friendship Report, making the cloud of sand hit the drivers - those with open windows were quick to close them, and those who were outside their cars didn't think twice before jumping back in. When the sand settled down, Twilight Sparkle could see who the biker was and gasped.


"Yes, Sparkle, it is I." the mare wearing a black cloak said. "The Great... And Powerful... TRIXIE!"

"So, is this your friend, Discord?" Rainbow Dash asked. The Draconequus nodded vigorously. "I thought you said it was a he, and Trixie doesn't look like a colt to me!"

"Trixie? Oh, no no no no no no, I'm not talking about her!"

"Then who?"

Discord snapped his fingers, making Trixie's cloak turn into several bats and fly away, revealing a red and black metal necklace shaped like a winged unicorn wrapped around her neck. In the blink of an eye, Discord was crouched in front of Trixie, staring at the necklace.

"Hello, old friend." he said. "It's been over a thousand years!"

Trixie quickly turned around, shielding the necklace. "Stay away from the Great and Powerful Trixie, you disgusting monster!"

Discord chuckled before returning to his spot above the gate. "By the end of the day, we'll se who owns who." he snapped his fingers, making the big, metal gate quickly open. "Well, since you're all here, what do you say we play a little game? Oh, wait, that's what you're all here for, isn't it? Just go through the gate Twisted Metal will start!"

"And why?" Fleetfoot asked. "We're already in the middle of the desert, what difference going through this gate will make? Can't we just start?"

"Questioning Discord's methods will take you nowhere, Fleetfoot!" Rainbow Dash explained. "Let's just do as he says and we won't have to see his ugly face until the end of the competition."

"Yes, I'd like that!" and, with that said, Rainboom was the first car to go through the gate. The moment it was halfway through the metal bars, the car vanished in thin air.

"What just happened?" Soarin' asked. "Where are they?"

"Why don't you go after them and find out?" Discord asked. "I assure you, it's no trap!"

"Let's do this!" Spitfire shouted before accelerating and disappearing when going through the gate.

"Just sitting here won't solve any of my problems!" Twilight said before accelerating. When she was about to reach the gate/portal, Trixie ran by her, distracting Twilight and almost making her crash, but she braked Friendship Report before suffering any damage.

"You'll always be one step behind the Great and Powerful Trixie, Sparkle!" she said before going through the gate.

"She didn't changed at all, but she feels different." Twilight thought. "And what's with that necklace? And why Discord made such a big deal out of it? I thought that my questions would be answered if I met her again, but it just raised even more questions!" she accelerated toward the portal. "Wait for me, Trixie, I will have my answers, one way or another!"

When Twilight went through the gate, her surroundings suddenly changed from a very bright afternoon in the desert to a dark and gloomy night with an empty sky in some sort of car graveyard. She looked around and all she saw were destroyed cars everywhere; some were in better conditions than others, but equally broken, some were piled on top of other cars, and others were turned into metal cubes.

"What is this place?" she whispered.

"Welcome to the junkyard!" Discord's disembodied voice echoed throughout the entire arena. "This is where I used to stock the cars discarded by the competitors from one thousand years ago - usually because they had died! I completely forgot about this place until just recently, so I thought 'Why not use it as an arena?' It was one of the greatest ideas I had, because I saved so much of my energy! Remember, kids: wasting is bad!" after a brief moment of silence, he started speaking again. "Oh! One more thing I forgot to mention before: I hid a surprise in there for you, Rainbow Dash! Hope you like it."

"A surprise left for me by Discord." Rainbow Dash said. "Of course I'm not gonna like it!"

"What do you think it is?" Fleetfoot asked.

Before Rainbow Dash could answer her partner's question, a distorted, yet somehow sweet tune she knew very well started echoing from the other side of a wall of broken cars.

"No way!" she said, her eyes widened.

"What happened, Rainbow?"

"Discord, you bastard! So it was you, wasn't it? I knew it! Only you could have freed her!"

"What are you talking about, Rainbow Dash?"

"Indeed, what are you talking about, Rainbow Dash?" Discord's voice asked. "I was as surprised as you when she found me! I thought she was still in the nuthouse, I had nothing to do with it."

"Likely story! Why are you two working together again, anyway? I thought you didn't wanted nothing to do with her after she dethroned you."

"It's a funny story that started with lots of chimicherrychangas, but let's just save it for another day!"

An explosion sent several scrapped cars flying and, from the source of the explosion, an ice cream truck appeared, its driver a dark pink earth pony mare.

"RAINBOW DAAAAASH!" Pinkamena shouted.

"Pinkie!" Rainbow Dash said.

"How dare you lock me up in that place? I thought we were friends! Friends don't send other friends to asylums! You're going to pay for betraying me!"

"I don't think so! I'll make sure you'll go back to the nuthouse faster then you can say 'Pickle Barrel Kumquat'! They will fix you."

"I am not broken. You're broken. Everypony in this whole planet is broken! And I will fix every single one of them. Starting with you."

"Well, you'll have to catch me first!" Rainbow Dash then accelerated and drove away from there. Pinkamena followed her.

"I will start by slicing your Cutie Marks off your flanks!" she threatened. "Then I will chop both your wings off. Next, I will cut you open and remove your organs, one by one, in the most painful ways you can imagine, then bake your flesh and turn you into cupcakes."

Fleetfoot suddered. "Wow, she really needs to go back to the asylum."

"I know."

* * *

"Wait up, Trixie!" Twilight called while chasing the motorcycle throughout the maze of broken cars. "I just want to talk to you."

"The Great and Powerful Trixie is not falling for that, Sparkle!" she said while looking back at her, her eyes flashing red. "All you want is to make Trixie come closer to you, just so you can cheat your way to Trixie's defeat."

"What?! You think I'm a cheap cheater?!"

"It wouldn't surprise Trixie! Wasn't it you who backstabbed your friends on your stairway to power?"

"I was tricked!"

"And now you want to trick Trixie. Again, not buying it! You want answers? You'll have to crack Trixie's skull open and take them yourself." Trixie accelerated her bike. Twilight accelerated her car as well. The unicorn mare looked at her and clicked her tongue. "So, you're not giving up, huh? What a drag." she looked back at the road and smirked when she saw a car with the back half buried on the dirt. She drove past it then turned her motorcycle around.

"What in Equestria is she...?" Twilight started.

Trixie used the wrecked car as a ramp to jump over Twilight's car. With the push of a button, each of her six exhaust pipes released one small black metal ball each and onto Twilight's car. The alicorn mare only watched as the spheres descended toward her. The moment they touched the roof of Friendship Report...



Trixie laughed maniacally while driving away from the massive fireball.

* * *

While Silver Spoon focused on working on the accelerator and brake of Club Filly and Scootaloo kept her eyes on the road while working on the steering wheel, Diamond Tiara aimed the machine gun and shot at the car they were chasing, the drivers were a pair of pegasi wearing a blue uniform.

"What the buck is wrong with those fillies?" Soarin' asked. Spitfire ducked and lowered his head, making them dodge several bullets that went through the windshield.

"I'm never having foals!" Spitfire said as she got up once again.

"Aim at the wheels, Diamond Tiara." Scootaloo shouted. "The wheels!"

"Stop bossing me around, I'm the one giving orders here, and I know what I'm doing." the pink filly said.

"You're going to kill the Wonderbolts. The Wonder-freaking-bolts!"

"And isn't this what this competition is all about? Kill or be killed, remember?"

"If that's how you're going to play..." she let go of the steering wheel and crossed her forelegs, making Club Filly quickly lose stability. "...then I'm not going to help you anymore."

Tiara's eyes widened and she let go of the machine gun before grabbing the wheel. "Are you insane or what? You're going to get me killed! Stop being a stupid foal and do your job."

"No, I lost interest!"

Diamond Tiara groaned. "Silver Spoon, stop the car."

The grey filly did just that. "What are you going to do, Tiara?"

"First, I'm throwing this quitter out of my car. Then, I'll be the one driving it, and we're going to win the competition!"

"Whatever!" Scootaloo opened the door, and her eyes widened as soon as she looked out and closed the door. "Silver Spoon, get this car moving. Now!"

"Hey, she's not your pet for you to give her orders. That's what I do!"

"You don't understand, there's--"

"WATCH OUT!" they heard somepony shout. Diamond Tiara looked out of the window in Scootaloo's side of the car. Rainboom was coming toward them at a very high speed. The driver, Rainbow Dash, tried to dodge Club Filly but, due to her acceleration, she couldn't do much and the cars crashed against each other. Pinkamena's Sweet Tooth, who was really close to Rainbow Dash and Fleetfoot's Rainboom, couldn't avoid the crash either. Rainbow Dash arose from the heap of metal, coughing. She had a deep cut on her forehead, but nothing too serious. She sat on top of Rainboom, breathing heavily.

"Rainbow Dash..." the pegasus quickly turned around and saw Pinkamena behind her, holding a very sharp piece or metal. She had small cuts all over her body, but was mostly unharmed.

"Pinkie..." she said, trembling in fear.

"My name..." she took a step closer. "Is..." she pounced on Rainbow Dash, making her fall on her back on top of the crashed cars. "PINKAMENA!"

Pinkamena aimed the metal blade at Rainbow Dash's neck, who grabbed her assailant's foreleg before the pointy scrap could touch her flesh. She was struggling to keep herself alive, but her foe's earth pony strenght was quickly overpowering her resistance. The blade was already poking her, and a drop of blood dribbled down her neck.

The earth pony's eyes widened and she gasped before dropping the makeshift knife. She slowly turned her head and saw Fleetfoot behind her, holding a long metal plate with a sharp edge, which was poking out of Pinkamena's chest. Blood gushed out of the fatal wound, landing on Rainbow Dash's chest and belly. Pinkamena collapsed right beside the cyan pegasus, her eyes rolling back in her head.

"Is... Is she...?" Rainbow Dash asked while panting.

"I... I... I guess she is. She looks like she is."

"Why... Why did you...?"

"I-I-I didn't know what else to do! Sh-She was going to kill you, I was panicking! Then I saw the metal, my mind went blank and... And... When I started thinking again, she already was... She..." Fleetfoot looked down at her blood-stained hooves. "I... I'm sorry, Rainbow Dash... So, so sorry..."

Rainbow Dash turned her head to look at Pinkamena's lifeless face. She didn't looked like she had died feeling pain, just anger.

"She... It... It's... It's ok, Fleetfoot... You did... What you thought it was best... I... I'm sorry... Pinkie..."

The Wonderbolts parked their car a few feet away from them and got out of Outlaw.

"Are you two okay?" Soarin' asked.

"We'll live, I guess." Rainbow Dash said.

Fleetfoot didn't said anything, she just stared down at her shaking hooves. "Is that how it feels to take a life?" she thought, then closed her eyes before tears could escape. "I don't like it. I don't like it at all!"

Spitfire looked around at all the crashed cars. "So, I think the victory is ours, right?"

"Think again!"

The two Wonderbolts quickly turned their heads around and saw the source of the voice: a blue mare with a black and red necklace standing on top of their car. She was levitating a metal bar, which she used to knock both ponies out after two quick swings, hitting both square in the face.

"Trixie always wins."

"You win, indeed!" the metal bar, who suddenly had a mouth and a pair of eyes said before turning into the host of the competition and sitting on beside her on top of Outlaw. "So, what's the wish of the month, Your Highness?"

"So, you recognize the Great and Powerful Trixie as royalty already? You are smarter than you look!"

"Uh, I wasn't really talking to you you..." he glanced at her necklace. "Where did you get the Alicorn Amulet, anyway?"

"That information is none of your business, now shut your smelly mouth and grant my wish!"

Discord rolled his eyes. "Being that offensive is completely unnecessary, you know? So, what is it gonna be?"

"I want... Power! Yes, that's right! The Great and Powerful Trixie demands to be greater and even more powerful. More powerful than Twilight Sparkle ever was and will ever be!"

"More powerful than Twilight? That's kinda dumb, don't you think? Why not more powerful than Princess Celestia and Princess Luna combined? Well, I guess rivalry is a complicated subject."

Trixie scratched her chin. "Well, Trixie thinks--"

"Too bad, wish granted!" Discord snapped his fingers and the scenery slowly began to change: the dark sky with no stars nor moon got brighter and brighter, the piles of wrecked cars, with the exception of the ones which belonged to the competitors of the 8th Twisted Metal slowly began to turn into sand piles, and soon enough they were all back in San Palomino Desert. Trixie looked at her own body.

"The Great and Powerful Trixie doesn't feel greater or more powerful than Trixie already was."

"First things first. Don't rush me, young filly!"

Discord snapped his fingers once again, and Trixie's body was slowly enveloped by a dark purple energy ball. Once the spheric form was completed, it started to float higher and higher, as well as slowly expand. All Rainbow Dash and Fleetfoot could do was watch.

"I don't think this is going to end well..." the junior Wonderbolt said. The senior Wonderbolt nodded.

The sphere exploded in a shower of purple sparks, and all that was left was a big silhouette in front of the sun, forming a ver large shadow that covered the whole area.

The shadow of an Alicorn.

"I am Discord, and I thank you for playing Twisted Metal."

Author's Note:

Remember before, when I said I was gonna work on a new fanfic? Yeah, I decided to postpone that. ((it's funny because "postpone" is very similar to "post ponies")) After all, everything in my life is hectic enough without another fanfic, with even more readers shouting every day "WHERE IS THE NEW EPISODE? I MEAN, CHAPTER!" Not that any of you guys is doing that, you're all very patient and I thank you alll for that. But that doesn't mean I'll exploit that and stay on hold for months, far from that! I'l try to keep you entertained.

Anyway, I bet you were all waiting for her great comeback, am I right? Here she is! Originally, she was going to be accompanied by another pointless cameo, also known as Majora's Mask, for two reasons:
1 - I love Majora's Mask. One of my favorite games ever. If I had a Top 10, it would probably be there!
2 - I like the idea of Trixie wearing Majora's Mask instead of the Alicorn Amulet (those two being very similar and all), and it should be exploited more often. I mean, so far, I only came across one fanfic with that plot: "Terrible Fate", written by LordSiravant (it's been On Hiatus for a while now, but it's great nonetheless, y'all should totally check it out).
But, halfway through my planning, I had an idea about an awesome, epic, plot twisting plot device regarding the Alicorn Amulet and thought "Sure, why not?". Hope this little information got you all excited for my next chapter. Better start working on it soon!

And wow, ain't that a long Author's Note? I'm so sorry! :twilightoops: #NotSorry
Maybe I should start working on Blog Posts...

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