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Anypony for tea?


Everypony in the club? Yes?
Good. On with the synthesizers.
Octavia, "Call me 8-B3AT", Melody runs the sound-desk; every night hundreds of expectant ponies lend her their ears and every night she delivers, her masterful hooves spinning complex electronic beats on the mixing boards of La Maison Nuit: Canterlot's most popular, and most exclusive, nightclub.
But tonight there's an extra pony in the club, a friend of the owner, apparently, but acting far from ecstatic. One morose mare taking in nothing more than scotch and soda is not something Octavia is ready to tolerate.

Between sets it's time to lift the shades, drop the hood and party down.
Nopony's going to be unhappy on her watch, and she took lessons from the Party Pony herself.
Oh yes.

CyanAeolin (on deviantart) is responsible for the wonderful cover art which was the inspiration to write this thing in the first place. And I must agree with him: Octavia is best pony.

Edit: Wow, front-page feature. Thanks for the support you guys!

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 57 )

4422019 Wow, I just looked at your page. That means a lot coming from someone with your track record. Thanks!

I love the role-reversal here, but I just have one tiny nitpick. Now, this only bothers me because I'm a going-on seventh-year French student, meaning that I can be just as picky about it as I can be about English, but you keep going back and forth as to the spelling of "maison." I'm not sure how you can possibly change the spelling in the title, but the above is the proper spelling, and I feel like it ought to be treated like a misspelled English word and edited. Sorry for the trouble and again, great story!

Fancy Pants, you magnificent bastard!

Loved your take on these two.

4422123 Oh... Sorry about that, I know how annoying it is to read incorrectly spelled words. I didn't intend to go back and forth on the spelling, somehow an overlooked typo at one point must've given me the correct spelling. That's not normal. Thanks for the feedback, the mistakes are no more! Glad you liked it too!

4422138 Thanks! Glad to be appreciated. The fancy pants thing was very last minute in truth, but it seemed like a nice way to round things off.


And most wonderful quote:

Oh, and her voice fell by about three social classes.

As one who favors reading Octavia and Vinyl stories, this is simply quite refreshing.
Finally, someone else had the idea of switching their roles! :pinkiehappy:
I like the usual classic grey mare and the wild white one, but a reversal once in a while doesn't hurt as well.

I pray to Celestia this isn't a one-shot idea, or I swear. I'LL PICK IT UP MYSELF! :twilightangry2:


That was a really great read! :pinkiehappy:

I really liked the role-switching, and the way you portrayed everypony was really great! Octavia was really awesome, especially the notes, cookies, glasses, and her awesome friendliness made her a very great character! And let's not forget Vinyl! I really liked the way you showed her, kind-a depressed, anxious on her piano recidol (I don't think that's how it's spelled *shrug*), and just really enjoyable to read in general.

So, yeah. Back to watching Dan Vs. and playing Shi No Numa for me.

Love the story! :heart:

Love you! :rainbowkiss: :heart:

This was a very good story, and I do hope you have another chapter/story or two up your sleeves to add on to this. It's refreshing to see a change of rolls.

4422560 Thanks! I was quite proud of that one but can't take all the credit. It's similar, though not identical to a quote from "Unseen Academicals", by Terry Pratchett.

See what I mean? :raritywink:

4422670 This story won't get added to, but the universe might yet... We'll see...

Edit: Lies!

4422714 Thanks for the feedback. The aim here was to make something readable, I suppose that if that's worked then I must've succeeded. :pinkiehappy:

4423750 No more chapters here I'm afraid, but there may be more writing in the same universe. I do just love the art I stole from CyanAeolin; it really makes me wanna write!

Edit: I lied! Well, I was wrong anyway. More chapters are in the works. The story was significantly more popular than I'd anticipated. Thanks everyone for the support!

This story was excellent and has earned you a like, fav, and a follow in one go.

4424464 Awesome! Thanks for the support, I hope not to disappoint. :twilightsmile:

"When finally it subsided she found herself on her living room floor, tiny droplets of chuckle still escaping from the brimming cup of mirth that she remained."

A question good sir: how did you come up with such an amazing sentence?

An excellent read.

4426687 I know I've gone on about trying not to steal from Terry Pratchett, but that particular phrase is all my own!

Glad you enjoyed it!

4427095 Meh. "Alternative Universe" right?

*snicker*... dates.

Not entirely agreeing with part where you turned a fairly neutral fic into an ostensibly TaviScratch fic, but... whatever.

Also trying to figure out how switched their personalities are.

4437316 I did have some reservations about that myself, feel free to consider the second chapter an optional extra if you'd rather.

As for their personalities, the drunkenness blurred lines a lot anyway. I'd never intended for their "personalities" to be switched per-se. Octavia should still be the posh one and so forth but rather their positions should be reversed and consequentially their tastes. Vinyl likes classical music, Octy likes pop. They're still themselves in how they think and so on.

Yeah, I was wondering about that. Because it's making for an interesting time figuring out who goes with what way of thinking depending on the situation.

I think I see what you're pointing out. At least in the speech patterns. I think.

4437384 They're their own characters, I'll try to keep any preferences consistent, beyond that the safest method is probably not to assume knowledge of personalities or the like unless they've been indicated in the fic.

You got featured! (YoumightalreadyknowbecauseitsintheupdatedsectionBUTSTILL)

I'll just put this in my read later list. For science. And best ponies.

This was great! I loved the ending, original, and clever.

It's nice to have something different than: Octavia and Vinyl meet then hook up for ever and everz. And den dey sexed.

Nice little story, I enjoyed it.

4440163 Thanks. Glad it was a good read. It's not quite done yet though. :raritywink:

Back again, and geez mate, I just take two days off and you suddenly get featured.

In all seriousness, congratulations! :rainbowdetermined2:
It looks like the sudden popularity did indeed swerve you to make a full arc.
And both were quite equally amazing reads.

I myself think that every ship deserves a chance, even friendship
Although I have to admit, I oddly saw the last hitch to OctaScratch fans from a mile away.
Not that I have any problems with it though. :ajsmug:

In the end, another piece of art that I do not regret stumbling upon.
Cheers to your (possible?) future writings and endeavors, you've earned it! :moustache:

4444661 Many Thanks! I'll power out the last chapter soon, before I forget what's supposed to be happening. :raritywink:

was possible to tell in the rain, which was probably a good sigh

you misspelled sign and you forgot the s in seek

making it harder to eek any enjoyment

Wait waitwaitwait wait.

Vinyl Scratch leant back from her piano


... Are you British?

(Yes, of all the things I comment on, it's spellings that surprise me. Oh, and the story was clinched nicely as well.)

4452078 Yes I am dear boy! Wot wot tea and crumpets.

4452001 Thanks for the heads up, the "sigh" has been corrected to "sign", and while "eek" was misspelled, it wasn't a misspelling of seek, but rather "eke".

Had to follow you after I finished reading through all of La Masion Nuit. I really enjoy your writing style. Keep up the good work! :twilightsmile:

4492203 Many thanks! I shall indeed produce more, given how this one did I figure that I must be doing something right... A second story is currently in the works. :twilightsmile:

not how i expected it, but you are right, being original is nice once in a while.

idk...the story left me sober so-to-speak. kinda numb. i loved it. guess it was the previous ch ^.^:heart:

4630231 Glad you enjoyed it, I hope it wasn't too sad, sad is not my style. Must've been chapter 3 you're right. Still, happy endings are nice! Many thanks for the attention, sir. :twilightsmile:

4670328 I feel that causing a cascade of "fun!"s on a comment post may be difficult, so I shan't try. Glad you liked the story though. :twilightsmile:

Well now, with everything here i give it a five cupcakes outta five.


I have to give props this was well made. The perfect personality switch without losing the heart of the original characterizations. The perfect twist and epilogue.

Mind you I do believe the story could go on for quite a bit more chapters and still have twist. All by having the epilogue not exist (or well happen differently and allow for story continuation).

All in all. One of the top OctaScratch fics on FiMFiction.

4891621 Glad you like it. T'was my first and still my favourite. I'd say that I'll never add to it, but so far I'm 0/2 on those claims so I shan't... :raritywink:

4891864 um I just realized my second paragraph didn't convey my thoughts well. That was my thoughts on how the fic could be continued to end with a traditional ship fic ending.

Thought I'd mention this. Since I didn't believe that was a direction you wanted to take.

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