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Rainbow Dash remembers the last conversation she shared with her late best friend, Pinkie Pie.

Inspired from IRL events and this.

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*slow claps while attempting (correction, failing) to hold back tears*

This is so sad. I really wanted to cry. Is there a sequel or smt? :fluttercry::fluttercry::applecry::fluttershbad:

Buck that one guy who downvoted. Buck him in the stomach, preferably causing massive ulcers and leading to a painful, but full, recovery in the hospital.

Also, I am crying actual, liquid tears right now. I mean, wow.

For the first time in eight or so years, I am feeling emotions strong enough for me to not be able to control them.

It's kinda scary. Is life normally like this? I like it.

If the guy didn't like it, is that really reason enough to wish pain upon him..? I think that might be a tad unnecessary...

I'm glad you liked it, though :twilightsmile:

4402659 Oh, hush. I'm still emotional. I've finally rediscovered actually having non-superficial emotions, lemme enjoy it.

By this time tomorrow I'll stop being such a meany, I promise.

But it was a nasty tragedy for the Cakes when they found her later in the day, dangling from a large congratulations sign.

Jesus christ thats fucking dark.

A very interesting story with a very interesting premise. The idea that Pinkie pie is smiling so much that nobody bothers to check if her smile is forced or not is both original and thought provoking. However, I cannot help but feel it is incomplete. The emotional impact was certainly there but without further exploration as to why she was so unhappy that she took her own life, there seems to be something lacking in your fic. Never the less, I did enjoy this fic. Considering how many fanfics on this site that I dont bother to finish because they bore me, the fact you managed to keep my interest through the whole fic is an accomplishment in itself. Kudos!:twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

What, she killed herself? I didn't know that!

Extremely well written, and surprisingly dark. I mean, I knew I was coming into this to read about Pinkie Pie dying, but not that Pinkie actually killed herself because she wanted to throw parties for people in heaven. I'd hate to be Rainbow Dash. Even if she didn't realize it, she convinced Pinkie to do it, and I'm sure she realizes that now.

But it was a nasty tragedy for the Cakes when they found her later in the day, dangling from a large congratulations sign.

That line got to me. :raritydespair:
Although I didn't start crying, this was still super-sad. I had to reread the story to see why she wanted to die why she didn't mind dying. It said she fell, so it wasn't suicide.

Rainbow Dash sorted,

Is that supposed to be "snorted"?

Thank you for the correction :rainbowkiss:

Because they're total asses.

4402687 you just made my day with that dash part of the video :rainbowlaugh:

I actually wrote a story similar to this, only it was Fluttershy who died instead of Pinkie. :fluttershysad:
it's called Broken Heart, Shattered Mind. ( It's a bit graphic )

It takes a lot for me to cry in a story but this story made me cry This is strongly written:pinkiesad2:

Damn you STREAMERS!:raritydespair:

Pinkie's dead.

Just like everyone you know and love.

So correct me if I'm wrong, but was that suicide? Pinkie says there are no parties in heaven because no one goes willingly and no one ever will because of how sad their friends will be and RD pretty much says "Go for it. Go give them the party of their afterlives". Pinkie then is found hanging and thanks RD for the advice. Maybe I got that all wrong though...

Great story none the less :pinkiesad2:

Not quite on the ball, but then again this entire story is a game of interpretation.

It's supposed to make you wonder if Pinkie really did commit suicide, or if it was an accident. Rainbow's sense of guilt makes either choice adore powerful, I guess, I dunno. Don't think I did as good a job as I wanted, but I'm satisfied with the story ^-^

My feelings! Y u do dis 2 me! :raritycry:

Great story, Waldo. Very thought-provoking indeed...

Quick, Deny The Witch roll! ... 6. You're safe... For now... MWEHEHEHE...

Wait, really? :rainbowderp:


Ya rly. Like someone else said, it makes you wonder if there's something behind Pinkie's smile, y'know? I do feel that it's a little short, but for what it is, it's well-written. :pinkiesmile:

Huh. You know, I may be alone on this, but this does seem like something that could actually happen with these characters. I mean, whenever I see Pinkie, I always get a feeling that there is something going on deep inside her, a sort of inner struggle. I honestly feel that she would question herself about her importance, outside of party throwing. I dunno, this story just feels real. Good story, good character analysis (if a bit too short), good going. 9/10. Keep writing, and never stop smiling. Cheers:pinkiesmile:

I really need a cheerfull story right now or i'll concern my mother and grandmother with .y sadness.
Wow man ... I got a picture in my mind of the cakes seeing Pinkie death... shudder shudder. 9,5/10 awsome man!

You make good romances, and you make good dark fics.

My reaction is not this: :fluttershbad::fluttercry::raritycry::raritydespair:

But this: :ajsleepy:

It's sad but not sad enough for me to :raritycry:.

DANG YOU STREAMERS!!! :flutterrage: :twilightangry2:

This story was amazing....and reall, really sad....:fluttershysad:
If it was longer and more fleshed out, I would've cried for sure

The lesson in this story: Don't use unsnappable streamers. And don't be alone when decorating. It can kill ponies.

But in all honesty, I feel so sad now. You acheived your goal.

"Pinkie Pie" and "Death" in one sentence does not please me.
Yet, "Pinkie Pie" and "Rainbow Dash" in a whole fanfic together does.
I'm glad I clicked on this~! :pinkiehappy:

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