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This pleases my arousal very much so

....I don't even know what I just read, but I'm gonna upvote it anyway. :rainbowlaugh:

Moist... Indeed...


I needed that, good thing to get a great belly laugh to start the day....

YAY! Another story I can read!!! :pinkiehappy:

I'm going to hell.
This was brilliant.

You do good Cakecest. I'm not sure why you made Pinkie their mother though; would it really have made a significant difference for her to be an aunt figure? There would have been a dozen or more different ways you could have gotten Carrot and Cup out of the picture without pretending they never existed, so that's not the problem. Was canon Pinkie just not familial enough?

Another well done Cake story to add to your stable.:pinkiehappy:


Spin-off of We Regret, in no way official.

Read the short synopsis of "We Regret to Inform You" on the right hand side of the screen there and you should answer your own question.



...I'll be right back.

Comment posted by Pillbug deleted May 28th, 2014

Incest on the front page again.... Nothing else to say here

brother-sister incest porn? i love it.

but a spin off to we regret? ok, this is too fucking much.

' β€œNope!” she sang. β€œYou two are not going to work like this after a night like last!” ' :rainbowwild:

Oh lol, this just made me feel disgusted and yet I laughed so hard
It's quite disturbing in my own opinion, but hell, who cares?! It was really well written and I actually enjoyed it :twilightblush:

You know, I always wondered how your Pound/Pumpkin incest stories always managed to get into the featured box so quickly. At first I thought perhaps it was good writing, or people just really liked twincest, or maybe you write these two into an actual believable relationship that works. While I am pretty sure all of these reasons are false (except probably the everyone loving twincest part), at least I know the reason now.

Alts. Congratulations, buddy, you got featured all those times because of alts you made to upvote your own stories. And then you got banned doing it.

Ah, fimfic, never change, never change. :rainbowlaugh:

Well ya got one more watcher

Found a very minor thing you may want to edit. You forgot a quotation mark at one point.

Pound, I love you and Pumpkin sooo much! And I hate seeing you two act like such sour-pusses all the time. It's been, what, four years now? Right before you both started High School?”

4462131 Alts? Well, that killed my incest boner for today.


4462131 How did he get caught?

Oh, woops. Missed that bit.
Carry on.

AWWWWW. Should be renamed cutecest fucking hell :rainbowkiss:

Magic. :trollestia:
(And because it's kinda obvious by how quickly his fics get featured)

Alts always brutally murder boners. :fluttercry:

Waldo, How is it that whenever you get bored, you make shit that's cute as hell.:rainbowkiss:


Wait, what? He got banned?

How do you know this stuff? :rainbowderp:

Because I work in mysterious waaaaaaaaaaaaaaays. :trollestia:
And also I asked Obs and he said it was alts. :applejackunsure:


What's the proof of that?

Just asking because he's a friend and I've lost major respect points for him now.


4462956 Huh. Well how 'bout that. Permabanned?

Not likely. He'll be out for a few days, then be allowed back in. Might be tougher for him to get into the featured box now that he can't use his alts, though.


I like how I got told off when I first called him out on his alt abuse a while back. >.<

I suspected him as well, but never really got much outta it. Thank the great and Mighty Obs for serving justice at last. :heart:


uhhh... my problem is where this story comes from...

4462131 I'd love to get a video like this, but I'm not desperate enough for story view to alt upvote my fic. So I'll just settle for watching this one. Great story in my opinion, and rather scummy tactic for upvotes by author.

I think!.... That there should be a sequal!


Really? Shit. :ajsleepy:

Respect = 0

β€œW-Why'd you just go and do that?!” she stammered, rubbing her front hooves together nervously. β€œI-I wasn't ready for that!”
β€œI'm sorry!” Pound apologized, backing away with both hooves in the air. β€œI thought you wanted me to!”
Pumpkin continued pouting, looking down. β€œI-It's not like I didn't want you to kiss me... dummy...”


Goddamn it incest

You fucked me and my logic again

Rip in peace.

Semper fiddles:eeyup:


Aw man. But seriously, what's with authors doing that?! Damn, it sucks(maybe even sad) that when authors making some interesting stories that end up good, but makes a false rates of thumbs up because of their alt accounts.
"Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me."

Because the feature box is like a drug, and once an author gets a taste they'll shank any bitch that gets in their way just to get another hit (this shank metaphorically being the alts we were talking about before).

Features = exposure = popularity. Get lucky (or use alt accounts to exploit) and get in there with badly written schlock, and bam, you're "famous" without being any good.

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! WONDERFUL!!! *tips hat* Good show sir!

tears are used only for the best lube :rainbowwild:

How did the elephant even get in the room?

Last I checked, the doors on Sugarcube Corner are smaller than Elephant size. Unless its a pygmy elephant.. do they have those?

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