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Doctor Parker

I am the Doctor, the Rebel of FiMFiction, and I'm here for the food. We should love and tolerate everyone, not just the people we agree with. If you have a problem with that, that's too bad.


Six Ponies, one dragon, and one thing in common: Panda cheese, or rather, the lack of it. For every time they decline when offered a delicious cheese, they get punished. They learn the hard way that you never say "no" to this Panda.

Chapters (2)
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It captivated my imagination.

Ohhh... There's a personal story there at the end huh? xD

Eh, I don't feel like reading this now. Maybe tomorrow.

"Just you know why..."

Never mind. I'll take a gander at it.

"Why you and I..."

...I'll read the End Credits.

"Will by, and byyyyyyy...."

Uh, I'll favorite it and comment on it...?!

"Know true love waaaaaayyyyyyysssss..."

OH SHdsefj0eiwfjesohfiehfeisdfhjdes0ph0uhf49ewfuhewsadasdibasduybvaswdu

Actually, getting a thumbs-up from the approvers was easy enough; I only got two change requests to adjust my story. The hard part was getting their attention to begin with because they were busy and because this place is a bit under-staffed. I added that little ending to get their attention and to amuse them (and myself). Hey, if you've been waiting for nearly ten hours...

I suddenly want cheese.

I got to pull this someday.


The eyes they stare into my soul. I feel the eyes around my body. I cannot look away. Call help

Now you must write the sequal where the ponies trick Panda into turning his own cheese down and causing the world to explode (or some other equally devastating consequence)

Okay, I can accept everything here but the panda hurting Fluttershy's budgies. The one thing the panda never does in the commercials is cause physical harm to someone or something other than the one who said no. And since all animals in Equestria appear to be somewhat sapient, he wouldn't have hurt the budgies to hurt Fluttershy.

Besides, it's Fluttershy. He could have just given her the sad eyes for a while and whimpered, and she'd break down in a storm of tears apologizing for however she wronged him.

Celestia: Luna, would you like some cheese?
Luna: I'm a bit busy bathing Tiberius just now.
Panda appears.
Song plays.
Panda dumps itching powder and red paint all over Luna and her pet.
Luna whimpers. Nightmare Moon takes over.
NM: I hear panda steaks are juicy.
Panda's eyes bug out.
Panda flees.

In Canterlot,day of the wedding. AJ made some muffins. "Would ya like some muffins with panda butter princess?" "Not right now." said Cadence. Suddenly Derpy and the panda show up... :derpyderp2: She looks at them. Music plays. Derpy takes the muffin and throws it at cadence. Panda throws her crown on the ground. They both thought there not done. Then kicked/punched her in the face. Then walked away. Thats the day Cadence learned never say no to muffin or panda.

4818186 hey is lunas pet a possom by any chance?:rainbowhuh:

That was just glorious... In so many ways...

Imma go eat me some cheese now :pinkiesmile:

We need to get the Panda together with Discord, stat. Fun will ensue. :pinkiecrazy:

That was fun, but I think I would have liked to be more privy to the emotions of the victims. This mostly described what happened, didn't really show what was felt.

Good catch actually. I might have to either alter it so Panda doesn't stomp on the cage, or have him bother Fluttershy again and this time follow your suggestion to an extent.

If I make this a multi-part story, that shall be the grand finale!

I might expand upon one or two of the events so that we can explore their emotions; that is probably the best catch anyone detected, if I do say so myself!

Fantastic! except for one thing.

Panda doesn't flee.

But if I make a part 2 or even part 3, I'll adhere to that basic outline!

You mean he wouldn't flee from Nightmare Moon, who was about to eat him?

He'd just shake his head sadly, and well, if enough people want me too, we'll let part 2 explain what he'd do next! :raritywink:

Glad you like my suggestion.

What if she wanted to eat him with Panda Cheese?

...You gave me an idea!

I think I'll make a part 2 of this! I want this to hit the feature box anyway.

NMM: Celestia, give me the cheese. I'm about to make myself a Panda cheeseburger!

i keep re reading this. its still funny! make a 2end one!

I won't make a second one, but rather, make a second chapter featuring the Cutie Mark Crusaders and Princess Luna! So stay tuned to this fiction! A chapter between the first chapter and the ending theme will be featured, titled "Why You and I..."

She wanted to protest, but somehow, she couldn't. It just couldn't leave her mouth, as if something within her was telling her that she deserved this, that though she would never like it, consequences were to be had, a price had to be paid.

Yeah you do deserve it, nopony treats Spike like a stair urchin unless you want him to become the most powerful magic wielder on Equis who would defeat the dark wizard, Loldemort:moustache:

The phrase: "What the fuck?" doesn't really seem to cover it.

Well looks like equestria is now fucked.

Panda once tried that on me.
Unfortunately for both of us, I hate any cheese that isn't on a pizza and am the most spiteful person in existence who will stop at nothing to achieve his petty vengeance.
We both regret what happened afterwards, and are required by the laws of physics to remain no less than 2.3 kilometers away from one another at all times.

5542566 :rainbowhuh:

You know what? You gave me an idea. Someone should have Dan say no to Panda. Paaaandaaaa Cheeeese!

...is the panda brand cheese at least good?...

I will eat my Panda cheese, maybe ask for seconds please.
Since I know how sad he could get, not eating his cheese will not be my regret.
Gimme the cheese, I shall scarf it down, at least on my stuff the Panda won't go to town.

I will warn you of the bear of black and white, taste his cheese or face his might.
If you don't care, you shall face the wrath of the furious panda bear!

Kudos on your tale.

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