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After failing to make it in Fillydelphia, Rarity decides to start fresh and move somewhere she belongs, but where it is may just surprise her...

~Inspired by the song "Good Directions" by Billy Currington

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Horale..that was a good read. Reading this from the bathroom stall.

Both an unusual pairing and topic. Though honestly it makes sense that Rarity would have tried to strike out on her own before the series, and as for the pairing... well I do think part of her Talent is to see the beauty that is hidden so it stands to reason she might just see past Turnip's grass stains and rabbit teeth.


Haha thanks! Glad to know it was a satisfactory bathroom read ^_^


I've always had the headcanon that Raritu struck out on her own before the series and that's why she's so self-consious and desperate to impress. I've also always been a fan of odd pairings and these two grew on me really bad lol.

"Thank Celestia for Good Directions.... and Turnip Greens.... :pinkiehappy:"

This story makes me think of the comics.


The whole reason I ship these two are the comics lol

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