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Discord tries to prove to everyone that he has reformed by doing good deeds all throughout Ponyville. Some are grateful for what he has done, but others still think he's evil. But when Sweetie Belle runs into trouble, Discord goes off to help her.

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love it so far! :trollestia: NEXT CHAPTER!!!:flutterrage: oops... please :twilightblush:

Very touching. It's nice to see a story where he's actually trying to be nice.

AWESOME! new chap plz! :pinkiehappy: also are you going to be going between what happens with the diamond dongs and sweetie belle and then to rarity and flutter shy and dischord? you know what I mean right :rainbowhuh: I know im confusing...

(Smacks head and sighs)
Ok I'm guessing ether they have really and I mean really bad eyesight
Or they don't have any idea who discord is
Boy do I feel sorry for them
Hope to see the next chapter even though I know how it will end hehe

Yes. Do. Much likings has appearinged. :fluttercry::flutterrage::fluttershbad::fluttershyouch::fluttershysad::yay:

That very fun great chapter so thanks for FUN Chapter to read.

Plz moar. Sweetie Belle demands it!!! :unsuresweetie:

ok that was a lot of fun to read :D
but why did they not have any reaction to discord standing there?! i mean how do you not notice his ass!? XD
but anyway fun chapter cant wait to see more :3

That was perfect and this should be an episode! Seriously, this chapter was perfect. All of it was flawlessly Discord! And the Rarity whistle was a stroke of brilliance, honestly. Bravo! :yay:

Remember, this is Discord. He never makes sense.
To quote him: "What fun is there in making sense?"

You can do it, Discord! Show every pony you have changed for the best.

Seriously, though, having Discord go around and perform good deeds is a lot of fun to read. ;3

Those Diamond Dogs are in for it now. Discord, to the rescue!

What a delight, and the interaction between Sweetie Belle and Discord was so sweet.


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