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After Spike saved Rarity from ruining all of Ponyville with the Inspiration Manifestation spell, his failed attempt to get rid of the book leads to it falling into the unwitting hooves of Sweetie Belle.

(Originally written for the Writer's Training Grounds for Inspiration Manifestation, but time constraints led to delays.)

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"Inspie-Insperate-Inspurr-ashun Maney-fist-shun." Sweetie said aloud, confused at the big words of the title.


Diamond Tiara truly lives in her own world.

A few were floating about, tapping on windows and terrifying the families within.

That makes no sense.

I still despise with every fiber of my soul the 'don't remember while under dark magic' garbage, in particular when Trixie remembered everything she did while the Alicorn Amulet was driving HER crazy! It's ******ING PROTAGONIST favortism!

Standing at the edge of the balcony, under the moonlight, he looked out as far as he could to see if anypony was watching. The coast was clear, so he pulled back, and tossed it as hard as he could off the balcony. "There, that oughta do it," Spike said, proud of his solution. He turned back and yelled inside, "I got rid of it, Twilight!"

Spike would probably do that

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